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Generalist ec-6 TeXes Study Guide -History

Kindergarden thru 3rd grade:
1.should use a simplified 12 inch globe.
Holistic Scoring
2.No more than 3 colors for land elevation
3.No more than 2 colors to represent water depth
4. Should only include Largest rivers, cities, oceans
Grades 4-6:
1. use the 16 inch Globe
2. 7 colors for land elevation
3. 3 colors represent water depth
Maps and Globes
Main purpose: familiarize children with the basic
roundness of the earth and to gegin developing
a global perspective
map concepts in 5th and 6th grade
1. create and interpret maps
2. use maps and globes to pose and answer questions
3. locate major historical and contemporay societies
4. solve real life problems ( Road maps)
4. Should only include Largest rivers, cities, oceans
Thematic Untis
help teachers to integrate the content areas.
teachers select a theme and organize content area instruction around it.
Thematic Units
Ideal for ELLs b/c the use of a common theme in
multiple content areas make content more accessible
Pictorial Graph --
most concrete type of graph b/c it uses a Picture of the objects being represented
Bar Graph
more concrete than Pie graph b/c pie deals with % not required
Pie Graph -
Represents research Information
ideal for promoting concept formation in a concrete fashion
is constructed to allow the easy comparison of two or more sets of data
Narrative Charts -
shows events in a sequence
Organizational Chart -
structure of a organization
Flow Chart -
involving changes a certain points
words that are similar in two languages
Greek and Roman Civilization
English and most western languages have been
heavily influenced by the
Semantic Webb or Tree Diagram
Shows the relationship b/t Main idea and
Subordinated components
Time line
summary of Chronological events and is ideal for
storing historic events or events in a sequence
Flow Chart
Shows cause and effect relationships and can be used to show steps in a process
Venn Diagram
uses circles to compare common and unique elements of two or more components
Sheltered English
instructional approach designed to make content
comprehensible for ELLs
Sheltered English
Respond better to short simple sentences
introduce Technical voc before the lesson
Use repetition, restatment and paraphrasing to clarify
use oral presentation diagrams, graph organizers ect..
Role play
emphasize the gist of the content instead of details most effective in classroom with students from many language groups who are at least at the intermediate Use graphic organizers to simplify chunks of content
Academic Vocabulary in Social Studies
is the vocabulary of teaching and learning
is the vocabulary needed to understand the concept of school
Steps to teaching Academic Vocabulary
Provide description, explanation or example of term student restate the description, exampl in own words student creates by drawing a picture, symbol, or graph of the word. students participates in activities that help add knowled
of terms participates in games and activities that reinforce term
New England Colonies
farming and small industries, fishing, lumber, crafts
New England Colonies
what cities were part of the New England Colonies
Connecticut -Royal charter
New Hampshire
Middle colonies
southwestern united states and northern mexico
developed :
Anasazi and the Hohokam
Industrial Revolution and modern technology
Mining of Fossil fuel provied the energy needed to
expand and promte industrial developmnet
Imporvement of steam engine and industrial machines
let to the mass production of goods and a better
distribution system
economic grouth motivated people to leave the Rural
areas and move to the cities
developed adobe architetecture consisting of
individual apartments, storage areas and plaza
built the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, Colorado for protection
Worked the land extensively developed irrigation system * made cloth and baskets
Built separate stoneand timber houses around a plaza developed :
Anasazi or the Hohokam
Neither developed a writen language
Pueblo Indians
improved the architectureal tradition and farming techn produce drought resistant corn and squash foundation for their diet suggest that the Anasazi settled along the Rio Grande and Intermarreied the local population, leading to the Emergence of the
Ontario canada
Hunted and fished
Farming became MAIN economic activity
