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Japanese, Howl's Moving Castle Vocabulary

引き付ける, 引付ける, 引きつける, 引付る, 惹き付ける, 惹きつける [ひきつける]
to fascinate, to attract, to charm, to pull up (at a gate), to have a convulsion
物騒 [ぶっそう]
dangerous, disturbed, insecure
荒地, 荒れ地 [あれち, こうち]
wasteland, wilderness, abandoned land, devastated land, The Wasteland (poem by T.S. Eliot)
先, 前 [さき]
previous, prior, former, some time ago, preceding, point (e.g. pencil), tip, end, nozzle, head (of a line), front, ahead, the other side, the future, hereafter, destination, the other party
彷徨く [うろつく, ウロつく]
to loiter, to putter, to prowl, to wander aimlessly, to knock around, to be confused from not knowing what to do
杖 [つえ]
cane, walking stick, staff
株 [かぶ]
share, stock, stump (of tree)
呪い, 詛い, 咒い [のろい]
curse, spell, malediction
大人しい [おとなしい]
obedient, docile, quiet
変装 [へんそう]
disguise, masquerade
住まい, 住居, 住い [すまい, じゅうきょ]
dwelling, house, residence, address
如何にも [いかにも]
indeed, really, phrase meaning agreement
出鱈目 [でたらめ, デタラメ]
irresponsible utterance, nonsense, bullshit, codswallop, random, haphazard, unsystematic
宮殿 [きゅうでん]
参上 [さんじょう]
calling on, visiting
loiteringly, aimless wandering
取引, 取り引き, 取引き [とりひき]
transactions, dealings, business
掃除婦 [そうじふ]
cleaning woman
焼き付く, 焼きつく, 焼付く [やきつく]
to scorch
強力 [きょうりょく]
powerful, strong
手下 [てした]
subordinate, underling
暴れる [あばれる]
to act violently, to rage, to struggle, to be riotous
挟まる [はさまる]
to get between, to be caught in
案山子, 鹿驚 [かかし, かがし, あんざんし, そおど, そおず, そほず, そほど]
scarecrow, figurehead
逆さ, 倒さ [さかさ]
reverse, inversion, upside down
綺麗好き [きれいずき]
tidy (of people), neat, liking cleanliness
鉄, 鐵 [てつ]
国境 [こっきょう, くにざかい]
national or state border
火薬 [かやく]
gunpowder, powder
礼儀 [れいぎ]
manners, courtesy, etiquette
同業者 [どうぎょうしゃ]
person in the same business, the profession, the trade
怪物 [かいぶつ]
変身 [へんしん]
metamorphosis, disguise, transformation
国王 [こくおう]
呼び出す, 喚び出す, 呼出す [よびだす]
to summon, to call (e.g. phone), to convene, to decoy, to lure, to invoke (e.g. subroutine), to call
弄る [いじる, まさぐる]
to touch, to tamper with, to grope about, to feel for something
棚 [たな]
shelf, shelves, ledge, rack, trellis
弄くる [いじくる]
to finger, to tamper (with)
屈辱 [くつじょく]
disgrace, humiliation
癇癪, 疳癪 [かんしゃく]
passion, temper, irritability
臆病, 憶病, おく病 [おくびょう]
cowardice, timidity
堪らない [たまらない]
intolerable, unbearable, unendurable, cannot help (doing), cannot but do, anxious to do, tremendous, out of this world, irresistible
恐ろしい, 怖ろしい [おそろしい]
terrible, dreadful, terrifying, frightening, frightened, surprising, startling, tremendous, amazing
碌でなし, 陸でなし [ろくでなし]
bum, good-for-nothing, ne'er-do-well
付いていく, 付いて行く, 付いてゆく, ついて行く [ついていく, ついてゆく]
to accompany, to follow
契約 [けいやく]
contract, compact, agreement
飼う [かう]
to keep, to raise, to feed
殖やす, 増やす [ふやす]
to increase, to add to, to augment
exactly, neatly, sharp
隠れ家, かくれ家, 隠れ処, 隠処 [かくれが]
hiding place, refuge
stealthily, secretly
ため息をつく, 溜息をつく, 溜息を吐く, ため息を吐く [ためいきをつく]
to sigh, to breathe a sigh
嘸 [さぞ]
I am sure, certainly, no doubt
ぼろぼろ, ボロボロ
worn-out, torn, crumbling, tattered, tears or grain of rice falling
崩れる [くずれる]
to collapse, to crumble
煙突, 烟突 [えんとつ]
chimney, smokestack, funnel (of a ship), stovepipe, carrying a passenger without turning on the taximeter
湿る [しめる]
to be wet, to become wet, to be damp
くたくた, ぐたぐた, ぐだぐだ
exhausted, tired, withered, worn out, boiling until shapeless or mushy, tediously, repetitively, wordily