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  1. finesse
  2. fortuitous
  3. futile
  4. gauche
  5. euphemism
  1. a unskillful, awkward, maladroit
  2. b skillful maneuvering, subtlety, craftiness
  3. c useless, hopeless
  4. d a pleasant or inoffensive expression used in place of an offensive one
  5. e accidental, occurring by chance

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  1. a group united around a cause, disagreement within an organization
  2. surplus, an overabundance
  3. sociable, enjoying the company of others
  4. to raise high, to glorify
  5. happiness, skillfulness, especially at expressing things

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  1. fervorgreat warmth or earnestness, ardor, zeal


  2. farcicaleconomical, penny pinching


  3. forbearto refrain from, to abstain


  4. grandbig (root)


  5. extrovertto free completely from blame, to exculpate