10 terms

theories of disease causation

supernatural theories
disease is caused by good or evil (God v. Satan)
miasmic theory
illnesses caused by bad smelling odors, obnoxious, foul odors
humoral theory
health is regulated by four fluids of the body; when balanced, healthy
magnetic theory
distribution of the minerals in the body, people get sick; magnetic fields restore balance
christian science theories
reality only exists in the mind; only sick if your mind thinks you're sick
psychogenic theory
some people are inablely stronger; some are weaker; psychological; those who are weaker are more susceptible to disease
subluxation theory
chiropractic; pressure on spinal nerves that causes the manifestation of disease; remove pressure, illness goes away
germ theory
idea that certain microbes might cause specific infectious diseases
stress theory
upsets homeostasis; depends on type and length of stress
ecologic theory
similar to ecological model