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English Test: To kill a mockingbird

Dill dares Jem. What will Jem habe to do to get Dills copy of The Grey Ghost?
He has to touch the Radley House.
At the end of the chapter, what did the children think they saw when jem fulfilled the dare?
the shutters fluttered
In chapter 2, what had scout, "never looked foward more to" in her life?
the first day of school.
What did Miss Blount, the sixth grade teacher, threaten to do if Miss Caroline's class was once again disruptice?
To burn the building down.
Why did Mrs. Radley run into the streets screaming?
Boo supposivley stabbed Mr. Radley with scissors.
Approximentley, When does the story begin? Defend your answer.
Maycomb had been told that it had nothing to fear but fear itself. History informs us that FDR as president inspired the people after the stock market crash with these words.
Why is Boo fascinating to the children?
He is a mystery and children in an old, tired town need food for their imaginations. they can, however, be cruel.
The story is told from the perspective of Scout Finch, what is she recalling?
Basically she relates an incident can (and all that lead to the event) during which Jem , her brother, suffered from a broken arm. Jem was almost 13 and scout was almost 9 at the story's end. jem relates the events that led up to the fateful night. This beginning actually the end!
Why is Dill a "curiostiry"?Why does he want to make Boo come out? Explain what is wrong with his treatment of Boo.
He is too small and puny and funnny (his white hair was like duck luff) to fit his name Charles Baker Harris. The kids are bored and they have re-enacted all the novels Dill has read. The pranks treat Boo as if he was a "thing" instead of a person.
Scout makes 3 mistakes during her first day of school. What are her mistakes, and why do they make Miss Caroline so angry?
She reads, writes, attempts to explain the kind of poor people the Cunninghams are. Miss carolinne feels inadequate; she is a 1st year teacher so she feels insecure.
Why are the professional people in Maycomb poor at this time?
Maycomb is a farming community. The farmers are poor and couldnt pay professionals as the Great Depression is going on.
What is thhe WPA, and why wont Mr. Cunningham work for it?
Works project administration. Government sponsered agency which created jobs for constructing public buildings. He politically disagress and dosent want a handout. He also dosent want to lose his land.
Why does Miss Caroline disapproce os Scout's reading ability? Do you think her reasons are justified? Explain.
Students should be taught reading at school. Sscout has possibly been damaged by improper instructions and Miss Caroline has to undo the damage.
Calpurnia lectures Scout on manners when Scout critisizes Walter's manners and Atticys supports Calpurnia. What does this tell you about how both Calpurnia and Atticus feel about others?
She believes anyone who is a guest in their house should be treated with dignity.
Burris Ewell, Walter Cunningham, and Chuck Little are all from extremely poor families. However, there are great differences both in appearance and in attitudes, particularly between the Cunninghams and the Ewells. What are those differences, and why do you suppose they exist?
Instinctive courtesty of Chuck Little, gentleman, honorable. Pride of Walter Cunningham. Burris Ewell=foul language and rebellious. Lee wants readers to not stereotype the poor.
Atticys tells Scout, "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...until you climb in his skin and walk around in it." what are some of the things that scout begins to realize at this point? Why would it be good to try to see something from someone else's point of view?
We get along better if we could understand others. We would have more peace.
Why does Atticus say that the law is rigid for "common fold," but it is bent in certain ways for the Ewells? What is the compromise he suggests? Do you agree with his starement? Explain.
Atticus believes that the law and enforcement, thereof, is an important detervent for basically immoral individuals who desire to live uprightly. he believes that Bob Ewell will never change. The law overlooks his children not staying in school.
What wa sthe second "gift" Jem and Scout found in the tree?
they found indian head pennies.
In what specific ways does scout critisize the school she is attending?
12 years old unrelieved boredom
Scout has 2 reasons for wanting to quit the "Radley game." What are those reasons?
Respects Atticus, and she heard someone laughing.
Explain Miss Maudie.
Loves creatins, respects people, she seem real and genuine. Calles Boo "arthur" because he is a person and not a ghost.
When Miss Maudie shows her disgust with "foot washing baptist," is she actually putting down al Baptists or just a point of view? Explain.
