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Dr. Benjamin Spock

Physician who provided advice on child rearing to baby boomers' parents after World War II.

Douglas MacArthur

American military commander in Korea fired by President Harry Truman.


Site of a series of controversial war-crimes trials that led to the execution of 12 Nazi leaders.

Joseph McCarthy

Wisconsin senator whose charges of communist infiltration of the US government deepened the anti-red atmosphere of the early 1950s.


The tough leader whose violation of agreements in Eastern Europe and Germany helped launch the Cold War.


Territory deep inside the Soviet zone of Germany that was itself divided into four zones of occupation.

Strom Thurmond

Southern segregationist who led "Dixiecrat" presidential campaign against Truman in 1948.

George Marshall

Originator of a massive program for the economic relief and recovery of devastated Europe.

Baby boom

Term for the dramatic rise in US birth that began immediately after WWII.

Iron Curtain

Term for the barrier that Stalin erected to block off Soviet-dominated nations of Eastern Europe from the West.

GI Bill

Partly intended to prevent returning soldiers from flooding the job market.

Beneficiaries of boom


Two regions that grew

South and West

Fed. policies migration

Housing-mortgage tax deductions and federally built highways.

Baby boom contributed

The popular "youth culture" of the 1960s.


He wanted the Soviet Union to enter the war against Japan.

Crucial development

Germany was divided into an East Germany under Soviet control and a pro-American West Germany.

Truman Doctrine/commie

Turkey and Greece

Crusade of McCarthy

Alleged communists inside the United States government.

Korean War broke out

North Korea invaded South Korea.

Other ACE


Postwar econ expansion

Military spending and cheap energy.

Gov/Sunbelt growth

Its financial support of the aerospace and defense industries.

Truman's qualities

His personal courage, authenticity, and sense of responsibility for big decisions.


Had been largely inward-looking and isolated from international affairs.


It committed the United States to a permanent peacetime alliance with other nations.

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