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An issue is an important and complex problem for debate or discussion requiring a solution. It has many different sides, involving some dispute and has become a matter of concern to many people.

Environmental Issue

these issues are those that affect both the natural environment (i.e. rainforest) and the environment which people interact with nature (ie. city)

Political Issue

issues about power/control. Any organization that designs, administries and makes judgements about rules


A framework, or overall worldview, on which knowledge claims are made


unbiased information about society, they are objective and unarguable


judgements and views about society, they are subjective and arguable


A prejudice or preference for or against a particular point of view


Whenever the behaviour of another society or ethnic group is juged by the standards of ones own society or group


Information, usually of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular cause or point of view


Is language deliberately constructed to disguise or distort its actual meaning


A point of view or way of looking at things

Your opinion (or reaction)

depends on you perspective (or point of view)

Media has become a major factor in shaping

the economic, political, social and environmental make up of the world.

In a democratic society, info should be designed to

help people be well informed therefore more able to protect themselves

Accurate, well-balanced info allows people to

form opinions/informed decisions on weather/how to take action.

most our international news is

reported from American/European viewpoint





Latin America


Middle East


How man major news services relay there camera footage to T.V. networks all over the world


Alternative Media

media that are alternative to, or in opposition to, something else: mass media products that are widely available and widely consumed

Mass Media

forms of communication, such as newspapers and radio, that reach millions of people

Right-Wing Authoritarian

people in this category believe that the economy works best if the government leaves it alone, but that a significant measure of social control is required to have a fair and effective society


supporting or pursuing a course of action that is neither liberal nor conservative

Left-Wing Authoritarian

people in this category agree with the Right-Wing Authoritarians that social control is required, but that also believe that government control of the economy is essential

Left-Wing Libertarian

people in this category feel that the government has an important role to play in the economy, but feel that government should allow people to make their own social decisions

Right-Wing Libertarian

people in this category want to minimize the role of government in all aspects of life

What is the purpose of public relation firms?

To manipulate information in favor of its consultants, manipulate public opinion

What medium is best used to get out a company's message?

Feed their information and propaganda through news and media

How did public relations get its start?

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Edward Béarnaise - cigarette - good looking women, World War 1, they used public relations to create propaganda to convince its people that war is necessary and is good

What happened to the content of television news when budgets got tight?

Downsizing, fewer journalist, more for less, free pre packages news from PR, news that we think is local is not, and might not even be actually news

How can you detect a video news release from "real news"?

Lots of extra footage, showing inside factories and exotic places, use the same footage

What is the role of "third party advocates"?

Widely used, when we see experts we take what they say at face value, credible to the public. I.e. Doctors, professors, scientist

What are "front groups"?

Appear to be neutral, Green Earth Society funded by coal company

How did the U.S. government get widespread support for Gulf War in 1991?

Iraq - oil, All available media, all the tricks in the book, Fake testimonials - Niyerah's testimony that Iraq soldiers took babies out of incubators and left them on the floor to die, Turns out Niyerah was the daughter of the apposing countries leader and wanted the U.S. to get involved

Why did Exxon suffer so badly after the oil spill from the Valdez in 1989?

Take care of the media first and then the actual problem, Risk = Hazard + Outrage, image devastated - they looked bad and arrogant, they did not manage public outrage

What is the purpose of food disparagement laws?

Any one can be taken to court for publicly criticizing food and food companies

What percent of our news is given to us by PR firms?


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