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test on tuesday


an economic policy of the 1600s and 1700s where nearby natons in order to make themselves richer and more powerful, sought to acqurie more silver and gold to control trade with colonies

lords proprietors

supporters to whom king charles II of england gave a grant to establish a colony that later became SC


an anuual rent or tax paid by settlers to the lord proprietors for land garanted by them

headright method

a mtehod of granting an amount of land to settlers depending on the number of people in their families


the head of a colony or state


one who moves to a new colony or country to settle there


seat of government for a a state or nation; money that is used in rested to build more wealth

naval stores

pitch and tar made from pine tees, used to make ships water tight

staple crop

a crop that most people eat or are able to use


more than half


a citizen who is chosen to serve on a jury


long , broad inlets along coast of north carolina


official, leagaly binding writeen agreement


small united group within a larger group


in late 1600s, protestants who were not members of anglican church (church of england)

status quo

current state of affairs


way of settleing disagreements in which each side gives away a little in its demands


church district, in colonial sc. a parish was also an election district for the commons house of assembly


military force composed mainly of citizens

established church

the official church of antion supported by the government and tax money of the citizens.

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