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Who is responsible for taking the info from the group and putting it together?compilerIn Susie's speech, she cites 3 of 4 verbally. What kind plaigarism is this?patchworkSusie is writing a speech on her favorite souvenir from a trip and shows a picture of NYC. What kind of speech is this?informative speech / about an objectIn this model of communication, the sender and receiver don't wait for feedbacktransactionalI'm going to inform you on how to make a homemade soup. What statement is this?specificThe book says that using a preparation outline when giving your speech encourages all of the following except:vocal stabilityA speaking outline includes everything except:paragraphsAnnie makes her outline and puts the most important to the least important. What form of organization is she missing?subordinationGraph that shows change over time (growth and loss)line graphWhen you say your speech you start sweating profusely and get nervous. What is this?physical signs of communication apprehensionShe writes out all ideas on a piece of paper and draws lines to connect. What is this?concept mapWhich of these is a similarity between conversation and speech?goal-drivenHe says "easy as pie." What is this an example of?simileBy the end of her speeches, she has gotten better about being nervous. What is this an example of?systematic desensitizationA dude gets up and tells himself he is going to forget his speech and he does. What is this?self-fulfilling prophecyAn avid video gamer writes a speech about video games and finds out new statistics. After verifying they are true he implements them in his speech. What is this an example of?creating new knowledgeWhat type of information makes up the core of your speech?evidentiaryWhich of these has to happen for Monroe's Motivation to be complete?call to actionTalking about a dance marathon, talks about last years and specific steps they used to keep the people entertained. What is this an example of?real exampleThe speaker says "imagine." What is this an example of in persuasive speaking?visualizationThe speaker says he needs to be using active voice. Which of the following is active voice?Rachel sent the letter on Thursday instead of The letter was sent by Rachel on ThursdayA girl in a sorority listens to speeches and judges favorably if they're in a sorority or not. What is this practice of?ethnocentricSazi wears a hijab. What is this an example of?ethnicityIn a commerative speech, you need to (focus on the speaker, keep it simple, or consider the audience)consider the audience (and be organized and rely on a balance of emotion, logic, and credibility)You are talking about what a friend means to you. What type of speech is this?toast/ commerativeYou are giving a speech and you notice the audience is talking and not paying attention to you. What is this an example of?audience disengagementComing to a strong conclusion with little to no evidence is what?hasty generalization"I have talked about the King of Germany and the Queen of Germany." What is this an example of?internal summaryWriting an informative speech on different areas that were hit by a hurricane. How should this person structure it?spatialDoing a speech, what is a good way to use your own devices?looking in the mirror, videoing, performing in front of the audienceTo ensure you don't go over your time limit what should do?time speech beforehandBobby has written his outline and figured his speech out and is performing in front of people. What step is he in now?feedbackShe takes her presentation outline up and begins reading off of it. What type of speech is this?manuscriptHe decides he is going to wing his speech before he gets up to speak. What speech is this?impromptuWhen you are using visual aid in assertion evidence style, what should you do?Use light colored font with dark background - Lettering be visible - no similar color for background and borders. Dark background = light colored text and vice versaA scaled object of what you are talking about is a ---modelWhich of the following is not one of the key 4 parts of an outline?anything besides intro, body, conclusion, transitionWhich of the following is not a step of persuasion?credibility v. issue awareness, acceptance, integration, comprehensionDonald Trump is not good for the office because he is just plain stupid. What fallacy is this?ad hominemMLK's "I have a dream" is an example of?repititionThey include words from experts, what evidence is this? He wants to be a weatherman so he includes words from WTVY's weathermanexpert testimonyShe makes up an example to help persuade her audience. What is this an example of?hypotheticalA social construction that includes all the beliefs, attitudes, actions, and goals associated with being masculine or femininegenderSignaling to the audience without verbally statingsubstitutingShe focuses a lot on the delivery styles and how certain words are said. What the word sounds like. What is this example of?pronounciationThe person is talking and says "In 2011 so and so says..." What is this an example of?oral citationCultures that believe in the absolute truth are considered to be ______________.high uncertainty avoidancePauley checks his syllabus and sees that his upcoming speech assignment is to commemorate a special moment. With this information from the syllabus, Pauley can immediately identify his ______________.general purposeAccording to your textbook, the most credible type of web address is