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a small metal container with a lid; it is used for holding dry foods such as sugar, flour, and coffee


a small object in the sky that travels around the sun; it looks like a bright star with a shining tail


a box made of strips of wood; it is used to hold things being moved or stored


a small stream that is not big enough to be called a river


a knife with a sharp, pointed blade used for stabbing


a large animal with thick gray skin, big floppy ears, a long trunk, and two curved and pointed tusks


a piece of iron that draws other iron objects toward it


a round container like a bucket; it is used mainly for holding water and other liquids


a tool like a shovel with raised sides; it can be very large or quite small; it is used for digging into and lifting anything soft


the outline of buildings, mountains, or the earth itself seen against the sky


a stick or post sharpened at one end so that it can be driven into the ground


two long poles with supports for the feet; on these, a person can walk several feet above the ground

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