Am. History Ch. 23 Section 1 & 2

American History Chapter 23 Sections 1 and 2 Vocabulary
Policy of making military power a primary goal of a nation
Zimmerman Telegram
Telegram telling the German ambassador to ask Mexico to declare war on the U.S.
Central Powers
World War I alliance of Germany, Austria-Humgary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria
General John. J. Pershing
Commander of American forces in Europe in World War I
Opinions expressed for the purpose of influencing the actions of others
American Expeditionary Forces
The American army that fought in Europe in World War I
Sedition Act
1918 law that made it illegal to criticize the government
Trench Warfare
Warfare in which soldiers dug into deep trenches across the battlefield
World War I alliance of Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Serbia ant others
German submarine
Single-party political system in which the government controls and plans the economy with the goal of common ownership of all property
Espionage Act
1917 law that set heavy fines and lon prison terms for antiwar activities
Committee on public information
Government organization that produced propaganda to build support for the war
War bonds
A low-interest loan by civilians to the government meant to be repaid in a number of years
War Industries Board
Managed the buying and distribution of war materials;set goals for production, ordered construction of new factories and with the president's approval, also set prices
Pride in and loyalty to nation