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Community Health 2019- Topic Descriptors

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Preplanning: brainstorm ideas
- gain entry into community & establish trust
- obtain community awareness & support/involvement
- coordinate collaborations that have similar interests

*brainstorm ideas-can be multiple ideas that are different

Assessment: collect data about the community & its members

- complete a needs assessment & identify community strengths & weaknesses
*will these ideas benefit a majority of the community? you DO NOT WANT to only benefit a specific group

- assess the availability of community resources
-list potential sources for program funding
-evaluate secondary health data

Diagnosis: identify & prioritize health needs of the community
- analyze data to determine health needs

-work with community members, local health professionals to develop priorities & establish outcomes

- consider the following when setting priorities: (community awareness of problem, community readiness to acknowledge & address it, available expertise/fiscal resources, severity, amount of time needed for resolution)

Planning: develop interventions to meet identified outcomes
- determine possible solutions

-compare resources and interventions and select the best option

- establish goals

-select strategies

-establish a timetable

-identify who will assume responsibility

- determine available needed resources to implement each intervention

- assess personnel needed & special training required
- determine funding opportunities needed and develop a budget

- plan for program evaluation

Implementation: carry out the plan
- initiate interventions to achieve goals

- monitor the intervention process and the response to the community in terms of values, needs, & perceptions

Evaluation: examine the success of the interventions
- evaluate strengths & weaknesses of the program

- determine the achievement of desired outcomes
- share findings