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hr 231 midterm

human resource management
hrm stands for?
global village
the world has become a _______: producing and marketing goods and service world wide
producing, marketing
what is meant by the world has become a GLOBAL MARKET: _____ and ______ goods and services worldside
multinational corporations
what does MNC's stand for?
multinational corporations
DEFINE: maintain significant operations in two or more countries at the same time, but are based in one home country
two, same time, based
multinational corporations (MNC's) maintain significant operations in _____ or more countries at the ______, but are _____ in one home country
agriculture, industrialization
THE CHANGING WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY: the first wave of technology was driven by _______, the second wave was _______
knowledge workers
DEFINE individuals whose jobs are designed around the acquisition and application of information
jobs, information
knowledge workers: inviduals whose _____ are designed around the acquisition and application of ____
equipment, tools, operating methods, efficient
technology: any _____,_____, or _______ designed to make work more ______
workforce diversity
DEFINE the varied personal characteristics that make the workforce heterogenous
personal, heterogenous
workforce diversity: the varied _____ characteristics that make the workforce ______
DEFINE an activity in an organization aimed at creating greater efficiency by eliminating certain jobs
efficiency, jobs
downsizing: an acitvity in an organization aimed at created great ______ by eliminating certain ______
DEFINE: sending work "outside" the organization to be done by individuals not employed full time with the organization
outside, full time
outsourcing: sending work ______ the organization to be done by individuals not employed ____ with the organizatin
contingent workers
DEFINE: the part time, temporary and contract workers used by organizations to fill peak staffing needs or perform work not done by core employees
part, contract, peak, core
contingent workers: the ____ time, temproary and ____ workers used by organizations to fill _____ staffing needs or perform work not doen by ____ employees
amenities , health, paid leave, insurance, core
contingent workers often do not receive _____ such as _____ and _____ benefits, or _____ that which ____ employees do receive
quality management
DEFINE: organizational commitment to continous process of improvement that expands the defniton of customer to include everyone involved in the organization
continous involved
quality management: organizational commitment to _____ process of improvement that expands the definition of customer to include everyone _____ in the organization
continuos improvement
DEFINE organizational commitment to constantly improving quality of products or services
organizational, quality, products, services
continuous improvements: ______ commitment to constantly improving _____ of _____ or ______
work process engineering
DEFINE: radical, quantum change to entire work processes
radical, change, emotional, skills, performance
work process engineering: _____, quantum _____ to entire work processes
HRM assists in this process by:
-helps employees deal with ______ aspects of conflict and change
- provides ____ training
-adapts HR systems such as compensation, benefits, and _____ standards
employees are getting more involved: employee empowerment: they must make more ____
DEFINE: a set of rules or principles that defines right and wrong conduct
defines, conduct
ethics: a set of rules or principles that ____ right and wrong _____
core ethics
DEFINE: a formal document that states an organization's primary values and ethical rules it expects organizational members to follow
document, values, ethical, follow
core ethics: a formal _____ that sates an organization's primary _____ and ethical rules it expects organizational members to _____
information technology
globalization is accelereated by what?
computer, decision making
key to producitivty of knowledge workers is the ability to use ____ technology to locate and use info for _____
h r info systems
what does HRIS stand for?
off site employees are called ______
part time, temporary, and contract
the contingent work force is made up of what 3 types of workers
edward deming
quality management was pioneered by whom
quality management
the gerneric term for continous improvement programs is what?
focus on customer, concern for continuous improvement, improvement of quality of everything, accurate measurements, empowerment of employees
what are the 5 key components of continous improvement
define: the japense term for an organization's commitment to continous improvement
delegation, work teams, training so as to empower employees in their new roles
what 3 ways to organizations involve employees
work teams
workers of various specializations who work together in an organization
greater productivity, increased employee loyalty and commitment
employee involvement programs can achieve what 2 things?
define: the process of moving jobs out of one country and into another
define: joining ownership of two organizations
define: the transfer of ownership and control of one organization to another
mergers and acquisitions
banking telecommunicaitons and airlines have seen an increase what 2 things?
global, technology, financial
mergers are a common way for business to enter new or _____ markets, acquire new ____, or gain a ____ advantage by achieving economies of scale
mergers often fail due to failures in _____
define: the process of efficently completing activities with and through other people by allocating resources in an effort to achieve goals: do this through 4 functions
efficiently, people, resources, goals, functions
management: the process of ____ completing activites with and through other _____, by allocating ______ in effort to achieve ____, do this through 4 _______
define: a mangement function focusing on settin gaols
planning: a mangement function focusing on setting ______
define: a mangement fucntion concernced with direction the work of others, ensuring the right people are on the job with the appropriate skills and motivating them to high producitivity
