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  1. Qing Dynasty
  2. Qing Dynasty Corruption
  3. Zhu Yuan Zhang
  4. British East India Company
  5. Delhi
  1. a Where the mughals in India led from. The Red Fort housed the royality
  2. b Also known Hongwu Emperor, he started the Ming Dynasty after claiming to have the Mandate of Heaven. He was a part of the Red Turbans and lead peasant uprising to defeat Mongols.
  3. c rose 1644-1911. The Manchuus Ruled.
  4. d China is a meritocracy, people of power got their positions by buying test results. Wealthy put their sons in power. Bureaucratic responsibilities weren't being met.
  5. e started 1664 under queen Elizabeth and ruled until 1858. They traded gunpowder and opium for cotton, silk and tea. They started off in Kolkotta and moved to Mumbai. They eventually placed a government in India instead of ruling from England

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  1. How the Qing Gov dealt with non-chinese. showed China to be superior

    Kowtow: bowing, showing respect.
  2. Started in 1857 when muslims and Hindus in the Britain army became aware of the use of pork fat in arms, forcing them to go against their religion. The Sepoy sacked Delhi and ended the Mughal Empire
  3. After Japanese missions in 1868, 1875 and 1876 fail, in 1876 Japan sends in warships to Inchon to force this treaty
  4. 1490's, gave rise to patronage (padrodros) This basically means Spain went one way, Portugal went the other. and connected the 3 oceans through the use of silver.
  5. Chinese from the north who ruled during the Qing until 1911

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  1. Qing Empirerose 1644-1911. The Manchuus Ruled.


  2. Bahadur Shah ZafarRuled until 1857 when the Sepoy mutiny began. He was the last mugal empire, not a good ruler.


  3. Post hoc ergo propter hoc1796, tried to create trade with China. He didn't "Koton", which is physically bowing before the empire.


  4. Second Opium WarBegan in 1856


  5. France in the 17th century8.7% of the world was controlled by france. Took over parts of Vietnam. In 1844, they signed the Whampoa treaty with China to rent houses, shops, build churches, hospitals and schools.