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Which of the theories listed below assumes the following;

Vividly imagined events produce an innervation in muscles that is similar to the innervation produced by physically practicing the movement.
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According to Self-Efficacy Theory, which of the following is NOT a source of efficacy information which impacts efficacy expectations and in turn athletic performance?Organizational CultureCoaches often form expectations of athletes based on which of the following items?Performance information and person cuesSport self-confidence is currently viewed as which of the following?State-like or trait-like depending on the situationSelf-efficacy has been used interchangeably with which of the following?Self-confidenceWhich of the following is an examples of how coaches' expectations influence their behaviors?All of these are ways that coach expectations influence their behaviorsConfidence is usually defined by sport psychologists as which of the following?A belief that you can successfully perform a desired behaviorone's confidence can change as the situation changes. This is known as which of the following?State self-confidenceAll of the following are ways to build self-confidence except for which of the answers below?Putting physical conditioning and training on the back-burner to train the mentalAll of the following are benefits of self-confidence except for which of the answers below?Self-confidence decreases effortConfidence is seen as multidimensional, consisting of confidence in which of the following areas?All of theseWhich type of self-talk best describes the following statement? "Follow through straight to target..."InstructionalThe statement that, "increases in emotional arousal narrow the attentional field due to a reduction in the range of cues that a performer can attend to," most aligns with which of the following concepts?Attentional AlertnessWhich of the following answers illustrates a known difference between the processing abilities of expert athletes compared to novice athletes?All of these illustrate differences between expert and novice athletesThe statement that. "attention is limited in the amount of information that can be processed at one time, but with more proficiency at a task an individual can switch from controlled to automatic processing," most aligns with which of the following concepts?Attentional CapacityIf just before a tee shot, a golfer shifts her attention from the length of the fairway and the direction of the wind to focusing only on the ball, her attention has shifted from _____ to _____.Broad-external; narrow-externalThe statement that, "some information is allowed into the processing system while other information is screened out or ignored," most aligns with which of the following concepts?Attentional SelectivityThe concept of attentional alertness operates under the assumption that increases in arousal will cause which of the following to occur?attention to narrowUsing a trigger word to stop negative self-statements can be best described by which of the following options?thought stopping"Ironic processes in sport" refers to which of the following?The idea that trying not to perform an action can trigger its occurrence accidentallyWhich of the theories listed below assumes the following? Attention is distributed throughout the nervous system (like microprocessors) and each microprocessor has its own unique capabilities and relationship with the performer.Multiple-resource Pool TheoryBased on the pendulum example of the Indiana basketball team, which of the following is NOT a stage of group development?Information and knowledgeWhen thinking about group structure, it is important to understand that there are two types of roles that exist in any group or team. Which of the following answers best describes those roles?Formal and InformalWhich of the group development theories listed below assumes the following; 1.) Groups move progressively through different stages. 2.) Critical issues may arise in each stages, but when issues are resolved in each stage, the group moves on.Linear PerspectiveWhich theory of group development assumes that teams develop by moving through forming, storming, norming, and performing stages?Linear PerspectiveA coach creating a culture in which their players understand that the team wins together and loses together is an example of which of the following?Task interdependenceA team captain or team role model putting in unbelievable hours of practice and insisting a high level of effort from others would be an example of which of the following?Productivity NormDean Smith, former basketball coach at the University of North Carolina, often played his reserves as a unit early in the game. This is an example that emphasized which of the following concepts?Role acceptanceTeam building is considered part of which stage of team development?FormingIf a coach were attempting to eliminate social loafing on their team they would want to avoid doing which of the following things?Creating practice situations where evaluating output and comparing against a group standard is impossibleHaving all members of an exercise class wear special T-shirts with special logos is a way of enhancing group...DistinctivenessWhich of the following is NOT an aspect of team structure associated with the principles that underlie a team-building program?TogethernessWhen we discussed enhancing cohesion, the acronym MAPS was addressed. Which of the following pieces of the acronym for MAPS is incorrect?AttitudeIn class we discussed different questionnaires that could be used to measure cohesion. Of those questionnaires, which is the most widely used due to it being deemed reliable, valid, and ultimately successful when used in both a sport or exercise setting?Group environment Questionnaire (GEQ)If a team member was trying to build cohesion within their unit which of the things listed below would they be least likely to do?Wait a couple weeks after a conflict has arisen to address the address the concernsWhich instrument would be the best to use if you were wanting to determine affiliation and attractiveness of group members, including the following; The presence of absence of cliques Members' perceptions of group closeness Friendship choices in a group Social isolation of individual group membersSociogramThe common thread among the definitions of cohesion is that cohesion is made up of what two basic dimensions?Task and social cohesionWhen looking at the relationship between cohesion and performance what has research shown to be true?Cohesion increases performance in both interactive and coactive sportsWhich of the following statements best represents the relationship between cohesion and performance?The relationship is circularCarron's conceptual model of cohesion outlines four major factors that affect the development of cohesion in a sport and exercise setting. Which of options below best describes the environmental factors that impact cohesion?Contractual responsibility and organizational orientationWhen creating shared team values it is important to do which of the following things?All of theseAccording to Morgan's research, which of the following is true?The heavier the training stimulus, the greater the mood disturbanceWhich of the following is a helpful treatment for burnout?Take relaxation breaksBased on research with elite high school wrestlers and distance runners, which of the following are the two major sources of the stress experienced by elite junior athletes?Fear of failure and feelings of inadequacyCoakley's model of burnout emphasizes which two concepts?unidimensional identity and the lack of athlete control over the environmentHjam and colleagues (2007) investigated gender differences and burnout in coaches and found which of the following to be true?Coaches of female teams had higher levels of burnout than coaches of male teamsOvertraining refers to a training cycle of approximately?A few days to a few monthsThe deliberate strategy of exposing athletes to high-volume and high-intensity training loads followed by a lower training load (a rest or taper phase), for the purposes of performance enhancement would describe which of the following concepts?Periodized trainingRaedeke argues that burnout can be studied within a sport commitment approach. In essence, many athletes feel burned out but nevertheless continue to participate in their sport because of which of the following reasons?All of theseAccording to the latest research on overtraining, if the source of the stressor is psychological, then the recovery strategy should focus on which of the following?Thought management strategiesWhich of the following is NOT a symptom of overtraining?Deteriorating relationshipsWhich of the following has research shown to be predictive of athletic injury?Life stressBased on research by Petitpas and Danish, which of the following is a psychological reaction associated with injury?All of theseImagery has been used in injury rehabilitation in which of the following ways?All of theseResearch by Perna and colleagues has shown that high levels of stress can affect the physiology of injury recovery by doing which of the following?All of theseReturning to play after injury includes many psychological challenges. Which of the following is the least likely example of a psychological challenge when returning to play?decreased motivation to playAccording to a study of injured elite skiers, which of the following was NOT a recommendation to other athletes for coping with season-ending injuries and facilitating rehabilitation?Focus on quantity of trainingWhich of the following is a typical reaction to injury?All of theseWhich of the following is NOT a predictor of adherence to sport injury rehabilitation?Negative or self-defeating thoughtsWhich of the following is NOT a way in which a practitioner should attempt to build rapport with an injured athlete?Being overly optimisticAll of the following are common psychological skills used while rehabilitating from injury except...Leadership