20 terms


Which of the following is the correct sequence from the growing tips of the root upward?
e. I, V, III, II, IV
Which of the following is incorrectly paired with its structure and function?
c. pericycle-waterproof ring of cells surrounding the central stele in roots
Which of the following illustrates the idea that the fate of a cell is a direct result of its position?
e. A, B, and C
Which of the following root tissues gives rise to lateral roots?
e. pericycle
A woody eudicot is represented by
d. IV only.
A monocot stem is represented by
b. II only.
A plant that is at least three years old is represented by
d. IV only.
A leaf primordium is initiated as a small mound of tissue on the flank of a dome-shaped shoot apical meristem. The earliest physical evidence of the site of a newly forming leaf primordium would be
c. pre-prophase bands parallel to the surface of the meristem in subsurface cells of the shoot apical meristem.
Pores on the leaf surface that function in gas exchange are called
d. stomata.
Which of the following is a true statement about growth in plants?
b. Some plants lack secondary growth.
All of the following cell types are correctly matched with their functions except
e. companion cell-formation of secondary xylem and phloem
As a youngster, you drive a nail in the trunk of a young tree that is 3 meters tall. The nail is about 1.5 meters from the ground. Fifteen years later, you return and discover the tree has grown to a height of 30 meters. The nail is now ____ meters above the ground.
b. 1.5
What tissue makes up most of the wood of a tree?
b. secondary xylem
The vascular system of a three-year-old eudicot stem consists of
e. 3 rings of xylem and 1 of phloem.
If you were able to walk into an opening cut into the center of a large redwood tree, when you exit from the middle of the trunk (stem) outward, you would cross, in order,
a. the annual rings, phloem, and bark.
Which of the following is true of bark?
a. It is composed of phloem plus periderm.
Bark becomes scaly because
d. cork cambium divides only parallel to the surface, and thus does not increase in circumference.
Suppose George Washington completely removed the bark from around the base of a cherry tree but was stopped by his father before cutting the tree down. The leaves retained their normal appearance for several weeks, but the tree eventually died. The tissue(s) that George left functional was (were) the
b. xylem.
Additional vascular tissue produced as secondary growth in a root originates from which cells?
a. vascular cambium
While studying the plant Arabidopsis, a botanist finds that an RNA probe produces colored spots in the sepals of the plant. From this information, what information can be inferred?
d. The RNA probe is specific to a gene active in sepals.