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BV1ch6 Grammar- tener, tener que, ir a, poss. adjs.


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to have
I have
You have (familiar)
He/she/it has, you (formal) have
We have
They have / You all have
tener que + infinitive
To have to (do something)
tengo que + infinitive
I have to do something
tienes que + infinitive
you have to do something
tiene que + infinitive
he / she has to, you (formal) have to do something
tenemos que + infinitive
we have to do something
tienen que + infinitive
they have to, you all have to do something
ir + a + infinitive
to be going to do something
voy a + infinitive
I am going to do something
vas a + infinitive
you are going to do something
va a + infinitive
he,she, it is going to . . . you are going to do something
vamos a + infinitive
we are going to do something, let's do something
van a + infinitive
they are going to (do something), you all are going to do something
mi, mis
my (singular, plural)
tu, tus
your ( familiar, singular, plural)
su, sus
His, Her, Its, Your, Their (singular, plural)
nuestro, nuestra, nuestros, nuestras
our (singular male & female. Plural male & female