define: a management function that deals with determing what jobs are to done by who, etc essentially what activities need to be completed to achieve goals
organizing: a mangement fucntion that deals with determining what ____ need to be completed to achieve the goals we set in planning
directing, right, skills
leading: a managemetnr unction concerned with ______ the work of others, determineg the ____ people are on the right jobs with the appropriate _____
functions, planning, organizing, leading, controlling
achieve its objective managment typically requires the coordination of several vital components we call _____ what are these four vital components:
define: management fucntion concerned with mointoring activities to ensure goals are met
monitoring, goals
controlling: management function concerned with _____ activities to ensure _____ ar emet
strategic direction, employees, lowest cost strategies, personnel, amenities
the three basic functions of hr are
1. assisting the organization with its ______
2. representing and advocating for the organization's ________
3. determine lowest ______: look for ways to reduce _____ costs and find more effective mens of offering employees ______
strategic human resources management
define: creates a clear connection between the goasl of an organization and the activities of the people who work there
goals, work there
strategic human resources management: creates a clear connection between the ____ of an organization and the activities of the people who _______
staffing, training and development, motivation, maintenance
what are the 4 basic functions of HR (HRM GOALS)
hiring people, strategic human resource, recruiting, selection, competent
4 basic functions of HR: 1) Staffing (_____)
- _______ planning, _____, and _____
- goal is to locate and secure ____ employees
orientation, employee training/ development, career development
4 basic functions of HR 2) training an development : what are the 3 basic areas under this
adapt, skills, responsibilities
development: goal is to _____ competent workesr to the organization and help them obtain up to date ____, knowledge, and abilities for their job ______
theories, design, performance appraisal, rewards compensations, benefits
4 basic functions of HR 3) motivation
- motivation _____ and job ____
-______ and _____
-employee ______
keeping them, safety, health, communications, relations
4 basic functions of HR 4) maintence (______)
- _____ and _____
- employee _____
dynamic environment, laws and regulation, labor unions, management thought
what are 4external forces that affect HR
globalization, technology, work force diversity (essentially all areas discussed in ch 1)
4 external forces that affect HR: DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT: give 3 examples
laws supporting employees, ability to take leave
4 external forces that affect HR: LAWS AND REGULATIONS: these are ______ such as ______
management, 3rd party, grievance procedure
4 external forces that affect HR: LABOR UNIONS: used to assist workers in dealing with _____ of an organization
- a certified _____ representative
-they promote _____
behalf, wages, hours,
a union acts on ____ of its members to secure ____, _____, and other terms and conditions of employment
grievance procedure
a specified process for resolving differences between workers and management
workers, management
grievance procedure: a specified process for resolving differences between _____ and ______
behavioral anchored rating scales
bars stands for
forerunners HRM
: frederick taylor, hugo munsterber, mary parker follet, elton mayo are regarded as the _______ of ______ support
scientific management, training, ability
4 external forces that affect HR: management thought: PEOPLE : Frederick Taylor:
-father of _____
- advocated workers should have appropriate job _____ and shoul be screened according to their ____ to do their job
scientific management
define: fathered by frederick taylor: a set of principles designed to enhance worker productivity
biggest, hawthorne, human relations, benefit, safe, healthy
4 external forces that affect HR: management thought: PEOPLE : Elton Mayo
-____ advancement in HRM
- _______ studies
-this study gave rise to the ______ movement which created employee ____ offerings, ____ and ___ working conditions, and emphasized importance of HR
hawthorne studies
define: a series of studies that provided new insights into group behavior and motivations
employment, training and development, compensation/benefits, employee relations function
what are the 4 distinct areas of HRM department
employment planning, job analysis, recruitment, selection
4 distinct areas of HRM department : 1) EMPLOYMENT
what are the 4 areas under employment
mission strategy
4 distinct areas of HRM department : 1) EMPLOYMENT-
employment planning: ensures staff will contribute to the organization's _____ and ____
successful, essential
4 distinct areas of HRM development : 1) EMPLOYMENT-
job analysis: determing the specific skills, knowledge and abilities needed to be ____ in a particular job
-defining the _____ functions of the job
representative, labor
4 distinct areas of HRM department : 1) EMPLOYMENT-
recruitment: the process of attracting a pool of qualified applicants that is _____ of all groups in the ____ market
assessing, communication
4 distinct areas of HRM department : 1) EMPLOYMENT-
selection: the process of ____ who will be sucessful on the job and the ____ of info to assist job candidates in their decision to accept the offer
4 distinct areas of HRM department
2) training and development
-helping employees ______ their potential and productivity
communication, policies labor,
4 distinct areas of HRM department
4) employee relations function: activities in HRm concerned with effective ____ among organizational members. keep employees informed of what is happening and knowledgable of _____ and procedures
- _____ relations: involves dealing with labor unions
employee relation functions
define: activities in HRm concerned with effective communications among operational members
top, effective upward, what, feedback, sources
4 distinct areas of HRM departmentt
4) employee relations function:

