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trophic structure

The feeding relationships among the species in a community determine the community's __________.

large and close to mainland

According to the equilibrium model of island biogeography, species richness would be greatest on an island that is ____________.


hidden, concealed

cryptic coloration

Camouflage that makes a potential prey difficult to spot against its background.




A parasite that feeds on the external surface of a host.




A parasite that lives within a host.




An interaction in which an organism eats parts of a plant or alga.



interspecific competition

Competition for resources between individuals of two or mroe species when resources are in short supply.




A symbiotic relationship in which both participants benefit.

character displacement

Two allopatric species of Galapagos finches have beaks of similar size. The observation that significant differences in beak size occur when the two species occur on the same island is an example of ________.

Batesian mimicry/cryptic coloration

A palatable (good-tasting) prey species may defent against predation by ________.

a keystone species

When one species was removed from a tide pool, the pool's species diversity was significantly reduced. The removed species was probably _______.

tertiary consumers

According to the top-down (trophic cascade) model of community control, which trophic level would you decrease if you wanted to increase the vegetation level in a community.

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