CITI training responsible conduct

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Which of the following is the primary criterion for authorship?
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Which of the following is true about conflicts of interest?Conflicts of interest increase the likelihood of bias.Which of the following most accurately describes an institutional conflict of interest?It occurs when an institution's financial or non-financial interests could interfere with its research activities.The entity that normally is supposed to determine whether an academic researcher's conflict of interest can be managed is:A conflict of interest committeeWhich of the following is true about the management of conflicts of interest?Management plans are often created to reduce the impact of conflicts of interest.The main focus of NIH's conflict of interest policy is:Financial conflicts of interestWhich of the following most accurately describes data lifecycle management (DLM)?It refers to the tools and processes for handling data during a research study and after it concludes.Which of the following is most likely to own the data resulting from a research project?The organization that receives federal funding for a project.What is the primary responsibility of oversight bodies (such as an IRB or IACUC)?To determine compliance with regulatory requirements, including those relating to protecting research subjects.Which of the following is true regarding data acquisition?Data acquisition should follow a detailed collection plan that is set in advance.Which of the following is true regarding the reporting of research results?Clear specification of the methods and procedures used is essential.