When the Supreme Court hears cases pertaining to search and seizure, they draw mainly on the:

Fourth Amendment

Which of the following is a form of evidence that is typically seized by police with a warrant?

conversations involving criminal conspiracy

Information that originates from and informer versus a police officer is referred to as?

hearsay evidence

Information obtained from informers must be?


Aguilar v. Texas resulted in which of the following legal standards?

the two-part test for issuing a warrant on the word of an informant

The Terry v. Ohio case produced a ruling related to what type of warrantless search?

field interrogations or stop & frisk

The legality of a search incident to arrest depends almost entirely on what?

the legality of the arrest

Police do not need a search warrant for which of the following places?

all the above

The Chimel doctrine pertains to which of the following type of warrantless searches?

searches incident to a lawful arrest

Which of the following type of warrantless automobile search has been deemed unconstitutional?

random stops for drug smugglers

What were the Washington D. C. police officers searching for in the case of U.S. v. Ross?


In Delaware v. Prouse the Court forbade what police practice during roadblock searches?

the random stops of vehicles in the absence of any reasonable suspicion that a law has been violated

The recent case of Whren v. U.S. dealt with what issue?

the legality of pretext stops

What is the major legal issue in most consent searches?

whether the police can prove that the consent was given voluntarily

What behavior by the suspect in Schneckloth v. Bustamonte demonstrated to the court that consent to search was given voluntarily?

when the suspect helped the police by opening the trunk and glove compartment of the car

Which of the following court cases deals with cartilage searches of grounds adjacent to a home?

all of the above

Which of the following searches falls outside of the protection of the plain view doctrine?

the use of a thermal imaging devise to search for marijuana plants in a garage

Which of the following searches falls outside of the plain touch doctrine?

feeling a brick of cocaine in a suitcase during a lawful bus sweep

Which of the following is an example of curtilage?

open fields

The landmark case Katz v. United States dealt with which type of warrantless search?

electronic surveillance searches

A mechanical device that the records the numbers dialed on a telephone is known as what?

a pen register

Which conversation may be taped without a warrant under the Katz doctrine?

conversation in a public park

Which of the following warrantless recordings would be allowed in a Federal court of law?

a wiretap in which one party consented, but the other was unaware of the tap

A person may be detained without a court hearing for how long under the Riverside County v. McLaughlin ruling?

48 hours

Which amendment protects your right to be free from self-incrimination?

the Fifth Amendment

Which right is not afforded to the suspect in the Miranda warning?

the right to have a spiritual advisor present in place of an attorney

Which of the following doctrines applies to the Miranda rule and unlawful interrogations?

both a and b

Which confession was held to be admissible in Chavez v. Martinez?

a case involving a non-criminal matter

Which of the following is true about the exclusionary rule?

the United States is the only country that applies this legal mandate

Which decision made the exclusionary rule applicable to the federal court system?

Weeks v. United States

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