poli 2070 ch. 8

the protections of citizen equality provided by the government
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1882, response to large influx of chinese immigrants primarily on the west cost to help with gold rush and build railroads, bailed all chinese immmigration for 10 years and you couldn't become a citizenchinese exclusion act1921, set a cap on immigrants for country, using 1890 census, rewarded countries where we had a long standing immigration flow (like canada and europe) and penalized countries new to immigration pipelines to USimmigration quota actThe 1960s civil rights movement brought a different framework to immigration policy, such as?- quota system abolished and instead focused on family unification - increase in concerns over undocumented immigration - concerns over the INS9/11, dreamers, and deportation- Wanted to find path to citizenship - bipartisan effort - 9/11 changed direction of immigration, Bush administration began deporting people who stated past papers date - Obama's DREAM Act - Trump's border wallbanned Chinese immigration after a big influx of them to the westChinese Labor Exclusion Act of 1882prevented businesses from pre-paying passage to employ them, businesses also couldn't encourage immigrationImmigration Act of 1882:changed which bureaucracy was in charge of immigration: policy domain shifted from the department treasury to the department of commerce and labor, also required english as a requirement of citizenship1906 Naturalization Actallowed secretary of labor to decide who was a skilled immigrant, banned immigrant of felons, kids under 14/16 couldn't immigrate alone, banned immigration from asia and pacific islands, required a literacy test for immigrants1917 Immigration Actbanned communists or people who could be threats, started limiting immgration to skilled laborers who already had family in the US being prioritizedimmigration act of 1952abolished quotas, but limited immigrantion in other ways that led to a dramatic increase in illegal immigrationimmigration and nationality act of 1965occurred under Regan, granted amnesty to people who were illegally in U.S., immigrants who got legal status couldn't access social safety net for 5 yearsimmigration reform and control actwhat we have today, limited 665k a year, family reunification is #1 priority, lotteryimmigration act of 1990which actor in immigration policy: Presidential perspectives regarding immigration policy have varied over time Presidential executive orderspresidentwhich actor in immigration policy: - has the vested lawmaking power to create immigration - Immigration reform is difficult due to congressional gridlockcongresswhich actor in immigration policy: The civil rights protections for Americans or even undocumented immigrants have been affected by court decisionscourtsSaid you couldn't discriminate against kids in school who didn't speak english and that NA kids could be taught in their own languageLau. V. NicholsSchools can't check students immigration status before providing them with educationPlyer v. DoeBoth deal with bans on vias for people from particular countries, currently working their way up the court systemHawaii v. Trumpmade up of over 14,000 attorneys and law professors. Represent U.S. families seeking permanent resident status for close family members. Assists U.S. businesses seeking skilled workers and global talent in their organizationsAmerican Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)provides resources to advance employment based immigration of highly educated professionals worldwidecouncil for global immigration 2016advocates for LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrations since 1994. Provides services to asylum seekers, LGBTQ immigrant and binational couples and families, detainees and undocumented LGBTQ people living in the U.S.immigration equalityRepresents Americans who want current immigration laws enforced and to supportU.S. Immigration Reform PACAt the forefront of immigration policystates- A volunteer group that formed under the advisement of former Sherriff Joe Arapaio -The goal of the group is to patrol the US-Mexico border for smuggling of undocumented immigrantsimmgration posseDates back to the 1920s, It is one of the largest public interest law firms, concerned the US is risking its civil liberties and rights in the verin of security, It continues to prevent unlawful searches and seizures in addition to human rights violationsACLUIt is a loyalty that does not ask for a person's immigration status (ex: Los Angeles)sanctuary city