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  1. 3 Rivers in China
  2. France in the 17th century
  3. Qing Dynasty Emperors
  4. Religion in Japan
  5. Nagasaki
  1. a Kangxi 1661-1722, big emperor who ruled when Louis the 14th did. He brought peace

    Yongzheng: Kangxi's son, 1722-1735 his son is
    Qianlong: 1735-1796, he created filial piety and gave up his powers so not to rule longer than his grandfather.
    Jiaquing: ruled 1796-1820
    Daognong: ruled 1820- 1850 during the opium war.
  2. b Huanghe: Yellow River
    Changjiang: Yangtze, literally means long
    Heilongjiang: Black Dragon River
  3. c Neo Confucianism
  4. d Trading port called Deshima traded with China, Philippines and America, but in the beginning only the Dutch
  5. e 8.7% of the world was controlled by france. Took over parts of Vietnam. In 1844, they signed the Whampoa treaty with China to rent houses, shops, build churches, hospitals and schools.

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  1. Heilongjiang River, Liaohe River, Sungari River, Hanjiang River, Yangtze River, Yellow River, Nujiang River, Brahmaputra River, Lancang River, Pearl River
  2. Forming your own dynasty or empire. Removing local authority, freeing prisoners and trashing gov buildings.
  3. In Shanghai the english and french didn't want to let them in out of fear of being killed. and formed the "Ever-Victorious" army with American Frederick Ward as the leader.
  4. Ieyasu Tokugawa: Took control 1600-1616, his shogunate lasted until 1850

    Toyotomi Hideoshi: Took control in 1586, died 1598

    Oda Nobunaga: In 1572 began to unify the country, died in 1582
  5. Rulers of India who starved and got owned by the British

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  1. Millenarian-ism groupsPresident during the time of the end of the Tokugawa, sent Commodore Perry to Japan.


  2. Zheng He7 voyages of technology, he had fleets contained 25000 people in very big vessels.


  3. Filial PietyThe area where the British fought the Indians and French 4400 to 50,000 and won.


  4. Second Opium WarBegan in 1856


  5. Taiping RebellionFormed due to corrupt gov officials and floods. 20-100 million people were killed. Disease and scorched earth policy helped the death count. It applied millenarian-ism and helped for woman's rights and people gained a sense of nationalism. Gained a 10,000 people local army