effective HRm communications programs include
- ____ management commitment
- ______ communication
-determining ____ to communicate
-allowing for ____
-information _____
1964 civil rights act
the beginning of the equal employment employment oppertunity is usally attributed to the passage of the ________
race, national origin
prohibited discrimination on the basis of ____ and _____
title vii
what was added to the 1964 civil rights act to expand the bounds of what is discrimination and the part that is most important to HR
hiring, religion, color, sex,files, participates, opposes
TITLE VII of the 1964 civil rights act:
prohibits discrimination in _____, compensation, terms, conditions, or prvielges of employment based on race, _____, ______, _____, or national origin
- also prohibits retaliation against an indivudal who _____ charges of discrimination, _____ in an investigation, or ____ any unlawful purposes
recruit, preference, minority, affirmative action
title vii also exsits today, stipulates that organizations must do more tah must discontinue discriminatory practices, they must actively ____ and give ____ to ___ group members in employment decisions. this actions i commonly referred to as_____
equal employment opportunity act (1972)
which act provided a series of amendements to title Vii ?
equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC), all, civil suit
equal employment opportunity act (EEOA) granted enforcement powers to the ______

meaning they could effecitvely prohibit ______ forms of employee discrimination and file _____against organizations
federal gov, employment
Equal employment opportunity commison: the arm of the _____ empowered to handle discrimination in ______ cases
adverse (disparate) treatment
define: an employment situation where protected group members receive treatment different from other employees in matters such as performance evaluations and promotions
ex) if a protected grou member is more often evaluated as performing poorly or received fewer organizational rewards, adverse treatment may have occured
protected, treatment, performance evaluations, promotions
adverse (disparate) treatment: an employment situation where ______ group members receive _____ different from other employees in matters such as performance _____ and _____
ex) if a protected grou member is more often evaluated as performing poorly or received fewer organizational rewards, adverse treatment may have occured
adverse (disparate) impact
define: a consequence of an employment practice that results in a greater rejection rate for a minority group than for majority group in the occupation
adverse (disparate) impact
having a height requirement for a positon, can unitentionally discriminate against women who are usally not as tall as men -- this is an example of what?
age discrimination in employment act of 1967 : this act prohigits arbitarary age discrimination, particularly among those over age ____
EEO, accommodations, medical exams
americans with disabilities act of 1990 extends _____ coverage to include most forms of disaiblities requires employees to make reasonable _____ and eliminates post job _____
12, medical, 50
family and medical leave act of 1993: federal legislation tha tprovides employees up to _____ weeks of unpaid leave each year to care for family members or for their own _____ reasons in buisness that employs more than ____ people
80% majority
4/5 rule: a rough indicator of discrimination this rule require that the number of minority members of a company hires must equal at least ____ of the ___ members of the population hired
4/5 rule
one of the first measures of determining potentially discriminating practices is called the ____
restricted policy
this infraction occurs whenever an enterprise's HR activities exclude a class of individuals
ex) a company lays off an excessive number of its employees above 40 and hires a lot of college kids so can pay them less
4/5 rule, restricted policies, geographic comparisons, mcdonnel-douglas test
what are the 4 ways in which you can determine potentailly discriminatory practices
qualified, hiring, employees
geographic comparisons: characteristics of potential _____ pool of applicants in an organization's ____ market are compared to the characteristis of its _____
protected, qualified, rejected, similar
mcDonnel Douglas test: 4 parts
1) the individual is a member of a ____ group
2) the individual applied for a job for which he or she was ___
3) the invidual was ___
4) the enterprise after rejecting this applicatn conintued to seek other applicants with ____ qualifications
business necessity, bona fide occupational qualifications, seniority system
what are the 3 defenses against discrimination claims?
defenses against discrimination claim:
business necessity: the person did not have the necessary skills, knowledge or abilities to perform the_____ elements of the job
reasonably operations
defenses against discrimination claim:
bona fide occupational qualifications: job requirements that are " ______ necessary to meet the normal ____ of that buisness or enterprise"
well established, applied, pilots
defenses against discrimination claim
seniority systems: the layoffs must stem from a ______ and cosnsitently ____ seniority system

ex) ____ can not be 60+
reverse discrimination
a claim made by white males that minority candidates are given preferential treatment in employment decision
white males, employment
reverse discrimiantion: a claim made by _____ that minoirty candidates are given preferential treatment in _____ decision
items used to screen candidates had to be related to the job, burden shifted to employer to prove discrimination did not occur
Griggs v Duke power case was one of the most important supreme court cases that pertained to the EEo. based on this case what two things occured?
sexual harassment
what is the biggest financial risk facing companies today?
condition employment, consequence, hostile
sexual harrasment: anything of sexual nature that creates a _____ of ______, an employment _____, or a ____ work environment
quid pro quo harassment
some type of sexual act is asked to be exchanged for a promotion or work advancement "this for that"
quid pro quo, hostile environment
what are the 2 types of sexual harrassment
unwelcome inappropriate
sexual harrassment is conduct that is ____ and _____
continued, severe, pervasive, hostile, work
sexual harrasmsent means
1) enduring the offenseive conduct becomes a contidition of _____ work employment
2) conduct is ____ or ____ enough to create an itimidating, offensive, or ____ work enviornemnt ,
3) conduct unreasonably interferes with invidaul's _____
know, should, stop
when dealing with sexaul harrasment the courts want to know did the organizaiton ____ abotu the alleged before, ____ they have known about it, what did management do to _____ it?
comparable worth
equal pay for jobs similar in skills, responsbility, working conditions, and effort

