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The police officer's working personality is largely shaped by exposure to?


The police officer's working attitude which he or she uses to confront and interpret the various aspects of police work is commonly referred to as what?

their style of policing

An officer approaches a group of teenagers drinking beer, she checks everyone's ID and arrests all who were underage. This example best typifies which officer style?

the law enforcer

Which policing style utilizes the least amount of discretion?

the law enforcer

When an officer decides to arrest one suspect for a crime but let another one go for the same offense, the officer is using?


Which of the following is NOT a factor that influences police officer discretion?

budgetary factors

In 2000, approximately was percentage of urban police forces were comprised of African American officers?


What percent of all sworn police officers are female?


What police department was responsible for hiring the first American female police officer?

Los Angeles

The process of women acting tough and emulating male behavior is know as?


With which of the following groups do black female officers report having the most difficulty?

black males

Which of the following is a cause of stress in policing?

all the above are correct

Stress reduction programs may include which of the following?

all the above

Liberal court decisions that limit police discretion are an example of what form of stressor?

external stressor

The inconvenience and physical strains that come from rotating shift work are examples of:

duty stressors

Acts such as making threats, prodding with nightsticks and so on are considered?


National surveys reveal that what percent of citizens have contact with police each year?


What pattern does research reveal regarding officers' involvement in use-of-force incidents?

all of the above are correct

Justification of the use of deadly force via the "fleeing felon" rule can be traced to:

English Common Law

Which of the following is NOT commonly identified as a factor related to police shootings?

poverty levels

Which of the following is NOT one of the non-lethal weapons that arrived on the scene after the Tennessee v. Garner decision?

threat or presence of active resistance

Police use of deadly force did what subsequent to the Garner decision?

it was reduced from pre-Garner levels

What was the name of the famous commission that investigated corruption in New York City in the 1970s?

Knapp Commission

What was the principle conclusion of the Mollen Commisson that investigated police corruption in the NYPD in the 1990s?

some officers were found to be actively involved in violence and drug dealing

Which of the following was NOT one of the four major categories of police corruption outlined in the text?

passive criminality

The phrase "being on the pad" is associated with which category of police corruption?

bribery and extortion

A police department wherein a group of corrupt officers band together is said to have?

rotten pockets

Which of the following is NOT identified as a common cause of police corruption?

police professionalism

When police routinely use excessive force against suspects, it is considered?

abuse of power

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