identified by which of the following?.govDirect observation and polling your audience during a speech is an example of ____________.methods of analysisIn his speech Carlos says: "One in four U.S. students say they have been bullied at school. One in ten reports being cyberbullied." What type of supporting material is this?statisticGeorge makes sure he uses the principle of coordination when writing his preparation outline. This means _________.all information on the same level has equal significanceJackie is about to give a speech on cats and wants to get the audience's attention. Which is the best way to do that?ask the audience who has a catGillian's informative speech on Abraham Lincoln would be classified as a speech about a(n)___________.objectBy having a well-organized speech structure, citing sources for all of the information provided during her speech, and maintaining eye contact with the audience, Griffin is contributing to her ___________________.derived credibilityTony is creating PowerPoint slides for his speech on whales and wants to use Assertion-Evidence slide design. What should Tony consider including in the slides that would get the audience's focus back on him during the speech?blank slides"Bruce bent the borrowed book," is an example of what type of language structure?alliterationDuring his persuasive speech Ben used the phrase "I'm not going to" several times. However, when he said this phrase, it sounded more like "I'm not gonna." Which of the components of vocal delivery was Ben neglecting during his speech?articulationWhich of the following is a similarity between public speaking and everyday conversation? Delivery style Language choices Goal driven Use of notes Organizationgoal drivenWhich of the following is an effective strategy for visualizing success? Focusing on audience reactions Reading the speech multiple times Practicing before an audience Listening to calm music Thinking through the speech while aloneThinking through the speech while aloneWhile writing his speech Lee included sentences from sources in which he changed only a few words and did not cite the original author. Lee committed what type of plagiarism? Patchworking Incremental Citation error Global MinimalpatchworkingIn the United States we derive much of our meaning from the language used in conversation and little meaning from the nonverbal cues used in conversation. This is an example of a _____ culture.low context cultureKailyn stated in her speech: "I will be telling you about the rice, applesauce and toast - better known as RAT - diet by explaining more about it." This is an example of which of the following speech purpose statements? informative specific purpose informative general purpose persuasive value general purpose persuasive value specific purpose persuasive policy specific purposeinformative general purposeAn important characteristic of information literacy is ______________. Avoiding all .coms as Internet sources Including interviews in all speeches Knowing that written citations are more important than oral citations Including information that creates new knowledge Finding the most readily available informationIncluding information that creates new knowledgeTestimony from someone who is in the same peer group as the audience, but who is not necessarily an expert on the topic, is an example of __________.peer testimonyRoscoe is giving a speech on how to train for a marathon. He knows he needs to include a thesis in the introduction. A thesis is __________.One sentence on what the speech will be aboutIn a question of __________ speech, the speaker asks audience members to take action.policyKen is the designated leader for an upcoming group presentation, and he sees his role as taking more of a laid back approach and allowing all group members to figure out the essentials of the presentation for themselves. His group members would likely describe Ken as a __________ leader.Laissez-faireAmy completes her speech outline and notices that she may have made a mistake. She lists her specific ideas first, followed by the most general ideas. Which outlining principle has Amy failed to utilize?subordinationTina gave a speech about the Essence Music Festival. This is an example of a speech about a(n) _________.eventSherry delivered a persuasive speech about the postal system to her class. In this speech she stated that "the US mailman has an important and stressful job that the entire country relies on but seldom thinks about." What is wrong with this statement? It is biased It doesn't use gender-inclusive language It is not audience-centered It is inaccurate It is not credibleIt doesn't use gender-inclusive languageIf Jared wants his audience to understand more about 1980s cinema, his general purpose for his speech would be ____________.informativeAt the end of his speech, Tim Cook leaves the audience with a memorable quote about how we can all work together to create a closer Auburn family. Tim Cook has effectively incorporated which component of the speech? Transition Clincher Signpost Signal HookclincherIn her speech on why car insurance premiums should be reduced, Carlie wanted to include personal information. She stated: "I don't think my insurance premium should have gone up after my car accident because it clearly wasn't my fault. Two minutes before my accident a black cat crossed my path and as you all know a black cat crossing your path brings bad luck. I just couldn't help it." What type of fallacy did Carlie commit?false cause