women did most of farming
Iroquois Confederation - Discouraged war among
the group and to provide for a common defense
Virginia house of Burgesses
first colonial assembly of elected representatives
from the Virginia settlement
established in JAMESTOWN to represent the colonist
in the state of Virginia in the lawmaking process
Mayflower Compact
Drawn and signed by the Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower Pledged to consult one another to make decisions and to act by the Will of the Majority
Mayflower Compact
One of the earliest agreements to establish a political body and to give that body the power to act for the good of the colony
Enlightment - age of reason
refers to a period during the 17th and 18th centuriesbegan questioning religious dogmas and emphasizing scientific reasoning and knowledge
American Revolution
Moticated the Spanish colonies to seek Independence from the Virginia settlement
Mercantile System
TO exploit the colonies
1.Wealth of the nation is measured in terms of:
Commodities accured especially Gold and Silver
2.Economic activities can Increase the power and
control of the National government
3.Colonies existed for the benefit of the MOTHER
Indentured servents
system was used to bring workers to New World. They would seel Themselves to an agent or ship captain before leaving England. In return, would be sold to a byter in the colines to recover the cost of passage
Indentured servent
were given a piece of land for thier services. Not applied to African Americans, permanent slavery was institued
American War for Independence
Main reason - Economic in nature
American War for Independence
Another reason for the war was the cost of the French and Indian war. Seven years war, emptied the British offers and the British Crown needed a quick way to recover Financially.
American War for Independence
The taxation system that follwed the French and Indian war was unbearable for the colonies.
They Boycotted the government of KING GEORGE
They responded by sending british troops to
Boston. BOSTON MASSACRE - Boston Tea Party
American War of Independe
Boston Tea Party Colonist dumped tea in the harbor to protest against taxation.
All these events let to the
elected commander of the American Forces against the British. War was declared against the British
Thonas Jefferson
Prepared Declaration of Independence July 4th 1776 Pronounced the colonies FREE and INDEPENDENT States
Declaration of Independence Consisted of
Preamble or Constitution
1. Stress natural unalinable rights and liberitesto all people from birth
2. Consist of a list of specific grievances and injustices committed by Britian
3. Announces the colonies as the UNITED STATES of America Provided - EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL PEOPLE
Began in Massachusetts of towns:
Concord and Lexington
Paul Revere - warned colonist British are coming
Minutemen took up arms

Bunker Hill and long island British Defeated the Colonist
French joined the war with Americans, in the Seven
year war, defeated Britian at Yorktown, Virginia 1781
Treaty of Paris
Signed in 1783

Ended the ear and gave Independence to the new
Treaty of Paris
Ended the seven year war of the American
Monroe Doctrine
made clear to European countries
that US was not going to permit the establishment
of coloines in the Western Hemishere
also banned European countries from attacking
the New American Republic that were just becoming
established in 19th centuries, NOR was the US to
become involved in European Affairs
America for Americans
Known as Monroe Doctrine
Eli Whitneys Cotton Gin
Became economic mainstay in South, demand for labor increased the slave trade
North Prohibited slavery
Issue of slavery resulted in the
Amercian Civil War
Abraham Lincoln-
-Issued the Emancipation Proclamation
Granting Freedom to slaves in the South
Emancipation Proclamat
Granting Freedom to slaves in the South
Emancipation Proclamation Passed in
1804 New York and New Jersey had passed the gradual emancipation laws, meanwhile, slave trade int eh south grew to met the economic needs
13th amendment -
Abolished Salvery
14th amendment -
Gave African Americans Full
15th amendment -
Granted voting rights to Black Men
Slavery divided the nation
1800's slavery abolished in the North
north became more urban and industrialized than the south
Norhtern states
received lots of immigrants who provided labor.
