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Which of the following "vegetables" is botanically a fruit?

e. green beans

Which of the following statements about fruits is false?

b. All normal fruits have seeds inside them.

Fruits develop from

d. ovaries.

The first step in the germination of a seed is usually

c. imbibition of water.

Which of the following is not true of the hypocotyl hook?

a. It is the first structure to emerge from a eudicot seed.

In plants, which of the following could be an advantage of sexual reproduction as opposed to asexual reproduction?

a. genetic variation

A disadvantage of monoculture is that

b. genetic uniformity makes a crop vulnerable to a new pest or disease.

Which of the following is true about vegetative reproduction?

e. It produces clones.

Which of the following is a true statement about clonal reproduction in plants?

c. Making cuttings of ornamental plants is a form of fragmentation.

Which of the following statements about a seed produced by apomixis is incorrect?

b. The embryo consists of diploid cells derived from fertilization of a haploid egg by a haploid sperm.

All of the following could be considered advantages of asexual reproduction in plants except

e. adaptation to change.

Regardless of where in the world a vineyard is located, in order for the winery to produce a Burgundy, it must use varietal grapes that originated in Burgundy, France. The most effective way for a new California grower to plant a vineyard to produce Burgundy is to

e. graft varietal Burgundy grape scions onto native (Californian) root stocks.

Under which conditions would asexual plants have the greatest advantage over sexual plants?

c. a relatively constant environment with infrequent disturbances

Which of the following statements is true of protoplast fusion?

b. It can be used to form new plant varieties by combining genomes from two plants.

Which of the following statements is correct about protoplast fusion?

c. It can be used to form new plant species.

The most immediate potential benefits of introducing genetically modified crops include

d. increasing crop yield.

Which of the following is not a scientific concern relating to creating genetically modified crops?

d. The monetary costs of growing genetically modified plants are significantly greater than traditional breeding techniques.

Currently available transgenic plants have been modified for all of the following traits except

b. nitrogen fixation.

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