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  1. Stylohyoid ACTION
  2. sternocleidomastoid INNERVATION
  3. Mylohyoid INNERVATION
  4. Sternothyroid INNERVATION
  1. a Trigeminal (V3)
  2. b Accesory nerve (CN XI)
  3. c Elevates and retracts tongue
  4. d Ansa cervicalis

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  1. SUPERIOR BELLY: Hyoid body (lower surface)
    INFERIOR BELLY: Intermediate tendon
  2. Side of tongue
  3. Depresses hyoid and larynx
  4. ANT: Trigeminal (V3)
    POST: Facial (VII)
  5. Manubrium

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  1. Omohyoid ORIGINSUPERIOR BELLY: Intermediate tendon
    INFERIOR BELLY: Superior scapula


  2. Mylohyoid ORIGINInferior border of mandible


  3. Sternothyroid ACTIONDepresses larynx


  4. Hyoglossus ACTIONDepresses side of tongue


  5. Mylohyoid INSERTIONBody of Hyoid bone


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