Southern states
was rural few immigrants and needed slaves as labor
John Breckinridge
Proslavery candidate
Abraham Lincoln
Antislavery candidate
Election of Lincoln resulted in the
secession of the southern states from the union, the creation of the Confederacy and the start of the American Civil War
Jefferson Davis as President
Confederate States of the southern states
Battle of Gettyburg
Most disastrous event of the war in history of US
50K died from North and South
Battle of Gettyburg
Pres Lincolon Delieverd the Eulogy for the fallen Soilders
Robert E Lee -
Confederate Commander

Battle of Gettyburg
50,000 soilders from north and south died
Ulysses Grant
Commander of
the Union Forces
Robert E Lee
Surrendered to Ulysses Grant
Reconstruction ERA 1865-1867
was characterized by hatred and violence
assassinated in 1865, shortly after the war
CIVIL WAR Started in
1800's slavery abolished in the North Because:
north became more urban and industrialized than the south
Norhtern states received lots of immigrants who
provided labor. Southern states was rural
few immigrants and needed slaves as labo
Andrew Johnson
in charge of reconstruction era, a Southern disliked by North as well
as the South, was also IMPREACHED
passed by southern legislatures to control former
Restricted free assembly, while others restricted
types of jobs
declared that all persons born in the US were citizenship, that all citizens were entilted to equal rights and their rights wer protected by due process
Enforced strict separation in the South
Also kept from voting by POLL TAXES and
blacks in the north were not able to find jobs
Black codes
The major obstacle to the reunification of the nation resulted from the
established during the Reconstruction to continue the implementation of the Black codes and to terroize Blacks
Civil Rights
Are legal and plictical righs of the people who live in a particular country.
Contitution and the Bill of Rights
In the US, the Guarantee Civil rights to American Citizens and residents
Bill of rights
First 10 Amendments are called
Reconstruction Era
amendments 13,14,15 were passed due to the
Civil Rights movement
A movement that sought equality for Blacks. Even after the 13,14,15 were added , blacks were denied fulll civil rights.
paved the way to economic Recovery
The Reconstruction that followed the war also
played a VITAL ROLE in the development
of the US as
a Solid Economic and Industrial Nation
Due Process
is the principle that the government must respect all the legal rights that are owed to a person
Plessy vs Ferguson
Legalized segregation, allowing separate but
equal facilities for black and white students
President Truman
President Truman
Ordered the integration of the ARMED FORCES
and introduced Civil Rights Legislation in Congress
Challenged the laws of segregaton with the
Brown V Board of Education Of Topeka
IN 1954
Supreme court ruled that racial segregation
Rosa parks
Montgomery bus Company boycott
Well known activist and respecte citizen of
Montgomery Alabana
Refused to give up her seat on a bus
Rosa Parks
Her action prompted the NAACP to form
Led by Dr. Martin Luther King
Dr Martin Luther King
I have a dream support of the Civil Rights Act 1964
He was assasinated in 1968 - Memphis Tenn
Civil Rights ACT of 1964
Resulted in Prohibited segregation in all Public Facilities and discrimination in education and employment
President John F Kennedy
Proposed new Civil rights laws and also to help
millions in poverty
President John F Kennedy
Assinatied in Dallas 1963
President Lyndon B Johnson
- Urged Congress to pass the laws in honor of Kennedy
19th amendment
Women the right to Vote 19th guaranteed women the right to vote 1920
Equal Bill of Rights Amendment of 1972
Gurantees women equal rights
Mexican American Civil Rights Movement
Reies Tijerina - Initiated the Movement in New Mexico
1960 struggle for human rights
initiated a movement called the CHICANO Movement
Movement was cultural as well as Political
4 main goals:
Restoration of land grants, farm workers rights,
education and political rights
Reies Tijerina
initiated a movement called the CHICANO Movement
CHICANO Movement 4 main goals
Restoration of land grants, farm workers rights,
education and political rights
Spanish American War of 1898
War between Spain and US made the US a World Power
