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  1. "forty-niners"
  2. rancheros
  3. expansion
  4. polygamy
  5. dictatorship
  1. a extending the nation beyond its existing borders
  2. b was given to these people who came to California in search of gold
  3. c owners of ranches
  4. d the practice of having more than one wife at a time
  5. e one-person rule

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  1. done by using one's hands
  2. fur trappers of the Northwest
  3. set apart; separated
  4. government gifts of land
  5. self-appointed law enforces

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  1. cedegive up


  2. distinctunfriendly; intending to do harm


  3. provokethe land that forms the farthest extent of a nation's settled regions


  4. frontierunfriendly; intending to do harm


  5. levygive up