deals with generd -based pay systems
pay, gender
comparable worth : eqaul ____ for jobs similar in skills, resposnbilities, working conditions, effors

deals with ____ based pay systems
glass ceiling
the invisible barrier that blocks females and minorities from ascending into upper levels of an organziation
needs, number effectively, efficiently, mission, strategic goals
human resource planning: the process of determining an organization's hr ____. ensurse that an organziaiton has the right ___ of people capable of ____ and ____ completing tasks that directly support the company's ____ and _______
mission statement
define: a brief statement of reason an organization is business
reason, business
mission statement: a brief statement of ___ an organization is in _____
strengths weaknesses, opportunities, threats
SWOT: core competency: organizational strenghts that represent ____ skills or resources
resources, activities
SWOT- weakenesses: _____ an organziation lacks or ____ it does poorly
jobs, many, type
SWOT- organizing: company needs to determine what ___ need to be done, how ____, and what ___ of workers will be required
mission statement, corporate goals and objectives, current HR, demand labor, demand supplies of labor
HR planning process:

1. mission statement,
2. establishing ______
3. assessing _____
4. determining the ____ for _____
5. matching ______ with current _______
recruitment, decruitment
what are the 2 outcomes of the HR planning process?
profile current, new, strategic, loyalty
HR planning Process:
Assessing current HR
- involves developing a _____ of the organizations ____ employees
-serves as a guide for supporting _____ organizational persuits and altering organization's ______ direction
- essentially HRM must find way to retain employees because there is less employee _____
central, accessible
HR planning Process:
Assessing current HR
human resource info system (HRIS) a computerized system in processing HRM info- keeps important info about employees in a ___ and ___ locaiton
replacement charts
HR planning Process:
Assessing current HR
HRM organizational charts indicating positions that may become vacant in the near future and the individuals who may fill the vacancies
new hires, contingent workers, transfers in, individuals return from leave
HR planning Process:
Determining Demand for labor
-if you want to increase the supply of workers what are your 4 sources to do so?
retirements, dismissals, layoffs
HR planning Process:
Determining Demand for labo
if you want to DECREASE INTERNAL SUPPLY? could be do to what? give 3 examples
when dealing with employment planning and there is oversupply of worker, reffers to the difficult steps to sever certain people from the organization
job analysis
provides info abotu jobs current being done and th ekjnowledge, skills, and abilities that invidauls need to perform the job adequately
observation method
JOB ANALYSIS: what method?

data is gathered by watching employees work
individual interview method
JOB ANALYSIS: what method?

meeting with an employee to determine what his or her job entails
group interview method
JOB ANALYSIS: what method?

meeting with a number of employees to colelctively determine what their job entails
structured questionnaire method
JOB ANALYSIS: what method?

a speficially designed questionaire on which employees rate tasks they perform in their jobs
technical conference method
JOB ANALYSIS: what method?

a job analsyis technique that involves extensive input from the employee's supervisior
diary method
JOB ANALYSIS: what method?

requires job incumbents to record their daily activities
families, behavior
the deparment of labor has someone interview and observe employees an then describes what the workers does. this enables managers to group jobs into job ____ that require similar kinds of worker ____. all of this is posted online
position analysis questionnaire (PAQ)
a job analsyis technique that rates jobs on elements grouped into 6 major divisions
this type of quantative questionaire allows many different jobs to be compared with each other however it apperas to more applicable to higher level professional jobs
rates, elements, quantitive, many, higher
PAQ- position analysis questionnaire

a job analsyis technique that _____ jobs on ______ grouped into 6 major divisions
this type of ______ questionaire allows _____ different jobs to be compared with each other however it apperas to more applicable to ______ level professional jobs
duties, responsibilities, accountabilities
job analysis is the systematic exploration of the activties surrounding and within the job. it defines the jobs ____, _____, ______
job description
a written statement indicating what a job entails what the job holder does, how it is done, under what conditons, and why
job description: a _____ statement indicating what a job entails what the job holder does, how it is done, under what conditions, and why
job specifications
the personal characterstics required to perform successful on the job. identifies pertinent knowledge, skills, education, experience, certifiaction, and abilities
personal, skills, education, experience
job specficiation: the _____ characterstics required to perform successful on the job. identifies pertinent knowledge, ____, ______, ______, certifiaction, and abilities
job evaluations
specifies the relative value of each in the organization. uses job analysis information to establish a compensation system
value, analysis compensation
job evaluations: specifies the relative _____ of each in the organization. uses job _____ information to establish a ______ system
job analysis
this process assits employee training and carreer development by identifying necessary skills, knowledtge, and abilities

