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Quiz 5-6

the foot-in-the-door phenomenon.
Marilyn judges her professor's strict class attendance policy to be an indication of his overcontrolling personality rather than a necessity dictated by the limited number of class sessions in a course that meets only once a week. Her judgment best illustrates:
cognitive dissonance theory
Professor Stewart wrote a very positive letter of recommendation for a student despite having doubts about her competence. Which theory best explains why he subsequently began to develop more favorable attitudes about the student's abilities?
foot-in-the-door phenomenon.
Bart complied with his friends' request to join them in smashing decorative pumpkins early one Halloween evening. Later that night he was surprised by his own failure to resist their pressures to throw eggs at passing police cars. Bart's experience best illustrates the
role-playing on attitude change
Cognitive dissonance theory is most helpful for understanding the impact of
cognitive dissonance theory
Professor Stewart wrote a very positive letter of recommendation for a student despite having doubts about her competence. Which theory best explains why he subsequently began to develop more favorable attitudes about the student's abilities?
any of the above can occur
In a non-zero sum game involving two players:
Both can win - both can lose - one can win and the other can lose
both player can set up a roadblock
Playing mistrust is most likely to be increased in the trucking game when
normative social influence
In making wedding preparations, Jason conforms to the expectations of his future bride's family simply to win their favor. His behavior illustrates the importance of
social facilitation
Bonnie pedals an exercise bike at her health club much faster when other patrons happen to be working out on nearby equipment. This best illustrates
the chameleon effect
Research participants who worked alongside someone who rubbed his or her face or shook his or her foot were observed to do the same thing themselves. This best illustrated
participants are not observed by other group members when giving their answers
Using the Asch procedure, conformity to group judgments would be LEAST likely when
signal detection theory
The impact of boredom and fatigue on people's absolute thresholds is highlighted by
that information can be processed outside of conscious awareness
If a visual image is first presented subliminally, the chance of a person later recognizing the same briefly presented image is improved. This best illustrates:
top-down processing
Interpreting new sensory information within the framework of a past memory illustrates:
subliminal stimulation
Which of the following is most notable for its short-term effects on thinking?
Weber's law
The size of the difference threshold is greater for heavier objects than for lighter ones. This best illustrates:
The central focal point in the retina where cones are heavily concentrated is known as the
The opponent-process theory is most useful for explaining a characteristic of
rods; cone
Multiple ________ send combined messages to a bipolar cell, whereas a single ________ may link directly to a single bipolar cell.
conscious awareness
The phenomenon of blindsight best illustrates that visual information can be processed without
color constancy
Even when seen through sunglasses, grass appears equally as green as it does without glasses. This best illustrates:
top-down processing
The fact that perceptions involve more than the sum of our sensations best illustrates the importance of:
texture gradient; convergence
Monocular cue is to _______ as binocular cue is to ________.
relative clarity
The lights along the runway were shrouded in such a thick fog that the pilot of an incoming plane nearly overshot the runway. The pilot was most likely misled by the distance cue known as:
retinal disparity
The distance between our right and left eyes functions to provide us with a cue for depth perception known as:
Pedro recognized that his son was closer to him than his daughter because his son partially obstructed his view of his daughter. Pedro's perception was most clearly influenced by a distance cue known as:
shape constancy
A door casts an increasingly trapezoidal image on our retinas as it opens, yet we still perceive it as rectangular. This illustrates:
the Ponzo illusion
The specific perceptual processes that underlie the Moon illusion also contribute to:
overestimate; distant
In the Ponzo Illusion, most people ________ the length of the bar that appears to be more ________.
The Ponzo Illusion illustrates that people judge the size of an object in terms of its perceived:
Goggles that allow animals to see only diffuse, unpatterned light have inhibiting effects on perceptual development similar to the effects of:
perceptual set
People perceive an adult-child pair as looking more alike when told they are parent and child. This best illustrates the effect of:
top-down processing
Once we have formed a wrong idea about reality, we have more difficulty seeing the truth. This best illustrates the impact of:
Psychics are unable to make millions of dollars betting on horse races. This undermines their claims to possess the power of:
Which philosopher would have predicted that an extended period of sensory deprivation would inhibit the development of one's perceptual capacities?
top-down processing
Racial and ethnic stereotypes can sometimes bias our perceptions of others' behaviors. This best illustrates the impact of: