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  1. gratuitous
  2. esce
  3. fabrication
  4. exasperate
  5. guile
  1. a becoming (root)
  2. b cunning, duplicity, artfulness
  3. c given freely (said of something bad), unjustified, unprovoked, uncalled for
  4. d a lie, something made up
  5. e to annoy thoroughly, to make very angry, to try the patience of

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  1. seriousness
  2. pompous, using a lot of big, fancy words in an attempt to sound impressive
  3. sociable, enjoying the company of others
  4. absurdly exaggerated
  5. to abandon, to renounce, to relinquish

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  1. furtiveuseless, hopeless


  2. factiona group united around a cause, disagreement within an organization


  3. facileuseless, hopeless


  4. expedientproviding an immediate advantage, serving one's immediate self-interest, practical


  5. exhortto raise high, to glorify