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  1. grav/griev
  2. foment
  3. fab/fam
  4. fidelity
  5. exemplify
  1. a heavy, serious (root)
  2. b speak (root)
  3. c to illustrate by example, to serve as a good example
  4. d to stir up, to instigate
  5. e faithfulness, loyalty

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  1. absurd, ludicrous
  2. thorough, rigorous, complete, painstaking
  3. a group united around a cause, disagreement within an organization
  4. great warmth or earnestness, ardor, zeal
  5. to support, to advocate

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  1. expediteproviding an immediate advantage, serving one's immediate self-interest, practical


  2. facetioushumorous, not serious, clumsily humorous


  3. exactingextremely demanding, difficult, requiring great skill or care


  4. exigencyan emergency, an urgency


  5. exultto rejoice, to celebrate