almost everything that HRM does relates directly to this
job morphing
readjusting skills to match job requirement
employment planning, recruiting
once an organization identifies its HR needs through _____, it an be begin the process of _____ potential candidates for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies
info, significant qualified, unqualified
the goal of recruitment is to provide ___ that will attract a _____ poool of ___ candidates and discourage ___ frol applying
internal serach
many organizations attempt ot develop their own entry level employees for higher positons. these promotions can occur through an ____ of current employees
blind box
a recruitment advertisement that does not identify the adveristing organization
internal searches, external searches employee referral, employment agencies
what 4 ways to search for recruits?
public/state, private, management consulting firms, executive search firms
what are the 4 types of employment agencies
executive search firms
private employment agenies that specailize in middle and top management placement; acts a buffer for screening candidates
company web site
what is the highest source of online recruiting?
temporary help services, employee leasing, independent contractors
what are 4 alternatives to recruitment
___ employees typically remain with organization for longer periods than temproary employees, individual works for leasing firm and are hired by a company to work for a specific amount of time
host country national
a citizen on a host country hired by an organization based in another country
an idnvidaul who lives and works in a country in which he or she is not a citizen
discrete, disqualification
selection process: typically consists of 8 _____ steps, meaning failiure to pass of of these steps means ______
initial screening
what is the first step in the selection process
screening inquiries, screening interview
the initial screening consists of a two step procedure
____ gives the operation the chance to eliminate some of the responders based on job description and job specificaiton
______ gives the HRM a chance to descirbe the job in enough detail so responder can seriously consider if they are right for it
initial screening, application, preemployment test, comprehensive interview, conditonal job offer, background check, medical or physical exam, permanent job offer
what are the 8 steps in the job screening process
application form, specific

step 2: filling out the _____ which is a company _____ form used to generate specfic info the company wants
weighted application form
a specific type of application form that uses relevant applicant info to determine the likeihood of job success-- helps recurits differentiate between potentially successful and unsuccesful job performers
60, performance simulation

step 3: preemployment testing
- about ____% of companies use this
-very useful
-what types of tests are done?
work sampling, assessment center
what are the two types of tests that evluate the employees ability tot he due the job: 2 types of performance simulation tests
work sampling

step 3: preemployment testing

a seleciton device requiring th ejob applicant to performa small sampling of actual job activities

ex) person applying for check out girl has to check out items
assessment center

step 3: preemployment testing

a facility where performance simualtion test are administered. these include a series of exeercise sused for selection, development, and performance apprasail
assessment center
which type of testing is specifically doen to evaluate a candidates managerial abilities
short term, discrimination, each, applicable
work sampling is a better preditor of _____ performance and minimizes ____

yet, it is difficult to develop a good work sample for ___ job, also not ____ for all levels in the organziation
indepth, multiple, application, tests

step 4: comprehensive interview
-obtain _____ info
-may be interviewed by _____ people
-designed to probe areas not easily addressed by ____ or ___ tests
interviewer bias, impression management

step 4: comprehensive interview

what are some issues that can arise with interviewing:

step 4: comprehensive interview

what are some issues that can arise with interviewing:

interview bias: iamge created by reveiwing materials as resume application or test scores ___ to actual interview
influence desired

step 4: comprehensive interview

what are some issues that can arise with interviewing:

impression management: candidate can ___ performance evaluations by portraying an image ____ by the appraiser
behavioral interview, realistic job previews

step 4: comprehensive interview

what are two new modifications to the interview
behavioral interview questions

step 4: comprehensive interview

"give me an exampl eof a time"
"summarize i situation where"

are examples of?
past, future
behavior interviewing is based on the belief that ____ behavior and performance predicgts ___ behaviors and performance
____ interviews are interviews were you go for one inteview and you get a call back or you dont
realistic job preview

step 4: comprehensive interview

a selection device that allows job candidates to learn neagative as well as positive info about the job and organization based on the thory that unmet expectations of new employees can cause them to be disassitified and quit
qualified privilege
Step 5: background investigation:

the abilitiy for organizaitons to speak candidly to one another about candidates
physical, requirements, drug test
medical or physical examinations are only allowded to be used as a selection device to screen out invidauls whoar e unable to ___ comply with the ____ of the job, this includes ___
comprehensive approach
applying all steps in the selection process before rendering a decision
reliability, consistency
interviews consistently acchieve low marks for _____ and ___ bc of the problems with the interviewer
a selection device's consistency of measurement
the proven relationship of a selection device to relevant criticism
high relaibility may mean little if the selection device has low_____ for ex_ just because a test score is consistent does not mean it is measuring important characteristcs related to job behavior
content, construct, criterion
what are the 3 types of validity

