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  1. forbear
  2. furtive
  3. exigency
  4. greg
  5. flag/flam
  1. a an emergency, an urgency
  2. b secretive, shy
  3. c herd (root)
  4. d to refrain from, to abstain
  5. e to burn (root)

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  1. to make worse
  2. to show off, to display ostentatiously
  3. to project or deduce from something known, to infer
  4. pleasing (root)
  5. extremely demanding, difficult, requiring great skill or care

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  1. exultgood, well (root)


  2. extraneousan open, outgoing person, a person whose attention is focused on others rather than on him or herself


  3. exaltoutside of, beyond (root)


  4. genteela type or category, especially of art or writing


  5. expedientto speed up or ease the process of