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  1. fab/fam
  2. fastidious
  3. glut
  4. genteel
  5. eu
  1. a good, well (root)
  2. b refined, polite, aristocratic, affecting refinement
  3. c meticulous, demanding, finicky
  4. d speak (root)
  5. e surplus, an overabundance

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  1. having to do with existence, having to do with the body of though called existentialism.... blah
  2. a pleasant or inoffensive expression used in place of an offensive one
  3. to boil, to bubble, to burn (root)
  4. pompous, using a lot of big, fancy words in an attempt to sound impressive
  5. to support, to advocate

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  1. exigencyskillful maneuvering, subtlety, craftiness


  2. etherealoutside of, beyond (root)


  3. evanescentproviding an immediate advantage, serving one's immediate self-interest, practical


  4. frugaleconomical, penny pinching


  5. foiblea minor character flaw