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  1. prospect
  2. siege
  3. dictatorship
  4. vigilantes
  5. provoke
  1. a an attack in which one force surrounds a city or fort
  2. b one-person rule
  3. c self-appointed law enforces
  4. d promise; something looked forward to
  5. e to cause anger; to excite; to cause an action

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  1. set apart; separated
  2. government gifts of land
  3. fur trappers of the Northwest
  4. was given to these people who came to California in search of gold
  5. extending the nation beyond its existing borders

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  1. levygive up


  2. frontierto cause anger; to excite; to cause an action


  3. efficientgive up


  4. rancherosowners of ranches


  5. manualdone by using one's hands