the degree tto whcih test content as a sample represents all situations that oculd hav been included, such as typing test for a clerk typist
the degree to whcih a parcticular trait relates to succesfull job performance, ex an iq test

the degree to which a particular selectin device acruately predicts the important elements of work behavior as in the relationship between test score and job performance
predictive, concurrent
to establish criterion related validity either of two approaches can be used:
unknown, accurate, cut score
criterion related validity:

predicitive: an organziation would adminsitrater the test (With ____ validity) to all prospective applicants. the test scores would not be used but the test would be given again some time later to see how _____ the scores were to predict what type of employee they infact were, then the tests would be revised to create the ____ (the score point below which applicants were rejected)
current, valid
concurrent: ____ employees take the tests and then their scores are elauated with their performance to see if the test is _____
goals, feedback, development, documentation
the purpose of PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: to convey to employees how well they have performed on established _____.

this is conveyed through
analysis, description, measurable, expectations
Appraisal process: It is important to establish performance standards with employees- these standards should come from job ____ and job ____. standards should be clear and ____. ____ of the employees should be clearly stated
absolute standards, relative standards, outcomes
3 approaches for doing appraisals, employees can be appraised against:
ABSOLUTE APPRAISAL: employee evaluation is ____ of other evaluations
critical incidence

a performance eval that focuses on key behaiors that differentiate between doing a job effectively or ineffectively

a performance eval in which a rater cehcks off applicable employee attributes - merely records does not evaluate
graphic rating sclae

method that lists traits and a range of performance for each , very popular because not every time consuming
forced choice

the rater must choose betwen two sepcific statemets about an employee's work ethic -- employers tend to dislike because forces them to make distinctions between similar sounding statements
behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS)
types of ABSOLUTE APPRAISAL: technique that generates critical incidents and develops behavioral dimenosn of perofrmance - evaluator appraises behavior rather than traits -- this can be time consuming
other employees
RELATIVE STANDS OF APPRAISAL: comparing employees performance by comparing the employee with ______
group order ranking

requires evaluators to place employees into a particular classificaiton such as top 20%
individual ranking

requires evaltor to rank employees in order from highest to lowest
paired comparison

selects one job trait then compares each employee in a group with the others. a score is obtained for each employee by simply counting the nubmer of pairs in which the individual is superior at the job trait
behaviorally anchored rating sales
BARS stands for
management by objectives
approach to appraisal makes use of achieved PERFORMANCE OUTCOMES: employees are evaluated on how well they accomplished specific set of _____ determined as critical in the successful compleition of their job

a performance appraisal method that includes mutual objective setting and evaluation based on the attainment of the specifci objective
- based on goal setting
- the organizations over all objectives are translated into specific objectives for each succeeding level
goal specificity, participative decision m,making, an explicit time period, performance feed back
what are the 4 elements the PERFORMANCE OUTCOMES approach called MBO
leniency error
FACTORS THAT CAN DISTORT APPRAISALS: distoration caused by evaluating employees against one's own value system
halo error
FACTORS THAT CAN DISTORT APPRAISALS:: the tendency to let our assessment of an individual on one trait , influence our evaluation of that person on all other traits

ex) ugly british idol singer
similarity error
FACTORS THAT CAN DISTORT APPRAISALS:evaluating employees based ont he way an evaltor percieves himself/ herself

if a person regards themsevles as aggresive they may evaluate others by looking for aggresiveness, people who share this trait will be rated well those do tnot will be rated poorly
low appraiser motivation
FACTORS THAT CAN DISTORT APPRAISALS: evaltor knows that a poor eval could signifcantly hurt an employees future and therefore ranks them higher than they normally would
central tendency
FACTORS THAT CAN DISTORT APPRAISALS: the tendency of the rater to give average ratings
inappropriate substitutes for performance
FACTORS THAT CAN DISTORT APPRAISALS: criteria such as enthusiasm, neatness, psotive attidue can sometimes have nothing to do with the job at hand
control, internal, external, internal, external
attribution theory: a theory of performance eval based ont he perception of who is in ____ of an employee's performance

can be ____ or _____

say the employee has a project due. if they do not turn it in on time this is due to ____ controls

if upper management delays the project this is due to ____ controla s and the evalator will be more linenet
enhances wages, bonuses, retirement plans, paid vacations
REWARDS: financial rewards: _____ a employee's financial well being

a) directly: ____, _____
b) indirectly: ______, ____,
attraction, life, parking spot
REWARDS: non financial: add ____ to ___ on the job

