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Post-stroke Standing & Locomotor Training

Terms in this set (14)

Post-stroke Gait Deficits:
↑ or↓ walking speed?
shorter or longer step/stride lengths? ↑or↓ step length on non-involved side? Involved side?
Increase single or double support time?

Post Stroke Gait Deviations: Heelstrike to Midstance:
Trunk/pelvis is forward or backward?
Hip: what may be seen pertaining to hip? (tren.. and sciss)
Knee instability signs? (flex.. or hyper.. ex.. which may require splinting)
With the ankle and foot, ↑or↓ ankle dorsiflexion at initial contact?
Inability to transfer weight forward or backward?
Potential STGs? ( DF..., knee ext..)

Post Stroke Gait Deviations: Midstance to Toe-off:
What happens to tibial advancement? (rest..)
↑or↓ time end of stance? This leads to equal or unequal steps?
↑or↓ hip extension at the end of stance?
During pre-swing, is there active or absent close chained PF/gastroc activation?
What may you observe? (lack knee flex or extension? Active or absent heel off? )

Post Stroke Gait Deviations: Swing
The trunk and pelvis has insufficient forward or backward rotation?
Is there ↑or↓ hip flexion at toe-off and mid swing?
IS there ↑or↓ knee flexion at toe-off?
WIth terminal swing, is there inadequate knee flex or extension leading to an absent heel strike?
Ankle/foot is limited in DF or PF? This leads to ↑or↓ gastroc stiffness? ↑or↓ anterior tibialis strength?
Will persistent equinus and /or equinovarus?
WIll they have exaggerated PF or DF with strong flexor or extensor synergy?
Is a loss in reciprocal arm swing?