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  1. Sussex Pledge
  2. Contraband
  3. Yellow Journalism
  4. Reparations
  5. Treaty of Versailles
  1. a Pledge that Germany took saying that they would not blow up anymore US passenger ships
  2. b The 1919 that ended WWI; Made nine new nations poland, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia; 4 new areas were created out of the Ottoman Empire such as Iraq, Syria, Lebonan, and Palestine; Took out most of Germany's Military; Made Germany to return Alsace-Lorraine to France and pay rearations;
  3. c Illegally shipping weapons to other countries
  4. d the compensation paid by a defeated nation for the damage or injury it inflicted during a war
  5. e the use of sensationalized and exaggerated reporting by news papers or magazines to attract readers.

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  1. A passenger boat blown up by Germany being accused of Contraband
  2. The American Expeditionary Force used to fight against the Germans in the war.
  3. Publisher of the New York Journal and he strongly favored war with Spain over Cuba in 1898 and printed fictitious stories about Spain in Cuba
  4. a refusal to take part in a war between other countries
  5. Note from Germany that was supposedly sent to mexico saying that they should start war with America

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  1. League of Nationsthe compensation paid by a defeated nation for the damage or injury it inflicted during a war


  2. Propagandasways readers to think a certain way, ideas spread to influence public opinion for or against a cause


  3. Black Jack PershingPrince murdered in Siberia with wife.


  4. Joseph PulitzerPublisher of the New York World, printed exaggerated acounts of Spain's mistreatment towards Cubans


  5. Central Powersthe group of nations- originally consisting of great Britain, France, and Russia