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People of the 18th century were determined by_______ and _______

Good and evil

Colonists that are loyal to Great Britain


What did the literature of the 18th century include?

Politics and government

Convinces readers to think or act in a certain way


Repeating grammatical structures


Restating an idea using the same words


Author known for personification

Phillis Wheatly

Most powerful orator of the american

Patrick Henry

Ben Franklin's piece of literature to get to moral perfection

"The Autobiography"

What piece of literature describes night's restorical powers?

"An Hymn to the Evening"

Who does Paine address in in The Crisis Number

The soilders

Crevecours definition of an american involves _____ and ______

Hardwork and self interest

A short, concise statement expressing a wise or clever observation or general truth.


A person's account of his or her life


Advocate for women's rights and the opposition of slavery

Abigail Adams

Letters that are conversational & intended only for the reader to whom they are addressed

Private letters

Wife of the 2nd president and mother of the 6th

Abigail Adams

She was taught how to read and write by her slave owner

Phillis Wheatly

She published her first poem at 13 years old

Phillis Wheatly

Recorded his experiences as a European immigrant in America


Illustrated an idealistic vision of America


Letters that are intended for a wide audience these letters are created for general publication but written in the form of a personal letter.

Public letters

Signed Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Treaty of Alliance with France, & Peace Treaty with England

Ben Franklin

Defender of American Rights

Thomas Jefferson

Drafted the Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson

Who is Crevecoeur's intended audience?

The Europeans to come to America (the poor)

How would you summarize Crevecoeur's definition of an American?

An American is a new man and they are a mixed race ( melting pot )

Literature produced by Native Americans

Haunting poetry & legends

Literature produced by Puritans

Powerful inward-looking words

Literature produced by Statement of Revolutionary period

Political documents

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