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2 main Changes 1. Uses caps instead of macrons- easier to use 2. Puts the infinitive in the term instead of the definition

rego, regere

rexI - i rule

duco, ducere

duxI- i lead

dico, dicere

dixI- i speak, say

contendo, contendere

contendI- i march

constituo, constituere

constituI- i decide

lego, legere

legI- i read, collect

emo, emere

emI- i buy

cado, cadere

cedidI- i fall

curro, currere

cucurrI- i run

sino, sinere

sivI- i allow

peto, petere

petivI- i seek, ask

pono, ponere

posuI- i put, place

claudo, claudere

cluasI- i close

evado, evadere

evasI- i escape

cedo, cedere

cessI- i move, yield, go

ludo, ludere

lusI- i play

mitto, mittere

misI- i send

surgo, surgere

surrexI- i get up, rise

gero, gerere

gessI- i wear, carry

augeO, augEre

auxI- i increase

iubeO, iubEre

iussI- i order

maneO, manEre

mansI- i remain, stay

persuadeO, persuadEre

persuasI- i persuade

rIdeO, ridEre

rIsI- i laugh

1st conjugation

O, Are, Avi

most 2nd conjugation

eO, Ere, uI

4th conjugation

iO, Ire, IvI

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