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  1. Mylohyoid ORIGIN
  2. Sternothyroid ACTION
  3. Stylohyoid ORIGIN
  4. Infrahyoid muscles INNERVATION
  5. Digastic ORIGIN
  1. a ALL by Ansa Cervicalis, EXCEPT Thyrotyroid, Inn by C1 carried with CN XII
  2. b Depresses larynx
  3. c ANT: Inf border of mandible
    POST: Mastoid groove of temporal
  4. d Inferior border of mandible
  5. e Styloid process of temporal bone

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  1. Hypoglossal nerve (CN XII)
  2. Depresses hyoid and larynx
  3. Facial nerve (CN VII)
  4. Hyoid bone
  5. Body of hyoid

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  1. sternocleidomastoid INNERVATIONMastoid process of temporal bone


  2. Omohyoid INSERTIONBody of hyoid and median raphe


  3. Hyoglossus ACTIONSide of tongue


  4. Mylohyoid INNERVATIONFacial nerve (CN VII)


  5. Mylohyoid ACTIONElevates and retracts tongue