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Portrays leisured and educated people as though they were country dwellers.
tone- nostalgic for an age or place of lost innocence
themes are love and seduction, the value of poetry, death and mourning, corruption of city
Marlowe and Raleigh
Carpe Diem
make most of the day, enduring rhetorical device in poetry suggesting both possibility and futility. has a sense of helplessness and senselessness
carpe dium
was originated from horace's odes in 65bc
herrick and Marvell
breif, intense meditation employing with, irony, and elaborate conceits.
shocking or unusual comparison as the basis for theme
love, man's relationship with god, learning and art
14 lines arranged according to a carefully controlled pattern of accented and unaccented syllables
themes of love
shakespeare and spenser
english/shakespearean sonnet
3 quatrains posing question or problem followed by a couplet stating the theme, and the answer to the question
rhyme scheme of ababcdcdefefgg
Italian/Petracrchan sonnet
octave posing question or problem followed by a sestet resolving the problem or question
rhyme sheme- abbaabbacdecde
verbal irony
saying one thing and meaning another
situational irony
opposite happens than expected
dramatic irony
you know more than what characters or narrator does
open form
poetry that does not pertain to any set or strucure
closed/fixed form
adheres to a definite set structure
Martin Luther
started protestant reformation and 95 thesis
sir thomas more
questioned the power of the catholic church in england
wrote utopia- church should not be able to tell people what to do
created idea of church separate from state
Leonardo Da Vinci
optimistic view of painting and first to study human anatomy
created telescope
proved heliocentric theory- sun center of universe
John Calvin
leader of protestant reformation, created geneva bible and calvanism
queen elizabeth I
1598-1603. emphasized art. brought england into renaissance.
King Henry VIII
Created great schism- separation of church of england and roman catholic church.
King James I
came after queen elizabeth I. renaissance ended after his reign
Italian Renaissance
Focused on the creativity and the arts. Optimistic view of human nature
Idealism is the theme. Questioned life. virtue is what we should aim for not fame.
Tudor Monarchs
made royal navy, split church and state. restored peace and order. Made church of England.
invented printing press