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dar a

to face, to look out on

dar con

to run into

dar a conocer

to make known

dar cuerda

to wind

dar gritos

to shout, to scream

dar la hora

to strike (the hour)

dar las gracias

to thank

dar recuerdos a

to give regards to

dar un abrazo

to hug

dar un paseo

to take a walk

dar un paseo (una vuelta) en coche

to go for a ride

dar una vuelta

to take a walk

darse cuenta de (que)

to realize (that)

darse la mano

to shake hands

darse prisa

to hurry

echar (una carta, una tarjeta, etc.)

to mail (a letter, a card, etc.)

echar la culpa

to blame

echar(se) a perder

to spoil, to ruin, to lose its good taste

echar de menos a alguien

to miss someone

echarse reír

to burst out laughing

estar a punto de

to be about to

estar al día

to be up to date (current)

estar bien enterado

to be well-informed

estar de acuerdo

to agree unanimously

estar de buen (mal) humor

to be in a good (bad) mood

estar de moda

to be in style (fashionable)

estar de pie

to be standing

estar de vuelta

to be back

estar enamorado de

to be in love with

estar harto de

to be fed up with

estar muerto de hambre

to be starving

estar muerto de cansancio

to be dead tired

estar muerto de sueño

to be very sleepy

estar para + infinitive

to be about to, to be at the point of

(no) estar para bromas

to not be in the mood for jokes

estar por

to be in favor of

estar seguro

to be sure

(no) hacer caso a

(not) to pay attention, (not) to listen to, to ignore

hacer el papel de

to play the part (role) of

hacer escala

to make a stop

hacer hincapié

to emphasize

hacer la cama

to make the bed

hacer la maleta

to pack one's suitcase

hacer pedazos

to smash, to tear into pieces

hacer un viaje

to take a trip

hacer una pregunta

to ask a question

hacer una visita

to pay a visit

hacerle daño a alguien


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