Just point of View because she is a baptist too but not an extremist who think that everything that brigns us pleasure is sin.
Explain Miss Maudies statement, "...Sometimes the Bible in the hands of one man is worse than a whiskey bottle in the hand of-oh, of your father."
Some people might take the Bible the wrong way. All things that are not sin were given by God for enjoyment.
How does Atticus find out with certainty that the children were playing a game about Boo? What does he say about the Radleys right to privacy?
He comes home to lunch because he forgot a fil and catches the children trying to get a note to Boo. He tell them that what Boo does is his own business and that violating his or anyone elses privacy is making fun of him or them.
What does Jem tell scout and dill to do to stop the gate from squeaking?
spit on it
What happens when Jem goes to get his pants?
Theya re nicely folded hanging over the fence and they are poorly sewn up.
What reasons do Jem and Dill give for trying to peek into the Radley window on this particular night?
It was easier to see int he the darkenss when it is dark outside.
What final statement by Jem makes Scout finally go along with the plan?
she gets more like a girl everyday
After the incident, Jem's real design is not just to recover his pants but to keep on good terms with Atticus. What does this tell you about Jem's relationship with his father?
The incident changes Jem and he does not want to get spanked. He appreciates atticus treating him like an adult.
What was the condition of Jems pants when he found them? Why did their condition frighten him further?
They were poorly sern up and folded
What is the significance of the gifts in the tree?
The soap figurines of a boy and a girl seem to be placed int he tree by someone whoo knows the children.
Explain why Mr. Nathan Radlley fills the hole in the tree with cement. Why does Jem cry about this?
Because he said that the tree is duing. Jem is angry because he suspects that nathan radleys is trying to stop the relationship between the gift giver and the children.
What happens to scout while watching Miss Maudie's house burn?
a blanket is thrown over scouts head by Boo. He didnt want to return the blanket because he dosent want Boo to get in trouble.
On what does Mr. Avery blame seasonal changes?
bad children
What did the children get for cmas?
air rifles
Why do Jem and Scout make the snowman such an obvious replica of Mr. Avery?
Because mr. avery woul dbe easy to make a snowman of. Fat in the middle with small arms. They are angry at him for saying that children like scout are the cause of bad weather.
While discussing what to do witht the blanket, Jem suddenly leaps to the defense of Boo. How has his attitude changed? What has caused the change? Why dosent Jem want Atticus to return the blanket?
Jem dosent see Boo as a ghostly hoorer anymore. He is becoming convinced that Boo is friendly and harmless. The gifts have given Jem a new perspective. Jem changed his point of view about Boo and dosent want to return the blanket because he dosent want Nathan to be angry at Boo.
Descibe Miss Maudie's attitude the day following the fire. What does this tell you about her character, her values
she is totally fine with. materiel things to matter to her.
Explain atticus use of the word "******"
he says its meaning ;ess and reflects the "commoness" of the user.
Explain Atticus statment about his personal reasons for defending Tom Robinson.
If he turned his back on this call he couldnt feel comfortable in the church since he would be a hypocrite. He wanted to seet a good example for his kids. He knows THIS IS HIS CASE.0 his defendinng moment
exmplain atticus' statment about "Dont pay any attention to her jack. Shes trying you out. Cal says she been cussing fluently this week."
Atticus knows scout has been cussing for the last wek. His lack of alarm indicates that he is a moderate parents and not an alarmist. He thinks she might be going through a rough stage
"When a child asks you something, answer him, for goodness sakes. But dont make a production of it. Children are children, but they can spot an envasion quicker than adults."
Atticus and scout have mutual respect even though she does not always measure up to his expectations. Atticus knows she htried she she knows he knows so he dosent punish her.
What does Atticus do at the end of the chapter to gain repect from his children?
he shoots the animal
What did jem buy scout?
a bitton (idk how to spell)
What connected with football makes Jem ashamed of atticus?
He is to old to play football like the other dads.
Who is Tim Johnson
The dog that god mad and went crazy
What does mrs.dubose do to die free?
breaks her morphene habbit
At the beginning of this chapter, scout is ashamed of atticus,. List his faults as she sees them. what arae some ofthe ironies associated with her thoughts?