ex) _______
compensation administration
the process of managing a compnay's compensation program
job evaluation
compensation administration:
_____ is the process where an organization systematically estalbishes its compensation program by comarping and determing each job's appropriate worth within the organization
cost effective, attract, motivate, retain
the gaol of compensation administration is to create the compnay's compnesation program designed in a ____ pay structure that will ____, ____, and _____ competent employees
minimum wage, benefits
government influence on compensation administration: gov polices set ____ and ____ that employees must meet, and these policies provide protection for certain groups
fair labor standards act
which act in 1938 established laws outlining minimum wage, overtime pay, ad max hour requirements for most us workers
civil rights and equal pay act prtoect employees from discrimination. organizations can not discirminate in _____ on the basis of race color creed age or sex
men, women, same, rate of pay
equal pay act 1963: mandates that organizaitons compensate ____ and ___ dong the ____ job with the same _____
ordering method
job evaluation methods: ranking jobs from lowest to highest
no consistent standard
whats the problem with ordering method ( a job evaluation method)
classification method
job evaluation methods:

evaluating jobs based on predetermined job grades
point method
job evaluation methods:

breaking down jobs based on identifiable crtieria and the degree to which these criteria exist on the job
critieria: skill, effort responsiblity
compensation surveys
used to gather factual data on pay practices among firms and companies within specfici communities
individual incentives
INCENTIVES: motivation systems based on individaul work performnace
merit pay
INCENTIVES: an increase in pay, usually determined annually
straight piecework plan
INCENTIVES: eplopyee is typically guaranteed a minimum hourly rate for meeting soem preestablished standard output, extra is paid when employee exceeds these standards
cut corners, competition
INCENTIVES: straight piece work plan is bad bc encourages employees to _____ and sparks _____
group incentives
INCENTIVES" motivational plan provided to a group of employees based on the collective work
plant- wide incentives
INCENTIVES: rewards all facility members based on how well the entire group performed
- aimed to direct efforts of all employees to ahieveing overall organizational effectiveness
scanlon plan
INCENTIVES: an organization wide incentive program focused on cooperation between management and employees through sharing problems goals and ideas
INCENTIVES: an incentive plan that uses a speific mathematical formula for determining employee bonuses
dilution effect
incentive plans can lead to the _____
see overall
dilution effect- incentive plans can lead to this meaning it is hard for employees to ____ how their efforts affect the organizations____ perfromance
paying for performance
rewarding employees based on thier job performance
peiceowrk plan, wage incentive, lump sum bonuses
give 3 exmples of paying for performance
competency -based compensation
organziaitonal pay system that rewards skills knowledge and behavior
broad banning
paying employees at present levels based on their level of competency
executive compensation programs
WHICH FORM OF PAYMENT TO EMPLOYEES base salaries of excutives are almost 300 times higher than those of low level managers o operative personal, executives frequently operat under bonus and stock option plans that can dramatically increase their total compensation
attractive benefits over and above regular slary garatned to exectuvives "perks
golden parachute
a financial protection plan for executives in case they are severed from the organizaiton
new hire, contingent workers, transfers in, individuals returning from leave , transfers in
HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING: predicting future labor supply: an organization's supply of HR comes from

which is the hardest to predict?
line staffing
inventory reports are for _____
replacement charts are for _____
vacant, info, qualify, fill
replacement charts: portray middle to upper management positions that may become ____ in the near future- lists ___ about invidauls who might ____ to ____ the position
fixed hours + variable hours
how do you calculate # of hours allowed for scheduling?
the day before
scheduling: when calculating allowed hours for occupied rooms you look at what??
KSAs (knowledge, skills, abilities)
a competency model is a descriptive tool that identifies the _____ needed to perform effectively in an organization
knowledge, skills, abilities
KSA stands for?
every person should have one boss
ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: the vertical dimension of organizational structure

1) UNITY of Command
unity of command, authority, responsibility, accountability, span of control
ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: the vertical dimension of organizational structure

5 areas?
right of manager to give orders
ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: the vertical dimension of organizational structure

2) authority- is the
duty to perform tasks
ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: the vertical dimension of organizational structure

3) responsibility
how many employees overseeing
ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: the vertical dimension of organizational structure

5) span of control
line and staff
what are the two types of authority?
traditional chain of command
line authority is like a _____
horizontal and vertical
what are the two types of organizational structures
the capstone of indivudal leadership talent is ____
similar, department, service provided, chains, geographic, sales, cross functional
a) function: people with ____ tasks in the same ______
b) product/service: F and B or rooms - 2 div based on _____
c) territory: common in ____- assign supervisor for ____ area - ex head of NE
d) customers: in the ___ department, one does corporate, another group, social, etc
e) process: _____ approach ex) starwood has a service express department that is centralized and then deals with guests requests and elegates to other departments
temporary, spa
1) matrix product structure:
-this is a ___ structure
-ex) hotel decides to build a ____ come up with everything you need until opens
hotel openers: move from hotel to hotel opening
project strcture:
this is where you always belong to a project structure
integrated, self managed

work team:
two types:
1) _____ integrated: mini bars are very dirty tell mini bar attended they have a special task assign floors show them how to clean mini bars
2) _____ set goals- mini bar always clean
independent business unit

what type?

listed, vertical burocratic
what type?

