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  1. Taiping Rebellion
  2. Malacca
  3. Pre-Opium War Facts
  4. Shuufeld Treaty
  5. Zhu Yuan Zhang
  1. a 1882, China forces Korea to open ports to everyone. This causes many Korean rebellions and other powers take full advantage before the Sino-Japanese war.
  2. b in 1842 there were 5 treaty ports
    Shanghai was one of them, between 1845-1858 trade increased
    in 1820 to 1830 more than 7 million more taels of silver left china
    The silver to copper ratios were horrible
  3. c Also known Hongwu Emperor, he started the Ming Dynasty after claiming to have the Mandate of Heaven. He was a part of the Red Turbans and lead peasant uprising to defeat Mongols.
  4. d On Jan 11, 1851, there was a formal declaration of revolution. It lasted for 14 years and involved the Hakka
  5. e A small part of Malaysia.

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  1. 1849 Gold Rush sent Chinese to California during the Taiping Rebellion.
  2. Trading port called Deshima traded with China, Philippines and America, but in the beginning only the Dutch
  3. First and last foreign colony in China that was first settled by the Portuguese and overseen by them, used for trading and other business.
  4. 1490's, gave rise to patronage (padrodros) This basically means Spain went one way, Portugal went the other. and connected the 3 oceans through the use of silver.
  5. Japanese Gov is overspending, people losing faith. People did not like dealing with foreign powers.
    -He did not consult the emperor on his decision, disrespected the symbolism. 1866 Shogun dies and Keiki who takes over gives power to the emperor

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  1. Chinese Exclusion ActBorn Jan 1, 1814 in Southern Guangdong. was educated but didn't do well on exams. Founder of the Kingdom of heavenly peace. He found a translated pamphlet for Christianity and converted. he gathered 52 minority groups throughout China including the fujian, fukien, and hakka.


  2. Lord Mc Carthney1849 Gold Rush sent Chinese to California during the Taiping Rebellion.


  3. Extra TerritorialityWhen an international nation is exempt from local law. Examples of this are France in Vietnam, and US in Japan.


  4. Important dates of the Taiping Rebellion1850, Qing paid little attention
    Taipings grew their hair long to show rebellion
    in 1853 captured the southern capital
    1856: Nanjing purge, taipings started killing each other to be rid of successors


  5. Hong XiuguanQing: 1644 - 1911