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  1. espouse
  2. exemplify
  3. grand
  4. fidelity
  5. extraneous
  1. a big (root)
  2. b to illustrate by example, to serve as a good example
  3. c faithfulness, loyalty
  4. d to support, to advocate
  5. e unnecessary, irrelevant, extra

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  1. fluent, skillful in a superficial way, easy
  2. to burn (root)
  3. to free from difficulty
  4. animals
  5. outside of, beyond (root)

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  1. gesticulateto make gestures, especially when speaking or in place of speaking


  2. gaucheunskillful, awkward, maladroit


  3. frugalpleasing (root)


  4. felicityhappiness, skillfulness, especially at expressing things


  5. extrovertunnecessary, irrelevant, extra


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