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The products of meiosis in plants are always which of the following?

a. spores

Which of the following is the correct sequence during alternation of generations in a flowering plant?

a. sporophyte-meiosis-gametophyte-gametes-fertilization-diploid zygote

All of the following are features of angiosperms except

d. a small (reduced) sporophyte.

Based on studies of plant evolution, which flower part is not a modified leaf?

e. receptacle

All of the following floral parts are directly involved in pollination or fertilization except the

d. carpel.

Which of the following is the correct order of floral organs from the outside to the inside of a complete flower?

d. sepals-petals-stamens-carpels

All of the following are primary functions of flowers except

b. photosynthesis.

Meiosis occurs within all of the following flower parts except the

b. style.

A perfect flower is fertile, but may be either complete or incomplete. Which of the following correctly describes a perfect flower?

e. It has both stamens and carpels.

Carpellate flowers

e. develop into fruits.

Which of the following types of plants is not able to self-pollinate?

a. dioecious

In flowering plants, pollen is released from the

a. anther.

In the life cycle of an angiosperm, which of the following stages is diploid?

d. microsporocyte

Where does meiosis occur in flowering plants?

e. megasporocyte and microsporocyte

Which of the following is a correct sequence of processes that takes place when a flowering plant reproduces?

c. meiosis-pollination-nuclear fusion-formation of embryo and endosperm

Which of these is incorrectly paired with its life-cycle generation?

a. anther—gametophyte

Which of the following is the correct sequence of events in a pollen sac?

e. microsporocyte-meiosis-microspores-mitosis-two haploid cells per pollen grain

Which of the following occurs in an angiosperm ovule?

b. A megaspore mother cell undergoes meiosis.

Where and by which process are sperm produced in plants?

c. mitosis in male gametophytes

In which of the following pairs are the two terms equivalent?

b. embryo sac—female gametophyte

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