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  1. What makes a Nation?
  2. Mumbai (bombay)
  3. Burlingame Treaty
  4. Chinese Exclusion Act
  5. Early Tokugawa Japan
  1. a -Bounded space, decline of sovereign/king rule.
    -Need a story, set boundaries, military, urban planning
    -industrial, economic and technological capacity
    -Pride, flags, uniform, song, story
  2. b in 1868 US allowed Chinese to come in and be granted Equal privileges
  3. c Huge city in India, visited by Captain Cook
  4. d Closed itself off 1616-1630
    Economy didn't grow much, stayed feudal.
  5. e in 1882, No more migration of Chinese for 20 years. Those in the US had to carry passports and Chinese could no longer gain US citizenship.

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  1. A City in India that the English India Company ruled out of.
  2. Began in 1856
  3. Formed due to corrupt gov officials and floods. 20-100 million people were killed. Disease and scorched earth policy helped the death count. It applied millenarian-ism and helped for woman's rights and people gained a sense of nationalism. Gained a 10,000 people local army
  4. How the Qing Gov dealt with non-chinese. showed China to be superior

    Kowtow: bowing, showing respect.
  5. Ruled until 1857 when the Sepoy mutiny began. He was the last mugal empire, not a good ruler.

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  1. Commodore PerryFought in the Mexican War. He lead 4 big black vessels to Edo Harbor. attempted to deliver a letter to open up trading ports with Japan. The letter was accepted in 1853


  2. Tordesillas Convention1490's, gave rise to patronage (padrodros) This basically means Spain went one way, Portugal went the other. and connected the 3 oceans through the use of silver.


  3. Great EnterpriseQing: 1644 - 1911


  4. Problems with the Shogunate8.7% of the world was controlled by france. Took over parts of Vietnam. In 1844, they signed the Whampoa treaty with China to rent houses, shops, build churches, hospitals and schools.


  5. Japanese TreatiesAfter Japanese missions in 1868, 1875 and 1876 fail, in 1876 Japan sends in warships to Inchon to force this treaty