focus on change, felxibility in environemtn, more modern focus on horizontal change, relationships, more teams
what type?

this is not seen in hospitaltiy industry, no vertical or horizontal structure JUST TEAMS
coordination mechanisms
what is considered the glue of organizational structures
committees, integrating
coordination mechanisms
-strategic meetings
-task forces and ____
-______ manager (project product brand) not a member of department but coordinate work of many departments
organic, decentralized
watched a movie on hotel monaco:
-organizational design:_____
-owned by kimpton group- are decentralized or centralized? _____
genetic info
GINA genetic nondiscrimination act: unlawful for employees to discriminate on basis of ____
14/50= 28%, 52/100= 52%,

.28/.52- 53.8% -- this is discirimination because less than 80%
4/5 rule:
-100 men applied; selected 52
-50 women applied; selected 14

business necessity
what is hooters deffense to EEO charge of discrimination?
bona fide occupational qualification
what is a french resaturants defense against discrimination charges by EEO for only hiring french servers
no, but morbid obesity is
under the ADA (americans with diability acts is objesity a diasability?
fixed questions organizational, interpersonal, high turn over jobs
structure intervies use _____ designed to asses specific job related abilities
-best for determining ____ fit, motiation, ____ skills
-esp useful for _____
behavioral interactive interview process
BIIP stands for?
group, team, structured, collaborative
BIIP (beavhioral interactive interview process)
-carried out by a ___ or ___
-is ____ and objective
-is highly _____
who talks about intrinsic vs extrinsic rewards
intrinsic vs extrinsic, financial vs non financial, performance vs membership based
what are the 3 types of reward plans?
all employees
REWARD PLANS: performance based vs membership based
membership based: based like cost of living increases, benefits and salary increases are offered to _____
ordering, classification point
what are the three methods for job evaluation? to determine each job's appropriate worth witin the organization
compensation survey, wage curve wage structure
what are 3 ways of establishing pay structure
compensation survey
- used to gather factual data on pay rates of other organizations
wage curve

drawn by plotting job evaluationd ata like points -- indicates if pay strcuture i logical
wage structure

-designates pay ranges for groups of which which are ismilar in vlaue to organization and grouped by cliassificaiton
-the goal is to be in the 75% percentile compared to competition 75% of competition pays less 25% pay more
what is the goal of wage structure? to be in the ____
scanlon plan
what type of incentive plan? supervisiors and employee committes suggest labor saving improecments?
prepaid, competency
competencey based compensation:

broadbanding: ___ pay level that determine what people are paid based upon the type and level of ___ they posses
staff meal
based on MASLOWS HIEARCHY OF NEEDS an example of a physchological need is_____
health benefits
based on MASLOWS HIEARCHY OF NEEDS an example of a safety need is ____
employee events
based on MASLOWS HIEARCHY OF NEEDS an example of a social need _______
employee recognition program
based on MASLOWS HIEARCHY OF NEEDS an example of a esteem need is ____
educational benefit
based on MASLOWS HIEARCHY OF NEEDS an example of a sefl acutalization is _____
job design
job simplification, job rotation, job enlargement, job enrichment, teaming building

all describe whtat?
positive reinforcement
behavior rewarded when repeated
negative reinforcement
behavior repeated to avoid undesired outcome - verbal warning if forget to do something to avoid punishment
SKINNER'S REINFORCEMENTS: beahvior gets punished and does not get repeated ; ex a write up
withholding a reward will weaken response-- always late so someone covers for you but then you refuse to cover again- hopefully you wont be alte anymore
inspiring other to the best job possible
offensive, unwelcome (for a reasonable person_ frequent, severe pervasive are ____ words for sexual harrasment
quid pro quo
what type of sexual harrasment?
"this for that" promotion , job exchange for sexual acts
hostile work environment
WHAT TYPE OF SEXUAL HARRASMENT? makes it difficult/impossible to job becaus workplace is sexually intimidating
how do you respond if you feel an action is inapproatie? give feedback respectfully-- _____
describe the behavior, express your feelings, specify the new behavior you want, consequences if you dont get the behavior you want
sexual harrasment - what does DESC stand for?
LAST (listen first, apologize, say waht you will do, thank the person for the feedback)
how do you recive DESC feedback? -- sometells you what you did that they considered sexual harrassment
employment lawyer
who was our guest speaker
essay appraisal
APPRAISAL METHODS: appraiser writes narrative describing employee performance and suggestions
department heads

use for ______ often used in combo with other techniques
SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, related to job, time defined)
UNDER MBO - use ____ to define goals
specific, measurable, achievable, related to job, time defined
what does SMART stand for? (MBO)
number, reliable, valid
creating more efficent performance management systems (PMS)
- increasing the ____ of raters leads to more ____ and ___ ratings
peer evals, upward appraisals, 360 degree appraisals
creating more efficent performance management systems (PMS)

-3 types that use multiple raters
upward appraisals
what type of apprasail: allows employees to give managers feedback