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the most recent rebirth of civi engagement in america began following

the september 11th terrorist attacks

during the last half of the 20th century, each of the gfollowing types of civi engagement decline in america except for the numer of people

donating money to political and civi causes

the rebirth of civi engagement in america in the 2000s can be credited to all of the folowwing except


grassroots democracy saw a resurgence during the 2008 election with the use of what new technology to engage young voters

social networking sites

which of the following cana citizen do to contribute to the revival of participatory democracy in america

get involved in political and social issues

a good citizen forms an opinion

only after careful investigation and evaluation of the evidence

which of the following roman rhetorician described the ideal orator as "agood man skilled in speaking" with the emphasis on "the good man"


history has taught us many things about public speaking, some of the earliest greek rhetorical theorists include


in todays society citizens must know not only how to communicate well, but also how to critically evaluate the message of others,. which of the following is not a way tht others may attempt to deceive us

by challening us to research the issues

by studying public speaking an idividual learns how to do all of the following except

avoid audience participation

which of the following can we learn by stuadying speakers of the past

people can disagree while stil working towards common goals

when susan b anthony lef the fight for womens suffrage she laid the groundwork for today's debates over women's rights. this example shows

how the past shapes the future

all of the following communication skills are necessary to be inovled students, workers and citizens except for the ability to

deceive the audience

the hallmakr of effective leadership is in the ability of a person to

speak out for a cause

after his disastrous debut speech at the 1988 democratic national convention, bill clinton took a lesson from former president ronald reagan. what was this lesson

talk with, not at you audience

a major challenge faced by public speakers today is the

growing diversity of audiences

susan is a very effective speaker in her community. she speaks with honesty and truthfulness, she is faithful to her own principles, but she is also bound by legal and thical standards. which of the following best describes susan as a public speaker

a responsible citizen-speaker

as a responsible citizen-speaker and individual ust not only be well0informed byt he or she must also be

concerned with teh well-being of the audience

all of the following are characteristics of responsible citizen-speakers except for the idea tha tthey

use deceptive or manupulative language

all of the following statements regarding deliberation are true except

all rules of deliberation are actually written into law

William Norwood Brigance said that in the modern world, there are two kinds of people: "those who in disagreements and crises want to shoot it out and those who have learned to talk it out." He further stated that if America hoped to remain a "government by talk" it would need leaders who spoke in all of the following ways, EXCEPT


Which of the following is an example of how the younger generation is becoming more civically engaged in our country?

Young people are volunteering their time to help build affordable housing for low-income families.

n the final analysis, many problems that the world faces today, such as homelessness and environmental issues, are ultimately considered ___________ problems.


Whatever political views a person has, he or she has the right to speak out. However, as a citizen in a democracy, he or she also has the ethical obligation to __________.

respect the right of otehrs to be heard

All of the following are principles that citizens today must demand from public speakers EXCEPT fo

partial trth in speech deliberations

In her agency, Lucinda is asked to design an advertisement for a new headache medication. She tried the medication and did not find it very effective. Now Lucinda is torn between telling the truth about the product and losing her job, or advertising the product and going against her ethical obligation to tell the truth. Lucinda is facing a(n

ethical dilemma

If the ethical implications of your goals as a speaker are debatable, it is important for you, as a speaker, to consider all of the following questions EXCEPT

"By speaking out, will I be violating my audience's personal ethics?"

What is the most basic ethical obligation of an individual as a public speaker?

to tell the truth and take responsibility for what is said

In his speech to the city council on homeless citizens in the community, Jeremy provided many statistics, quotes, and testimonies. He did not cite any sources for these. Which of the following describes Jeremy's unethical behavior?


