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  1. exonerate
  2. foible
  3. felicity
  4. genteel
  5. fabrication
  1. a a lie, something made up
  2. b to free completely from blame, to exculpate
  3. c happiness, skillfulness, especially at expressing things
  4. d refined, polite, aristocratic, affecting refinement
  5. e a minor character flaw

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  1. to praise highly, to laud
  2. fertile, productive
  3. to speed up or ease the process of
  4. hard to understand, understood by only select few, peculiar
  5. surplus, an overabundance

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  1. forechance (root)


  2. eugood, well (root)


  3. flauntanimals


  4. factiona group united around a cause, disagreement within an organization


  5. garrulousaccidental, occurring by chance