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IER Book v2009 page 3 O'Sullivan & Siegelman Added (loose packed) to each term for better identification when studying in test multiple choice mode in combination the closed packed position

Vertebral joint (loose packed)

midway between flexion and extension

Temporomandibular joint (loose packed)

jaw slightly open (freeway space)

Sternoclavicular joint (loose packed)

arm resting by side

Acromioclavicular joint (loose packed)

arm resting by side

Glenohumeral joint (loose packed)

55 - 70 degress of abduction and 30 degrees of horizontal adduction; neutral rotation

Humeroulnar joint (loose packed)

70 degrees of elbow flexion and 10 degrees supination

Humeroradial joint (loose packed)

full extension and supination

proximal radioulnar joint (loose packed)

70 degrees flexion and 35 degrees of supination

distal radioulnar joint (loose packed)

10 degrees supination

radioulno carpal joint (the wrist loose packed)

neutral with slight ulnar deviation

midcarpal joint (loose packed)

neutral with slight flexion and ulnar deviation

carpometacarpal (2 - 5) (loose packed)

midway between flexion/extension, mid flexion, mid extension

trapeziometacarpal (loose packed)

midway between flexion/extension and between abduction and adduction

Metacarpopalangeal (MCP) (loose packed)

1 st MCP = slight flexion
2 - 5 MCP = slight flexion with ulnar deviation

Interphalangeal (IP in hands - loose packed)

proximal IP joint = 10 degrees of flexion
distal IP joint = 30 degrees of flexion

hip (loose packed)

30 degrees of flexion, 30 degrees of abduction and slight lateral rotation

knee (loose packed)

25 degrees of flexion

talocrural joint (ankle- loose packed)

mid inversion/eversion and 10 degrees of plantarflexion

subtalar joint (loose packed)

midway between extremes of ROM with 10 degrees of plantarflexion

midtarsal joint (loose packed)

midway between extremes of ROM with 10 degrees of plantarflexion

tarsometatarsal joint (loose packed)

midway between supination and pronation

metatarsophalangeal (LE - loose packed)

neutral (Extension 10 degrees)

interphalangeal (LE - loose packed)

slight flexion

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