CIT - Chapter 12 (II)

Which of the following is the Microsoft version of CHAP?

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Which of the following is NOT true regarding how an enterprise should handle an orphaned or a dormant account?

A formal procedure should be in place for disabling accounts for employees who are dismissed, resign, or retire from the organization.
Access should be ended as soon as the employee is no longer part of the organization.
Logs should be monitored because current employees are sometimes tempted to use an older dormant account instead of their own account.
All orphaned and dormant accounts should be deleted immediately whenever they are discovered.
Which type of access control model uses predefined rules that makes it flexible? MAC ABAC DAC Rule-Based Access ControlABACHow is the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) used? It allows secure web domains to exchange user authentication and authorization data. It is an authenticator in IEEE 802.1x. It is no longer used because it has been replaced by LDAP. It is a backup to a RADIUS server.It allows secure web domains to exchange user authentication and authorization data.What is the least restrictive access control model? MAC Rule-Based Access Control DAC ABACDACWhat is the version of the X.500 standard that runs on a personal computer over TCP/IP? LDAP Lite RDAP IEEE X.501 DAPLDAPWhich of the following would NOT be considered as part of a clean desk policy? Do not share passwords with other employees. Place laptops in a locked filing cabinet. Keep mass storage devices locked in a drawer when not in use. Lock computer workstations when leaving the office.Do not share passwords with other employeesWhich Microsoft Windows feature provides group-based access control for centralized management and configuration of computers and remote users who are using Active Directory? Windows Registry Settings Resource Allocation Entities Group Policy AD Management Services (ADMS)Group PolicyWith the development of IEEE 802.1x port security, what type of authentication server has seen even greater usage? Lite RDAP RDAP RADIUS DAPRADIUSWhich of these is a set of permissions that is attached to an object? Subject Access Entity (SAE) Access control list (ACL) Object modifier Security entry designatorAccess control list (ACL)What is the current version of TACACS? TACACS+ TRACACS TACACS v9 XTACACSTACACS+Which statement about Rule-Based Access Control is true? It is considered a real-world approach by linking a user's job function with security. It requires that a custodian set all rules. It dynamically assigns roles to subjects based on rules. It is considered obsolete today.It dynamically assigns roles to subjects based on rules.