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  1. Lucknow
  2. Great Enterprise
  3. Han
  4. Ming Dynasty
  5. Malacca
  1. a The chinese majority that the Manchu during the Qing ruled over.
  2. b A City in India that the English India Company ruled out of.
  3. c Forming your own dynasty or empire. Removing local authority, freeing prisoners and trashing gov buildings.
  4. d rose 1368-1644, Zhu Yuan Zhang started the dynasty
  5. e A small part of Malaysia.

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  1. Took place in Palashi, Bengal. it was a battle where 4400 British troops versus 50,000 Nawab troops. Britian won and pushed the French out of India to Vietnam. British won because they covered their gunpowder during a rain storm. Happened the same time as the 7 years war and French-Indian war
  2. 1490's, gave rise to patronage (padrodros) This basically means Spain went one way, Portugal went the other. and connected the 3 oceans through the use of silver.
  3. -Bounded space, decline of sovereign/king rule.
    -Need a story, set boundaries, military, urban planning
    -industrial, economic and technological capacity
    -Pride, flags, uniform, song, story
  4. 1840-1842 first opium war. too many extra-territoriality issues.
    The most favored nation benefits from trade.
    1856-1860 China starts the second opium war (anglo-chinese war) and loses to Britain+France
    -China wanted to strengthen its military, navy, education and Gov
  5. In 1840, Treaty of Nanjing gave Hong Kong to Britain and broke up China's restrictions on foreign trade by opening new treaty ports. It also exempted foreigners from Chinese law and gave Britain any privileges that any other European nation might gain in the future.

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  1. ManchusFirst and last foreign colony in China that was first settled by the Portuguese and overseen by them, used for trading and other business.


  2. Outside involvement during the Taiping RebellionIn Shanghai the english and french didn't want to let them in out of fear of being killed. and formed the "Ever-Victorious" army with American Frederick Ward as the leader.


  3. Millenarian-ism groupsPresident during the time of the end of the Tokugawa, sent Commodore Perry to Japan.


  4. Why US became interested in JapanNeo Confucianism


  5. Kanghwa TreatyAfter Japanese missions in 1868, 1875 and 1876 fail, in 1876 Japan sends in warships to Inchon to force this treaty