Guadalupe Kidlgo Treaty
Sought to recover the land taken from the
Mexican Americans as a result of the
Rodolfo Gonzales -
Founded the Crusade for
Justice as a platform for the movement
Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huertas
1.Support the rights of Farm workers
2.human right leaders
3.fought for better working conditions
4.fought for fair compensation for agricultural workers
5.Fought for education and political rights of Mex. Amer
6.Paved the way for better schools and programs
for Mex Amer and minority in general
Equal pay Act 1963 and Civil Rights Act 1964
Attain better employment and professional opportunities prohibited discrimination based on gender
Civil Rights Act 1964
prohibited discrimination based on gender
Betty Friedan
Author of the Feminine Nystique
National Organization for Women (NOW)
Equal Rights amendment fo 1972
Guarantees women equal rights
Temperance Movement
organized effort to encourage moderation in the
consumptoin of intoxicating liquors or press for complete abstinence
18th amendment
Sought to Prohibit Alcohol consumption
marked the adoption of the
Prohibition was never really enforced
Spanish American war 1898
War between Spain and US
Made US a World Power
Spanish American war 1898
US Gained control of the Phillippines, Guam, and
Puerto Rico - Now US territories
World War I
First Global war began in EUROPE
Involved two alliances - Alles and Central powers

Central Powers - Neutral - Americans, benefited from trading with
World War I
Involved two alliances - Alles and Central powers
Allies -
England, France, Russia, and Italy
Central Powers -
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey
and Bugaria
Neutral -
Americans, benefited from trading with
World war I
Germans developed a new Weapon, submarine, and used it to destroy Allied ships
Germans sank a British Liner - Lusitanica, killed 128 americans, and american cargo ships were sunk
President Wilson -
declared war on Germany and
Central powers
Treaty fo Versailles
Ended the World War I
Treaty fo Versailles
Central Powers were severly punished and forced to pay for the War.
Treaty fo Versailles
This created resentment by the Germans
creating World War II
Bolshevik Revolution In Russia
Led by Bladimir Lenin
Led by Bladimir Lenin
Took over the Government in Russia
British Liner, killing more than 1100 passengers, including Americans
President Wilson
asked congress to declare war against germany and the central powers because of the Lusitania being sunk
Treaty of Versailles
Result of this Treaty let to WORLD WAR II because of the resentment by the Germans being forced to pay for the War they caused
Franklin D Roosevelt
New Deal 1933-1937 designed to revitalize the economy and alleciate poverty and depair caused by the depression
Franklin D Roosevelt
Response to the Great Depression
created the 3 R's
relief, recovery, and reform.
Relief for unemployment, recovery of the economy
to normal levels, and reform of the financial system
to prevent a repeat
Great Depression
After WWI, 1929 Stock Market Crashed. Millions lost jobs10year period
Golden 1920's
After the WWI, US enjoyed a period of Prosperity
World War II
Emergence of Totalitarian countries like:
Russia, Germany, Italy created instability in
Europe and eventually led to war
Communist Russia-under a leader of _____became a threat the European countries
Italy -
FASCIST, beligerent state, liberties ignored
- Adolf
Germany - avenge the humiliating defeat WWI
Germany, Italy, Japan
Russia, France, England
German Invasion of Poland
Two days later - France and England declared war against Germany, but lost to Germany
Hitler conquored in a short time
United States
Suported the Allies with supplies and weapons but did not send troops
Pearl Harbor
United States Remained Neutral until Japan boomed?
In what year did Japan boom Pearl Harbor
With Hitler in Control of Europe, US joined England and French to execute invasion of Europe 1944,
General Eisenhower
with Allied soilders, crossed the
English Channel into France and launched one
of the largest attacks against Germany
Largest attack on Germany was known as
The Result of D-Day
France was freed from Germany Ocuupation
With combined forces of England, Russia, and
Canada along with United States - Hitler and Axis
forces were finally defeated and resulted what?
