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  1. British occupation of India
  2. Great Enterprise
  3. Chinese Exclusion Act
  4. Qing Dynasty
  5. Korea in the 1800's
  1. a in 1882, No more migration of Chinese for 20 years. Those in the US had to carry passports and Chinese could no longer gain US citizenship.
  2. b Britain transported Opium to China from india. They influenced India, Burma, Hongkong and Pakistan.
  3. c In 1870s it was forced open by foreign powers including Japan. 36 year long colonial rule.
    Taewongun ruled from 1864-1870 and was very anti-western
  4. d Forming your own dynasty or empire. Removing local authority, freeing prisoners and trashing gov buildings.
  5. e rose 1644-1911. The Manchuus Ruled.

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  1. Jan 3, 1867, Meiji beings. Literally means: enlightened rule. in 1868 the Emperor removes all Shogun land and Tokyo becomes the new eastern capital.
  2. rose 1368-1644, Zhu Yuan Zhang started the dynasty
  3. In Shanghai the english and french didn't want to let them in out of fear of being killed. and formed the "Ever-Victorious" army with American Frederick Ward as the leader.
  4. Huanghe: Yellow River
    Changjiang: Yangtze, literally means long
    Heilongjiang: Black Dragon River
  5. 1850, Qing paid little attention
    Taipings grew their hair long to show rebellion
    in 1853 captured the southern capital
    1856: Nanjing purge, taipings started killing each other to be rid of successors

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  1. France in the 17th century8.7% of the world was controlled by france. Took over parts of Vietnam. In 1844, they signed the Whampoa treaty with China to rent houses, shops, build churches, hospitals and schools.


  2. Mumbai (bombay)A small part of Malaysia.


  3. Taiping RebellionStarted in 1857 when muslims and Hindus in the Britain army became aware of the use of pork fat in arms, forcing them to go against their religion. The Sepoy sacked Delhi and ended the Mughal Empire


  4. Ming DynastyMing: 1368- 1644


  5. Zhu Yuan ZhangAlso known Hongwu Emperor, he started the Ming Dynasty after claiming to have the Mandate of Heaven. He was a part of the Red Turbans and lead peasant uprising to defeat Mongols.