How should a speaker "footnote" a speech?

the speaker should cite sources in the text of the speech

which of the following is an example of plagiarism/

paraphrasing a quote from JFK without citing him in your speech

putting the ideas and words of others into your own words is known as


it has been noted tha the earliest ghostwriters helped make democracy possible. how did they do that?

they taught the art of public speaking

Ghostwriting is an accepted practice in our world today. It is not considered unethical. However, according to Craig R. Smith, speechwriter for Gerald Ford and Lee Iacocca, ghostwriting can be unethical when

the use os a speechwriter is hidden from the audience

When former Clinton adviser Dick Morris described a process called triangulation, he was referring to the way

polling data was used to position Clinton in the most politically-advantageous position

When the late U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan used to say that we are all entitled to our own opinions, but not our own facts, he was referring to all of the following ideas EXCEPT

people must deny their own beliefs and values in public debates

When a person is said to deliberate "in good faith," what is expected of them?

the shouls make good arguments in support of their opinions

In the 1950s, Senator Joseph McCarthy exploited the fears of communism and the uncertainties of the cold war era. Although his accusations were later proven to be unfounded, he managed to throw the country into an anti-communist frenzy. As a public speaker, McCarthy is known as a


When the Greeks invented the word "demagogue," it was meant to define

a leader of the people

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a speaker who is defined as a demagogue?

they focus on the issues

In order to communicate effectively, a public speaker must respect the listener's needs, sensitivities, and rights. A speaker should also know something about each of the following EXCEPT for the listener's

love interests

In David Berlo's book, The Process of Communication, he argued that all communication, including public speaking, should be viewed as a(n)


As a public speaker in a democratic society, a person's aim should be to

join with fellow citizens in deliberating about th ebest solutions to a problem

When Gloria gave her speech on the impact of domestic violence in her community, she was in a small, hot room that was jammed with people. The microphone squeaked occasionally and Gloria could see the frustration on the people's faces because they were not receiving her message. What is the interference called that occurred during Gloria's speech?


When viewing public speaking from the process perspective, what can be noticed about the speaker and the listener?

both the speaker and the listener must be involved in the communication process

Even though Susan has been trained in the art of public speaking, her training has little purpose unless she first of all

has a reason to speak

What is meant when a person says that a speech should be about "things that are significant?"

a topic should affect you and your audience locally, nationally and globally

In her speech criticizing the actions of Senator McCarthy, what part of speech preparation did Senator Margaret Chase Smith demonstrate when she reminded listeners of the basic values they all shared?

know your audience

All of the following are basic principles for preparing yourself to speak EXCEPT to

make sure that the speech has very little structure

All of the following make up the composition of an audience EXCEPT _


The president's annual message, now known as the Sate of the Union address, rarely garnered much interest in the early years until President Woodrow Wilson took it upon himself to personally deliver the message in 1912. Prior to this, the message had been read aloud by a clerk. Which area of speech preparation did Wilson demonstrate?

knowing the situation

A well-organized speech will do all of the following for an audience EXCEPT

keep the audience from questioning the speakers ideas

Which of the following should NOT be part of the conclusion of a speech?

provide great detail on the individual topics

Beginning speakers sometimes believe that public speaking demands formal language, yet this often results in a speech that sounds stiff and cold. What is one suggestion a beginning speaker can use to avoid this problem?

think of the speech as an enlarged conversation with friends

Jeff was nervous to speak in front of his co-workers and managers at the monthly meeting. The night before the speech, he couldn't sleep and during the speech, he felt so nervous he thought he might faint. Which of the following concepts was Jeff facing?

communication apprehension

James was feeling anxious about speaking in front of members of upper management about minimizing waste, especially since he only worked in the mailroom. His feelings are a form of _________ anxiety.


Abraham Lincoln was not known for being a great orator. Even though he was nervous prior to his speech at Cooper Union in New York City, he was able to manage his apprehension and deliver a successful speech. What did Lincoln do to manage his apprehension?

he carefully researched and prepared his remarks

Tim is very nervous about his speech. He is sure that his apprehension will keep him from speaking well. Which of the following could Tim do to help control his communication apprehension?

prepare well

Carl is feeling a little nervous about his speech. When he arrives at the seminar, he learns that he is the fifth and final speaker. Carl can use active listening of the earlier speakers to manage his communication apprehension. Which of the following is NOT a benefit Carl would gain from active listening?

notice all of the bad things said in o ther speeches and point them out later

All of the following are proven suggestions for relaxing before a speech, EXCEPT

memorizing speech notes

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