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Foreign Policy

A nation's plan for its relations with other countries

Domestic Policy

A nation's plan for its internal affairs


An official agreement between two independent countries

Sphere of Influence

The external areas where a country is able to dominate or control


one-half of the earth's sphere

Western Hemisphere

the half of the earth's sphere that includes North and South America

Eastern Hemisphere

The half of the earth's sphere that includes East Asia

Southern Hemisphere

The one-half of the earth's sphere that is SOUTH of the equator

Northern Hemisphere

The one-half of the earth's sphere that is NORTH of the equator


When one country extends its control over other countries' economy or territory

Monroe Doctrine

The announcement by US President James Monroe that Europe is no longer allowed to make colonies in the Western Hemisphere


a narrow strip of land connecting two larger land areas


intense atmosphere of competition between two opponents


destiny or inevitable ending of events

Open Door

US idea that all countries should be allowed to trade in China and not just colonizers

Secretary of State

US cabinet officer who advises the president in foreign policy

The "Black Ships"

Japanese name for the dark iron ships of the US fleet that arrived in the 1850s

Great White Fleet

Term for the US Navy in the 1890s because of their paint job


Chinese patriots who opposed foreign interference and colonization

Rough Riders

US unit of cavalry in the Spanish-American War

Yellow Journalism

Printing sensational but dubious stories to gain readers for a publication


extreme patriotism usually to support a war


love and loyalty to one's own country

Yellow Jack

common term for the Yellow Fever disease


an added change to a document

Roosevelt Corollary

President Roosevelt's claim that the USA could intervene anywhere in Latin America

Latin America

The area south of the USA where countries derive their languages from Spanish, French, or Portuguese

"Big Stick"

term that means a strong reaction, such as a military response

Dollar Diplomacy

To expand US influence in Latin America by investing money and buying property


The largest type of warship, known for its massive cannons


to give over ownership or control of something, often land


to officially claim new territory and add it to your country

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