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a continuous flow of electric current

Static Electricity

a buildup of changes on an object

Static Discharge

the loss of static electricity as electric charges transfer from one object to another

Electric Circuit

a complete, unbroken path through which electric charge can flow


the difference in electric charges transfered from one object to another

Electric Current

the continuous flow of electric charges through a material.

Ohm's Law

the law that states that resistance is equal to voltage divided by current


the measurement of how difficult it tis for charges to flow through a material

Series Circuit

an electric circuit with a single path

Parallel Circuit

an electric circuit with multiple paths


a material that conducts heat well (charges can easily flow)


a material that does not conduct heat well (charges cannot easily flow)


measure of current

Direct Current

current consisting of charges that flow in only one direction in a circuit

Alternating Current

current consisting of charges that move back and forth in a circuit

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