Government Test

Under Zorach vs. Clauson...
- The decision was a 6-to-3 decision and the Court held that the "released time" program neither constituted the establishment of religion nor interfered with the free exercise of religion.
- The Court noted that public facilities were not being used for the purpose of religious instruction and that "no student was forced to go to the religious classroom."
- Writing for the majority, Justice Douglas argued that there was "no constitutional requirement which makes it necessary for government to be hostile to religion and to throw its weight against efforts to widen the effective scope of religious influence."
The United States Constitution protects ...
Property Rights
One drawback of capitalism that is pointed out by socialists is that, under capitalism ...
... the weak (those without advantages and opportunities) are exploited by the strong.
One challenge of socialism that both socialists and capitalists would agree on is ...
... the high cost of socialist objectives.
Under laissez-faire theory, which one of the following would government NOT perform ...
... constructing highways, a public good.
The lawmaking function of Congress is central to democracy because ...
... it is the means by which the public will becomes public policy
What are the qualifications for the House members?
- must be at least 25 years old.
- must have been a citizen for at least seven years.
- must live in the State from which chosen.
The fact that all congressional districts in a State must have about the same number of people so that one person's vote is equal to another's, is due to the ...
... Wesberry v. Sanders ruling.
In Wisconsin v. Yoder 1972 ...
... the United States Supreme Court found that Amish children could not be placed under compulsory education past 8th grade, as it violated their parents' fundamental right to freedom of religion.
All of the following include examples of the common functions of California counties EXCEPT the ...
... dividing of land into residential, commercial, and industrial zones.
All of the following are powers of the board of supervisors in a California county EXCEPT ...
... conducting prosecutions of accused criminals.
The main reason that States hold many important powers is that the ...
... Framers distrusted a strong central government.
The following is true of a government budget:
- it is a financial plan for the use of public money
- it is a political document
- it is a statement of public policy
Cities that seek federal aid must have a master plan to guide their future growth. What ideology does this reflect?
... a belief that city planning is a proper and positive use of State powers

... a belief that it is proper for the Federal Government to exert influence over local matters
As State governments have increased funding to public schools, they have also ...
... increased their involvement in education.
The distinction the Court has made between prayer in Congress or in State legislatures, and prayer in public schools, is based largely on ...
... the maturity of those being led in prayer.
The Framers of the Constitution favored bicameralism because ...
... it allowed for fair and equal representation of the States at the national level.
Which of the following is NOT a requirement to serve as a juror?
i. Be at least 18 years of age.
ii. Prove your citizenship
iii. Qualify as a voter
iv. Be able to understand and speak English fluently
v. Be able to read and write in English.
vi. You must have been a resident of the county for at least 1 year.
vii. Be a current resident of the state and county for which the summons has been issued.
viii. Have a clear record
Responsibilities of a citizen include:
i. participation in their government with the right to vote and being well informed about the issues and candidates.
ii. serving on a jury and deciding the case in as fair a way as possible.
iii. obey the laws of the community, state and country in which he or she lives.
iv. paying the income taxes honestly and in a timely manner.
Which of the following is NOT CORRECT with regard to the process of naturalization?
a. A person must be at least 18 years old and a lawful permanent resident ("green card" holder).
b. A person must have resided continuously in the United States, having been lawfully admitted for permanent residence, for five years immediately preceding the date you filed your application for naturalization.
c. A person must have, after having been removed from conditional permanent resident status, based upon your marriage to a U.S. citizen, having resided in the United States for one year after the date the condition was removed.
Regarding the Federalist No. 10 ...
-the author is James Madison
-the author discusses the means of preventing rule by majority faction.
-the author advocates an extended republic to prevent majority tyranny.
The freedom from government restrictions on speaking, writing, and religion is found in...
... the First Amendment.
One of the things that has kept our local governments independent of the national government is ...
... the commitment of Americans to the ideal of local government
A federal government is one in which
... power is divided between a central government and local governments.
For the Founders, federalism was a device to:
... discourage "factions"
Generally, the Antifederalists felt that the government created by the Constitution was ...
... too strong and too centralized
According to Tocqueville, the reasons why a democratic republic took root in the United States include all of the following except ...
... the insistence on economic equality for all.
Among the broad purposes of the United States government spelled out in the Preamble to the Constitution is the obligation to ...
... provide for justice and the people's general welfare.
James Madison believed that the latent causes of faction were rooted in ...
... the nature of man.
Social contract theory contends that ...
... the state was created voluntarily by a free people.
... governmental powers are granted by the people.
... governmental powers may be limited by the people.
Locke, Hobbes, and Rousseau would most likely agree that ...
... the state exists to serve the will of the people.
The following are characteristics of a state:
This statement about the social contract theory is NOT true:
-The state is a natural extension of people's family structure.
A federal government is one in which ...
... power is divided between a central government and local governments