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What medical term refers to difficult labor?
A. dysmasesis
B. dystocia
C. syslalia
D. dysmenorrhea
E. A and B only
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Herniation of a fallopian tube is called: A. salpingocele B. colpocystocele C. hydrocele D. metrocele E. hysteroceleA. salpingoceleWhat is the gravest form of pregnancy-induced hypertension? A. pseudocyesis B. portal hypertension C. cuff inflation hypertension D. eclampsia E. B and D onlyD. eclampsiaWhat is the discharge associated with candidiasis called? A. clear B. frothy C. curdy or cheeselike D. bloody E. all of the aboveC. curdy or cheeselikeWhat is the medical term for enlargement of the prostate gland? A. prostatomegaly B. prostatorrhea C. prostatalgia D. prostatitis E. prostatectomyA. prostatomegaly"Gravida 2, para 1" denotes a woman who has had: A. 2 pregnancies and 1 abortion B. 2 pregnancies and 1 birth C. 2 pregnancies and 1 miscarriage D. 2 pregnancies and 1 stillbirth E. 1 pregnancy and 2 birthsB. 2 pregnancies and 1 birthBenign prostatic hyperplasia is associated with: A. the female reproductive system B. the male reproductive system C. young adults D. urinary flow obstruction E. both B and DE. both B and DPermanent cessation of menstruation as a result of the aging process is called: A. menopause B. metrorrhagia C. amenorrhagia D. menorrhagia E. amenorrheaA. menopauseWhich organ surrounds the neck of the bladder and the urethra in a male? A. Cowper glands B. vas deferens C. epididymis D. prostate gland E. testesD. prostate glandWhat is the name of the instrument used for examining the vagina and cervix uteri? A. colposcopy B. colposcope C. salpingoscope D. cystoscope E. salpingoscopyB. colposcopeWhat is the meaning of orchidorrhaphy? A. suture of a testicle B. fixation of an ovary C. rupture of an ovary D. hemorrhage of the vagina E. discharge from a testicleA. suture of a testicleThe presence of functional endometrial tissue in areas outside the uterus is: A. eclampsia B. kernicterus C. endometriosis D. toxic shock syndrome E. introitusC. endometriosisThe neck of the uterus is called the: A. vulva B. clitoris C. cervix D. Bartholin gland E. labia minoraC. cervixWhich of the following structures is affected with salpingitis? A. uterus B. vagina C. ovaries D. fallopian tubes E. cervixD. fallopian tubesWhat hormonal preparations are used to raise the sperm count in infertility cases? A. estrogens B. progesterones C. gonadotropins D. A and C only E. B and C onlyC. gonadotropinsThe condition of improperly descended testicles is: A. orchiopexy B. cryptorchidism C. ectopy of the testicle D. hydrocele E. varicoceleB. cryptorchidismWhat is the surgical procedure that sterilizes the male and prevents the release of sperm? A. vasectomy B. prostatectomy C. hysterectomy D. orchiorrhaphy E. testopathyA. vasectomyWhat is the medical term for the primary sore of syphilis? A. herpes B. chlamydia C. moniliasis D. chancre E. trichomoniasisD. chancreWhat structure produces testosterone? A. testes B. prostate C. epididymis D. uterus E. ovariesA. testesAnother term for Cowper glands is: A. prostate glands B. bulbourethral glands C. Bartholin glands D. epididymal glands E. A and B onlyB. bulbourethral glandsWhat is the procedure for surgical fixation of a prolapsed uterus? A. metroptosis B. hysteroptosis C. hysteropexy D. hysteroplasty E. A and BC. hysteropexyPap smear is used to diagnose: A. cervical cancer B. gonorrhea C. eclampsia D. syphilis E. colpitisA. cervical cancerMultipara means: A. woman who delivered more than one viable offspring B. pregnant woman C. woman who delivers her first offspring D. woman who had multiple abortions E. woman who is pregnant for the first timeA. woman who delivered more than one viable offspringThe vaginal orifice is lubricated by secretions from the: A. fallopian tubes B. Bartholin glands C. uterus D. ovaries E. cervixB. Bartholin glandsWhich of the following terms means excessive menstrual bleeding? A. menorrhagia B. menorrhea C. oligomenorrhea D. dysmenorrhea E. hemomenorrheaA. menorrhagiaWhich of the following terms is spelled correctly? A. menstrule B. menistration C. menstral D. mensturation E. menstruationE. menstruationTestes are located in the: A. ductus deferens B. epididymis C. abdominal cavity D. renal pelvis E. scrotumE. scrotumSurgery to correct cryptorchidism: A. orchiopexy B. nephropexy C. nephrolithotomy D. lithotripsy E. herniorrhaphyA. orchiopexyWhat is the term meaning pus in the fallopian tube? A. pyogenesis B. salpingocyesis C. pyosalpinx D. salpingocele E. salpingomaC. pyosalpinxTerm for menstrual pain and tension: A. metrorrhagia B. dyspareunia C. oligomenorrhea D. dystocia E. dysmenorrheaE. dysmenorrheaWhat is the abbreviation indicating "widening of the uterine cervix and scraping of the endometrium?" A. C&S B. D&C C. PID D. IUD E. E&SB. D&CWhich term describes a deficiency of spermatozoa in the semen? A. aspermatic B. hypospermatogenesis C. hypospermia D. oligospermia E. orchiospermiaD. oligospermiaWhat type of screening utilizes the PSA blood test? A. gonadotropins B. prostatic cancer C. impotency D. eclampsia E. infertilityB. prostatic cancerWhich term refers to an inability of a male to achieve an erection? A. oligospermia B. impotence C. epispadias D. hypospadias E. aspermiaB. impotenceStenosis or narrowing of the preputial orifice so that foreskin cannot be retracted over the glans penis is: A. hypospadias B. cryptorchidism C. phimosis D. aspadias E. anorchismC. phimosisWhat is the congenital defect in which the male urethra opens on the upper side of the penis? A. epispadias B. multispadias C. hyperspadias D. phimosis E. hypercryptismA. epispadias