Ion disturbances that may be caused by SABAs administration include :
A-Hyperkalemia , Hypermagnesemia
B-Hypokalemia , Hypomagnesemia
C-Hypernatermia , Hypokalemia
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oral corticosteroidPrednisoneacute exacerbation of asthma or other COPDOral/IV CSZileuton MOA*5-lipoxygenase inhibitor* > prevent formation of both Cysteinyl-LTs & LTB4zafrilukast and montelukast MOACysteinyl-LT-1-R antagonistsRegarding the PKs of LTs modifiers,which of the following is true : A-They are administered orally B-They all undergo hepatic metabolism C-Zileuton is excreted in urine whereas Zafirulkast and Montelukast undergo biliary excretion D-Zafirulkast absp is impaired w/ food intake E-All of the aboveEWhich of the following is true about discontinuation of LTs modifiers : A-If liver enzymes elevated 2-4x the upper limit of normal B-If liver enzymes elevated 3-5x the upper limit of normal C-If liver enzymes elevated 2-3x the upper limit of normal D-If the pt experienced side effects such as headache and dyspepsiaBMast cell stabilizerCromolynIpratropium use in astham tx can be useful in ?1)pts who are unable to tolerate SABAs 2)pts w/ concomitant COPD 3)In ED, Ipratropium&SABA > *tx of acute asthma exacerbation*overdose of *theophylline* is associated w/ ?(1)Seziures (2)Fatal arrhythmias*Theophylline* therapeutic action ?Bronchodilator Anti-inflammatoryA recombinant DNA-derived monoclonal Ab that selectively *binds to human IgE* :OmalizumabRegarding *omalizumab* which of the following is true : A-used for tx of moderate-sever persistent asthma in pts who are poorly controlled w/ conventional therapy B-Its use is limited by high cost ,ROA and adverse effect profile C-Secondary malignancies have been reported in pts used it D-Can cause serious anaphylactic rxn , arthralgias ,fever and rash E-All of the aboveEOmalizumab is administered:SCFoundation of therapy for COPD :*Inhaled* bronchodilators : B2-adrenergic agonists Anticholinergic agents > *ipratropium & tiotroprium*Preferred 1st-line tx of COPDLABAs & tiotropiumMainstay tx in asthma ?ICSMainstay tx in COPD ?LAMAsRoflumilast MOAPDE4 inhibitor *reduce inflammation* by inc cAMP in lung cellsRoflumilast SEs include :Headache Nausea Vomiting DiarrheaRoflumilast indications?severe COPD associated w/ *chronic bronchitis* and a hx of exacerbations