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Who built the palace of Versailles?
Louis XIV
Why did he build the palace of Versailles?
He wanted to show off his wealth and power, & to keep an eye on the nobles
Where was the Palace if Versailles built?
Versailles, France
Why did the Renaissance start in Northern Italy?
Italian City States were wealthy from trade
What is a manor? (feudal manor)
An isolated and independent mansion where wealthy people resided
At the end of the 17th Century, the most powerful person was whom?
The Pope
Renaissance art was..
3 Dimensional, more Realism, and it used Perspective
Why did Kiev Russia split?
They split because of ICONS
a conventional religious painting in oil on a small wooden panel
Luther was against the selling of..
Most important thing in a feudal society, socially?
Religion and the Church.
What did Machiavelli write?
what was it about?
The Prince; Politics
Why was the Magna Carta important?
It stated that the King was not above the Law
Who signed the Magna Carta?
King John
As a result of the crusades, did kings grow stronger?
As a result of the crusades, did trade increase?
How would you describe the science, and geography of the Muslim Empire?
They were awesome at it
Absolute Rulers claimed to have..
Divine Right
What impact did the Mongols have on Russia?
They made Russia a trading Empire
The Shiites and the Sunnis fought about..
who should be the ruler
Where was the Protestant reformation popular?
Germany, Prussia
How were Chinese cities in t he Golden Age?
overcrowded, poverty, but rich people had it pretty good
The Byzantine Empire was successful because..
They Controlled trade routes, and had a good army
Henry VII left the Church because..
He wanted to divorce his ife to have a son
Justinian Code
an organized collection and explanation of roman laws for use by the byzantine empire; positive thing
Who were serfs?
Slaves that were tied to the land
Crusaders were NOT motivated by..
Feeling sympathy for Muslims