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  1. sternocleidomastoid INNERVATION
  2. Omohyoid INNERVATION
  3. sternocleidomastoid INSERTION
  4. Mylohyoid ACTION
  5. Stylohyoid ACTION
  1. a Elevates and retracts tongue
  2. b Elevates hyoid bone & floor of mouth
  3. c Mastoid process of temporal bone
  4. d Accesory nerve (CN XI)
  5. e Ansa cervicalis

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  1. Opens jaw, elevates hyoid bone
  2. Turns head to side, flexes head and neck
  3. Ansa cervicalis
  4. Depresses side of tongue
  5. Body of Hyoid bone

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  1. Hyoglossus INSERTIONSide of tongue


  2. Sternothyroid ACTIONDepresses hyoid and larynx


  3. Sternohyoid INSERTIONBody of hyoid


  4. Hyoglossus INNERVATIONSide of tongue


  5. Hyoglossus ORIGINBody of Hyoid


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