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  1. siege
  2. "forty-niners"
  3. efficient
  4. rendezvous
  5. hostile
  1. a an attack in which one force surrounds a city or fort
  2. b was given to these people who came to California in search of gold
  3. c done in a way that increases production with the least amount of waste
  4. d a meeting where the trappers would trade furs for supplies
  5. e unfriendly; intending to do harm

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  1. government gifts of land
  2. owners of ranches
  3. to force to be paid
  4. the practice of having more than one wife at a time
  5. extending the nation beyond its existing borders

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  1. vigilantesset apart; separated


  2. mountain menunfriendly; intending to do harm


  3. cedegive up


  4. manualunfriendly; intending to do harm


  5. prospectpromise; something looked forward to