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5 main structures of the MRS (alphabetical order)

epididymus, penis, scrotum, testes, vas deferens

contains masses of coiled tubules that produce sperm


a pouch consisting of muscle fibers that respond to temperature


type of cell division that produces 4 cells, each with half the number of chromosomes as the parent cells


this many to this many million sperm are produced each day


_______ sperms produced/minute


process of sperm production


anatomy of a mature human sperm (alphabetical)

acrosome, head, midpiece, nucleus, tail

long tightly coiled tube connected to the seminiferous tubules in the testes and the vas deferens. secretes enzymes that aid in the maturation of sperm


ejaculation aid in the movement of sperm from the epididymis through the ________ and into the _______.

Vas Deferens and Urethra

several glands secrete fluids into the urethra that are added to sperm to produce _______


produces a pre-ejaculatory secretion that neutralizes urine and lubricates the urethra in preparation for semen to follow

bulbourethral gland

produces a secretion of enzymes that mixes with seminal vesicle fluid and sperm. designed to neutralize the acidic environment of the vagina

prostate gland

the prostate gland is made from a(n) _____________ substance


produces a secretion of enzymes primarily designed to nourish the sperm and mixes with prostate fluid to form the alkaline semen

seminal vesicles

corpus spongiosum and cavernosum make up the erectile tissue of the ____


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