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Hidayah Salah

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What are the 6 fariadh of salah and their daleels?
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1. Takbeer Tahreemah:
Daleel: Ayah - 'And proclaim the greatness of your Lord', seegha amr is used therefore making it wajib/fardh. Therefore the opening takbeer is the only wajib takbeer.
2. Qiyaam:
Daleel: Ayah - 'And stand for Allah swt in humility'. Again seegha amr is used for standing therefore it is a fardh of salah.
3. Qira'ah:
Daleel: Ayah - 'And recite that which is easy from the Quran'.

4. Ruku'
5. Sujood:

Daleel for 4 & 5: "And make/do ruku' and sajdah'

6. Sitting at the end of salah the length of the tashahhud:

Daleel: Hadith of Ibn Mas'ood - when Nabi saws taught Ibn Mas'ood the tashahhud he saws said: 'When you say this or do this, then your salah is complete.' Therefore he linked the completion of the prayer to an act/fil. He saws gave him a choice 'say or do this act of sitting'. If one says the tashahhud, he is also doing the act of sitting but if he only sits then he is not reciting the tashahhud. Therefore sitting does not include recitation but recitation includes sitting. In conclusion he is sitting regardless of whether he recites or not therefore the sitting is fardh here and the recitation is wajib.
It is a condition
Daleel 1: Ayah - mentioned before 'and proclaim the greatness of your Lord'.
Daleel 2: Hadith - Nabi saws said: "It's Tahrim (halal things become haram upon a person) is the Takbeer." This is a condition/precondition according to us i.e. Ahnaaf, as opposed to Imam Shafi who says the Takbeer is a rukn or a fardh of salah. The difference of opinion can be seen when a person starts off a fardh salah and then decides to pray a nafl instead: Ahnaaf say this is okay because the takbeer is just a shart whereas IS says this is not possible because the takbeer is a part of the salah.