What, of this Goldfish, Would You Wish?

Academic and Content Vocabulary, Collections 10, Collection 1

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discriminate (v)
to note clear differences; to separate into categories
diverse (adj)
made up of elements that are different from each other
inhibit (v)
to hold back or prevent from acting
intervene (v)
to come between two things, persons, or events
rational (adj)
based on logic or sound reasoning
poignant (adj)
emotionally moving or stimulating
superimpose (v)
place one thing on top of another so that both remain visible
wizened (adj)
shrunken and wrinkled
beleaguered (adj)
troubled with many problems
vignettes (n)
small scenes or images
collectives (n)
cooperative businesses or enterprises
expats (n)
expatriates, people living in a foreign country
Zionist (n)
supporter of a separate state for Jewish people
pensioners (n)
people living on modest retirement payments
fluent (adj)
able to express oneself clearly and easily
superphotogenic (adj)
looking extremely good in photos or on film