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Pharyngeal muscles

Circular muscles
Superior, middle and Inferior constrictor
Longitudinal muscles
Superior constrictor
O: Medial pterygoid plate, pterygoid hammulus, pterygomandibular raphe, myloyoid line of mandible, side of tongue
I: Median raphe and pharyngeal tubercule of skull
A: Constricts UPPER pharynx
Middle constrictor
O: Greater & lesser horns of hyoid, stylohyoid ligament
I: Median raphe
A:Constricts LOWER pharynx
Inferior constrictor
O: Arch of cricoid & oblique line of thyroid cartilages
I: Median raphe of pharynx
A: Constricts LOWER pharynx
O: Styloid process
I: Thyroid cartilage and pharynx muscles
A:Elevates pharynx and Larynx
O: Hard palate, aponeurosis of soft palate
I: Thyroid cartilage and pharynx muscles
A: Elevates pharynx and closes nasopharynx
O: Cartilage of auditory tube
I: Pharynx muscles
A: Elevates nasopharynx, opens auditory tube
Innervation of ALL pharyngeal muscles
Vagus nerve (CN X) via pharyngeal plexus EXCEPT Stylopharyngeus
Innervation of Stylopharyngeus
Glossopharyngeal nerve (X)