Yalta Conference -
Germany would be divided into
four section, Each controlled by allied country by:
Britain, France, Russia and United States
Leaders of Allied Forces
Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, President Roosevelt
Yalta Conference Purpose
Germany were to pay for war reparations in money and labor
Poland was divided, Russia received control
of one section and later thy took full control of the
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Ended World War II Officially
President Harry Truman
Atomic Bomb - Ended World War II
Marshall Plan
To rebuild the economic infrastructure in Europe
Us Provided money and machinary for the
reconstruction of Europe
Truman Doctrine
States: The US will help any nation in danger of falling under communist control
Truman Doctrine
Lead the US to become involved in two major Military Conflicts
Two major conflicts due to the Truman Doctrine
Koren and Vietnam war
Cold War
Negotiations between:
Premier Khrushchev and President Kennedy
avoided war between the two countries
Cuban Missile Crisis
Most intense confrontation of the COLD WAR was:
President Kennedy was President
President Kennedy in office during the
Cuban Missle Crisis
Cold war Ended with the fall of ?
of the Soviet Union under:
Mikhail Gorbachex

Fall of the Soviet Union empire resulted in the
reunificatin of Germany and the creation of multiple
smaller countries in Russia that gained Independence
As a result of the Yalta Conference, Russia became
most powerful country in the region, resulting in a new war between Soviet Union and United States - Cold War 1945-1991
Nikita Khrushschex
Oreded the deployment of Nuclear Missiles to cuba
Kennedy was in office
Economy of Texas
Oil Production
High Technologies industries
Declaration of Independence
Pronounced the colonies Free and Independent States
Declaration of Independence
Consist of Three parts:
1. Stresses Natural Unalienable righes and liberties that belong to all people from birth
2. Consist of a list of specific grievances and injustices commited by Britian
3. Announces the colonies as the United States of America Provided the Foundation to establish Equal Rights for all People
Treaty of Paris
Officially signed in 1783, ended the war and gave
independence to the new nation
Coastal Plains Inhabitants
Caddos - Very Sophisticated Food Gatherers, Fishermen, Farmers
Central Plains,
Flatland, Hills Inhabitants Apaches
Great Plains,
Flatland, Hills Inhabitants
Domesticated Horses, Introduced by the Spaniards
Fearless warriors, great buffalo hunters,Farmers
identified themselves as Tayasha - means Friend
Spaniards thought they were calling the region TEXAS
so Now, Texas and motto Friendship emerged.
Moses Austin
Reveived Permission from Spanish
Government to bring Anglo American families
to settle in Texas
* This agreement was voided when Mexico took control
of the territory. Stephen Austin negoitiated with the
Mexican government and obtained a similar agreement
to allow Anglo Americans to settle in Texas
Stephen Austin
negoitiated with the
Mexican government and obtained a similar agreement
to allow Anglo Americans to settle in Texas
Texas War for Independence
In 1835 Anglo American settlers were the majority in the region,
which antagonized the Mexican government and
resulted in
Texas War for Independence
Conflicts between Texans and the Mexican Gov.
started as early as 1830. Colonist felt that the
Mexico Gov. was not providing enough
protection to Texas. Stephen Austin went to Santa
Anna, but was JAILED for ONE YEAR
The Town of Gonzales had a cannon to protect agains INDIANS
Mexican soilders tried to take it, and was FIRED upon
The Start of the War for Texas Independence
The Start of the War for Texas Independence
Texan refused to relinguish the cannon and filred the cannon against the Mexican soilders
Sam Houston
Commander in Chief of the Texas Army in the War for Texas Independence
Sam Houston
Former governor of Tennesse, volunteered to fight for Texas and eventually became Commander in Chief of the Texas Army for the fight of Texas indpendence
The Alamo
First Battle for Texas Independence
Colonel William Travis -
Protected the Alamo with 200 men
James Bowie and Davie Crocket
Joined William Travis at the Alamo
General Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna
along with the Mexican Army, took the fort and killed all its defenders, including Texans of Mexican ancestry
Santa Anna
Eventulally took over Goliad
The Battle of the Alamo and Goliad
provied the patriotic emotion that resulted in teh creation of an army and eventually led to Victory against Mexico
Texas Joined the United states
1845 - Texas became the 28th state of the
of the American Union
Immediately, US sent troops to secure the borders
Resulting in the: Mexican - American War
US WON & tremendous land acquisitions
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Mexico withdrew its claim over Texas and established
the Rio Grande or Rio Bravo, know in Mexico
the official border between the two countries
Texas became the 28th state of the
of the American Union
Declaration of independence
After the Battle of the Alamo and Goliad, a group of texan met at Washington on the Brazos to isse a with Burnett as President and Lorenzo de Zavala as Vice President
Treaty of Velasco
While the colonst were fighting the Mexican army at the ALAMO and in GOLIAD, Sam Houston was stregthing the army of the New Republic. Battle reached the San Jacinto River near Houston. Battle lasted 20 minutes. President Burnett and Santa Anna signed the Treaty of
Treaty of Velasco
Santa Anna agreeing to withdrawl troops from Texas in exchange for safe conduct back to Mexico, to lobby for recognition of Texas Independence. Santa broke his promise. Houston became president of the Republic 1836-1845 Texas functioned as an independent Nation
Mexican - American War
Immediately, US sent troops to secure the borders Resulting in the: US WON & tremendous land acquisitions
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Mexico withdrew its claim over Texas and established the Rio Grande or Rio Bravo, know in Mexico the official border between the two countries
Onset of the American Civil War
, Texas left the Union
and joined the confederacy as a PROSLAVERY State
the Confederate Army, led by
General Robert E Lee
surrendered to Ulyssess Grant
Leader of the Union Forces
During the Reconstruction Period,
Texas was briefy under occupation by US troops
Texas joined the union in
Cattle Industry
Texas Economy Flourished, largely based on the
growth of the and
Barbed wire was introduced in
ranchers began using scientific cattle breeding to Increase
production and improve quality of meat
Beaumont Texas
Oil was dicovered in the Spindletop Oil Field near:
Oil industry made Texas the leading producer of Oil in the US
Houston and Dallas large urban and industrial centers
emerged as leading Military Training center
hight tech business
Developed aircraft industry and
Texas was leading state in Defense industry
Economy of Texas
Oil Production
High Technologies - top economic forces in the State
Compass Rose
Design printed on a chart or map for reference
it shows the orientation of a map on Earth and shows
the Four Cardinal Direction: East West North South
Map Scale -
shows the distance between two places
in the world
North America
Consist of Canada, United States, Mexico
Central Eurasia
Middle east
North Africa
Sub Saharan Africa
South Asia, East Asia and Australia
2nd largest state in the US, behind Alaska
Largest Rivers in the World
Nile - North and East Africa: Longest River in World
originates in Lake Victoria in Ugunda ends in
Mediterranean sea
Amazon ( South America) 2nd largest river
originates in Peru, and its mouth is a the Atlantic ocean
off the coast of Brazil
Chang Jiang or Yangtze ( China) 3rd largest River
Souce is the Tibetan Plateau, mouth is East China Sea
Nile -
North and East Africa: Longest River in World
originates in Lake Victoria in Ugunda ends in
Mediterranean sea
Amazon ( South America)
2nd largest river
originates in Peru, and its mouth is a the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Brazil
Chang Jiang or Yangtze ( China)
3rd largest River
Souce is the Tibetan Plateau, mouth is East China Sea
Mississippi -
Longest River, 14th in World
begins in Minnesota and ends in Gulf of Mexico
Colorado - Rocky mountains ends California
Missouri River - Rocky mount to Mississippii
Macroeconomics -
study of the economy at the world
reional , state and local levels.
