Microbiology Lab FINAL review exp. 9: Indentification and Quantification of microbes in food

_____________ _____ are those that possess high titers of infectious bacteria or have microbial products that are toxic to humans
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Name 4 of the different mediums used in this labnutrient agar, mannitol salt agar, skim milk agar, EMBWhich plate is used to count the total number of bacteria found in the meat sample?Nutrient AgarT or F: Any titer lower than 2.5x10^5 to 10^7 is considered safe for consumptionTrueExample of complex media:Nutrient agar plateThe mannitol salt agar plate is used to indicate ifthe food item has any skin, hair, or mucosal passages have made contactWhich bacteria would grow on the Mannitol salt agar plate?halotolerant/halophillicThe presence of _______ growing on _______ plates will allow us to enumerate any fecal matter contamination in the food product.E. coli, EMBIn order for safe food consumption, the E.coli titer must be _____0In order to observe the presence of Proteolytic bacteria, the ________ _____ _____ plate is usedSkim milk agarProteolytic bacteria are those thatbreak down meat proteinWhat does proteolytic bacteria presence indicate?the degree of spoilage or shelf life of the meat sampleThe________ the viable titer, the ________ the degree of spoilage and the _______ the shelf lifelarger, higher, lowerHow long is the sterilization of the blender?1 minuteAfter dumping the ethanol after blending for 1 minute, what is the next procedure?Fill blender with water and blend for 1 minuteAfter blending 50 g of hamburger meat with 450 ml of sterile dilution, pipette ____ mL into ____ mL dilution blank1, 99After performing serial dilutions, inoculate ______ mL from the ____ mL dilution blanks onto corresponding plates0.1, 9The _________ method is used to evenly cover the plate surfacespread plate techniqueInoculate 0.1 mL of the blended ground meat onto the ________ _____ ______EMB agar plateHow much is pipetted from the blender to the 99 mL sterile dilution?1 mLwhat is the final dilution?10^-4What is used for the spread plate technique?Metal/glass spreader