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  1. Central Powers
  2. Triple Entente
  3. Zimmerman Note
  4. Allied Powers
  5. William Randolf Hearst
  1. a The three nations part of the Entente Britain, france, and Russia
  2. b Publisher of the New York Journal and he strongly favored war with Spain over Cuba in 1898 and printed fictitious stories about Spain in Cuba
  3. c the group of nations- led by Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire- that opposed the allies in the war
  4. d the group of nations- originally consisting of great Britain, France, and Russia
  5. e Note from Germany that was supposedly sent to mexico saying that they should start war with America

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  1. The plan for peace proposed by president Widrow Wilson; 1st that there should be no seceret treaties and nations should engage in open agreement with each other; Freedom of Seas should be obtained; tarrifs and other economic barriers should be lowered or abolished to foster free trade; Arms should be reduced to enough to maintain national safety; Colonial policy should consider the intrests of the colonies as well as imperial intrests; The next eight points dealt with national boundries based on Ethnic groups
  2. the use of sensationalized and exaggerated reporting by news papers or magazines to attract readers.
  3. a provision in the Treaty of Versailles by which Germany acknowledged that it alone was responsible for WWI
  4. sways readers to think a certain way, ideas spread to influence public opinion for or against a cause
  5. the compensation paid by a defeated nation for the damage or injury it inflicted during a war

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  1. NationalismThe policy of spreading a nations authority over other countries by economic, political, or military means


  2. Archduke FerdinandIllegally shipping weapons to other countries


  3. U-BoatsThe American Expeditionary Force used to fight against the Germans in the war.


  4. Triple AllianceThe three nations part of the alliance Germany, Italy, and Austria/Hungary


  5. Trench WarfareWarfare that had soldiers dig trenchs then invade