Some of the topics incluse reasons and ways to control
inflation, causes of unemployment and economic
growth in general
Microeconomics -
decision making process at the
houshold, firm or industry level
availability of a product or service at a certain price
Demand -
desire of potential purchasers to pay that Price
Articificially Created Balace
is the intentional destruction of a surplus
of a given product on the world market to maintain
the price level
Eli Whitney -
Assembly lines
Production cost of manufactured goods
decreased and productivity increased
Free Enterprise
Concept is based on the premise that the economy can regulate itself in a freely competitive market thru the relationship of SUPPLY and DEMAND and with minimum
Governmental intervention
is the competition among businesses that result in a
Main Benefit of the System of Free Enterprise:
greater choice and better prices for consumers
Free Enterprise has led to
Globalization:defined as: a continuous increase of cross the border financial economic and social activities
As a result of Globalization:
Trade barriers have been eliminated and tarriffs imposed on imported priducts have been largely discontinued
President Woodrow Wilson
Established the Federal Reserve System
Federal Reserve System Purpose:
to keep the banking industry strong to ensure
a supply of currency
Federal Reserve main Function:
to promote fiscal stability and economic growth
in the nation and to regulate inflation and deflation
Board of Governors Control
the flow of money & and sets the interest rate that banks use to lend money
Board of Governors Control
the interest rate to control inflation and
lower the interest rate when business slow down
is the competition among businesses that result in a greater choice and better prices for consumers
Inflation -
Reduced the purchasing power of money which techinically affects the value of the currency
Deflation -
opposite - purchasing power of money
increases thereby lowering the prices of goods and services consumer benefits and businesses suffer.
Federal Reserve controls
the flow of money and keeps a healthy balance bwtween inflation and deflation
Direct taxation is known as
- Federal Income Tax
Economy of Texas is based Primarly
Financial Services
Business Products and services
Oil and Coal
Economy of Texas is based Primarly
Rank 8th largest economy if were a Nation
Without export-Texas economy
could not sustain its growth
Texas was ranked #1 state in terms of
export revenues.
Texas is based on
Communism -
Rejects Free Enterprise
Communism -
State controls economic activity in the nation
Communism -
Nation is ruled thur a one party system
Communism -
Believes that the country should not have a Social Class
Socialism -
Government controls the production and
distribution of goods, services and labor in the nation
In theroy - working class should take over and
administer collectively the resources for their benefit and the benefit of the natioal as a whole
Form of government In which the majority rules
People elect candidates to represent them in the
Monarchy -
King or queen leads the nation who holds complete control over the subjects
Monarchy -
Has supreme powers and become dictator, have limited or ceremonial powers limited by a parliament or a constitution
Ruler has unlimited power, uses power in a arbitrary manner
Theocracy -
Ruled by a group of Religious Leaders
A group of Noble controls the economy and the
Small group of powerful and wealthy people rule the nation with the support of the military
A committee of military officers or a junta becomes the ruler of the nation
1st amendment
Speech and Press

Freedom of Religion, church and state
2nd amendment
Right to Bear Arms
3rd amendment
Illegal to force people to offer quarters to soliders
4th amendment
Right to Privacy and Unreasonable searches
5th amendment
Right to Due Process
Protection against self incrimination
Double Jeopardy
6th amendment
Rights to Speedy Trial
7th amendment
Right to Sue
8th amendment
Protection against cruel and unusual Punishment
9th amendment
Enumeration of Specific Right
10 amendment
Right not delegated to the Federal Government
3 Branches of state government
Executive Branch -
led by a governor
Judicial Branch -
composed of a state court system, subordinate
to the Federal court systeme
City Government -
Headed by a Mayor or City Manager with the support of the a city council
Thematic Planning
ideal for English language learners b/c students
are exposed to: Concepts and vocabulary related to the themes in various content areas.
Civilizations that flourished in the Mesopotamia, the land between the rivers? What rivers are being allluded to in this statetment?
Sumerians, Akkadians, Baylonians, and Assyrians
Tigris and Euphrates
The Convergence of the Tigirs and the Euphrates created a fertile region where some of the greatest civilizatins of the world emerged. What was this part of the world called?
Gertile Crescent and part of the area called the Cradle of Civilization
The Nile gave birh to the?
Egyptians Civilization
Amazon River is located in?
