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What rank is Africa in terms of size


How many times larger is Africa then the continental USA?


What is Pangaea?

An ancient supercontinent

Most of Africa is located on what kind of landform

huge plateu sytem or mountains

what percent of africa is desert


List the 2 primary deserts of Africa


List the 2 primary mountain chains for Africa


List the 2 famous peaks of Africa


How has the great rift valley been created?

the two plates are pulling away

How long is the Nile River


What is the source of the Nile River

Lake Victoria

What nations does the Nile end in?


What percent of Africa is farmable?


Most of Africa is located between the Tropic _______and the tropic of_______


The highest recorded temperature in Africa is


How much of the Sahara is rolling sand dunes


How many miles long and wide is the Sahara

long- 1200

What is located beneath the deserts of Africa?


What is an aquifer

huge stores of water

What is an oasis

vegetation zone

What animal would one want to take if traveling in the desert? Why?

Camel, they can last up to 14 days

What part of Africa receives the most rain?

Central Africa

What is a savannah?

a plain full of grassland

What is an example of a savannah?

Serengeti Plain

How many different species of plants and animals live in just 1 acre of rainforest?


What is a canopy in regards to rainforest?

The upper layer of the rainforest

What is desertification?

When it dries up and it starts to turn into desert

What region in Africa is in great danger of desertification?


List the 3 main causes of desertification?

Over grazing

What African nation is the 6th largest oil producer in the world?


How many neglected oil spills has Nigeria had over the years?


What dam has Egypt constructed on the Nile River?


What Lake has this dam created?

Lake Nassar

What are 2 positives of this dam?

Year long water: Increased Egypts arable land

What are 2 drawbacks of this dam

a lot of people to move: many of Egypts ancient wonders were buried

What area is the cradle of humanity

East Africa

What is a pandemic?

an uncontrollable outbreak of a disease

What are the 2 main civilizations of North Africa?

Egypt and Carthage

What is a souk?

marketplace with music and story tellers which are located in the medina

What is a medina?

old section of a N. African city

What is a Rai and what did it lead to?

Form of music,lead to rap music

List 2 ways the way of women in North Africa is changing?

Men can only have 1 wife.
No preteen marriages for girls

List the primary early cultures of West Africa?


What resources supported these cultures?


What is a stateless society?

rely on ones family to govern themselves

what is a kente?

popular form of art in this region

what is an apartheid?

basically all aspects of life were segregated

Who is Nelson Mandela

fought for equal rights and got thrown in jail after a revolution in the nation he was realesed and became president in 1994

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