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Bar codes
are found on groceries, books, periodicals.
Magnetic stripes
used on cheques and credit cards
Kimball tags
attached to clothes in shops
What is data?
Data is any information that can be stored in a computer and is meaningless without other facts.
What is information?
Information is data in a form that mean something to humans - it is data put into context
What is a grammer checker?
a grammer checker works in the same way as a spell checker but highlights sentences that it thinks contains grammatical errors and suggests similar words or phrases. Ms word under lines grammatical errors in green.
Smart cards
A smart card resembles a credit card but has a micro-processor under the gold contact pad on one side of the card.
Validation checks are made by the software in the computer system. Validation checks make sure that the correct type of data is entered properly at the correct point in the input process.
A common verification procedure is for an operator at a keyboard to be asked to confirm the details of the data displayed on the screen.
Sequential access is accessed in a predetermined, ordered sequence. Sequential access is sometimes the only way of accessing the data
Random/ direct access
Random/direct access is the ability to access an arbitrary element of a sequence in equal time.
multi-user databases
That is a database that can allow simultaneous record entry by more than one person.
Electronic Funds Transfer
The transfer of money from one account to another by computer
Point Of Sale
A business or place where a product or service can be purchased.
What is a terminal?
A device, often equipped with a keyboard and a video display, through which data or information can be entered or displayed.
Buying and selling products via the internet.
Presence checks
This checks to make sure that a data item has not been completely left out
Range check
This ensures the data entered are within given limits.
Field length checks
This checks that the correct amount of numbers or characters has been entered.
Field or data type check
This makes sure the correct type of data is entered.+
Check digits
This is a number calculated by the computer to make sure that the other numbers in a sequence have been entered properly. It is used to make sure that the PIN that people use with their credit cards to pay for their seats on aircrafts has been entered correctly.
MICS is the system of using magnetic ink to print information on cheques, MICS is used by banks to speed up the processing of cheques by passing then through an automatic MICS reader that can process thousands of cheques in an hour. It has the added advantage of making cheque forgery difficult for criminals. the shops around the airport accept cheques in payment for goods.