South America, far away from Mesopotamia
Great Plains consisted of what states
Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Northwestern Texas
What type of crop is grown in the Great Plains?
Wheat Corn Feed Crops
Identify the Modern day country that encompasses most of the Territory aof Ancient Mespoptamia?
Iraq is located east of what River
The most adcanced Pre Columbian Civilization of Mesoamerica wer the?
Maya and Aztecs
Maya and the Aztecs occupied the area of Central America and Southern Mexico called the?
Maya dn the Aztecs were acomplished/Skilled what ?
Builders, astronomers, and Mathematicians
Inca civilization was not a?
MesoAmerica Group
Inca is present day ?
Peru and Ecuador
Color red in the flag represents?
Hardiness and valor
White symbolizeds in the flag?
Blue symbolizes in the flag?
Vigilance, perseverance and justice
France gave what gift to US commemorating the US 100th Anniversary?
Statue of Liberty - symbol of Freedom democracy and international friendship
White house was named after
identify the order of the products that hve supported the Texas Economy thru it history?
Cotton, cattle, petroleum, and computers and electronics in that order
Cotton and eventually cattle were the main products in Texas 19th century
20th century - Petroleum and now what is replaced oil?
computer and electronics
focus on the sturctural and functions of the government
what was created for the newly formed Rpublic Of Texas
1836 a Constitution
Governor elected for how many years
4 years term
Senate has how many Members?
House of Representatives has how many members?
Senate and the House of Represenatives toghet constitutes the?
Texas Legislature
convenes during odd number of years and a 140 day regular session
Texas has how many senators
Texas has how many Hous of representatives
Texas has how many electoral votes
Declaration consist of
Articles of Confederation
First National Constitution
Texas state constitution resembles the
US constitution
Gross National Product
Total value of goods and services produced in a year
Taxes on foreign goods that encourage the consumption of domestic products
Concept of Zero
slave trade began where
Portuguese From Africa to Europe
Mayas from regions of
Mexico Yucatan Peninula, Guatemala, and Honduras. Built stone and mortar pyramids
Sacrificed humans
Developed calendar, system of wrting and concept of zero
Developed a partly alphabetic writing system
New England Colonies
Massachusetts, connecticut, Rhodes island and New Hampshire
Economy of New England Colonies
farming small industries such as fishing, lumber and crafts
Economy of Southern colonies
Tobacco, rice indigo and cotton plantation in Virgina
Southern Colonies were
Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia
Puritans, who fled England to avoid Religious Persecution Founded?
Developed the modern Day Math
Greeks and Aztecs
Who brought the first African slaves to Virginina?
Eli Whitneys invented ?
Cotton Gin - became economic mainstay of the south
Issued the Emancipation Proclamation
Abraham Lincoln - Granting freedom to slaves in the south
Civil war
Fight for black freedom
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Prohibited segregation in all public facilities and discrimination in education and employment
Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo
Mexico withdrew its claim over Texas and established the Rio Grande, or Rio Bravo as know in Mexico, as the official border between the two contries
Texas left the Union and joined the?
Confederacy as a Proslavery State
After five years of the war, the confederate army Robert E Lee surrendored to
Ulyssess S Grant - Leader of the Union Forces
1901 Oil discovered in?
A temperate environment located between a Desert and a Forest that is Doninated by Grassland
Which region of texas contains the Rockiest and most Mountainous terrain
Texas relatively Flat
study of how society maintains order thru government institution and the polictical process
exchange are privately controlled and which personal profit can be obtained of the concept of FREE ENTERPRISE
Principle of convervation
apple split in half, or liquid poured in a narrow glass might be more than a liquid in a small glass
Egyptians and Babylonias
First mathmaticians
built templesand Pyramids
advances in Science and Math
Especially in ASTRONOMY
Computation - Algebra
First to sove Sophisticate algebraic equations used in Science and engineering - Quadratic equations
Calendar and concept of Zero
Primary/complementary colors
RED - Yellow - Blue
Green - purple- orange