He has a boring job-when she grows up being a lawyerwill trump driving a garbage truck. He never does anything interesting.
Why wont Jem allow scout to brag about atticus at school?
He respects atticus's desire to be known as "one-shot" atticus. He thinks his dads humility is a sign of a gentleman.
Why is Atticus so insistent abaout jem and scout being polite to mrs.dubose?
because she is old and sick
Why is Atticus so insistent about Jem's reading to Mrs. Dubose?
Reading helped her combat her addiction to morphene.
Why do you think the author gives such a detailed and ugly description of Mrs. Dubose?
Real people are more frightening than our superstitions. (Boo). The indisde counts more than the oustide. Courage dosent have to be in a beautiful package. Treatinf her well is turning the other cheek.
Atticus explains to the children why he considered Mrs.Dubose to be a "great lady." How does this "fit in" with his explanation of why he is defending Tom Robinson?
She will die soon. Tom will probably be found guilty- the right action is not contignent to the outcome. Both have courage.
Atticus says that courage is "when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and you see through it no matter what." How has Atticus demonstrated courage to his children? Do you agree with his definition? Explain.
Taking the case which will cost him and his children has courage.
Who comes to live with Jem and Scout?
Aunt Alexandra
Why would it do no good to buy hymnals for Cal's church?
not many can read.
Explain cousin Joshua.
Crazy, and tried to kill someone but ended up shooting his hand.
Jem is now 12. There is a widening gap of udnerstanding between scout and jem. Find two or three examples which illustrate the emotional distance between them.
Jem tells scout to stop pestering him. Jem tells cout to leave him along when he is reading the paper. He tells what to do. Isolates himself and excludes her from "man talk" threatens to spank her.
How do you explain Lula's antagonism toward Jem and Scout. What is Cal's response?
She sees racial inequities-if she is not welcome at a white church she dosent want the children ar her black church. She is jealous of Cal's relationship with the children. She boldy says "Stop right there!" She reminds Lula that there is only one God. Bullies need to be stopped quick.
What difference does Scout find between her church service and this one.
There ar no hymnals from which to sing. Zebo (Cal's son) reads for the sin copy a line at a time and the congregation echose the song-called lining. Door is locked until offering is given. Pastor makes sin public from the pulpit.
During the sermon, Reverand Skyes pointed out "individual lapses from grace." He also wouldnt let anyone leave the church until a large collection had been taked for Helen Robinson. FACT
What does Cal speak one way around colored people and another way around white people? is she being honest or hypocritical in what she does? Explain.
She dosent want to seem to be "putting on airs" or to make her friends feel surperior. Wisley realizes that one cant help people change until they are ready and ask for help
Describe Aunt Alexandra.
Gossips, overly values heritage, focuses on the external, prejudice, criticalm social/mannerly, and control.
Upon her arrival, Aunt Alexandra tries to install what values in scout and jem?
ancestory, wants them to be a proper example and preserce the good name of the family.
Scout and Aunt Alexandra communicate very poorly with eachother. Is the fault more with one than the other, or are they equally at fault?
Equally. Scout needs to liusten more and Aunt Alexandra needs to stop forcing things upon Scout.
Discuss Joshua Finch as Atticus describes.
Points out that Joshua lose the family $1500 when he shot the university president.
Discuss Joshua Finch as Aunt Alexandra describes.
Beautiful person because he wrote a devotional book.
What did Scout mean when she says "I know what he was trying to do, but Atticus was only a man. It takes a woman to do that kind of work."?
Atticus was short with scout. It made her cry and he tried ot tell the children to forget everything he had said. He tried t make a joke about his getting more like cousin Joshua everyday,. He was trying to be a comfotger. Scout learns the value of being a woman.
What do they find under scouts bed?
What hurtful undercover groups does atticus hate?
Why does dill say he ran away from home? What was the real reason?
He said his step parents chained him to the basement. When really, he wasnt getting any attention.
How is Mr. Dolphus Raymond different?
He pretends to be something that he is not. He is married to a black woman and has biracial children.
How does Aunt Alexandra feel about Cal? Explain why this is "in character" for Alexandra.
Alex believes since she has arrived, the family no longer needs Cal. She resents cals influence on the children. Aunt A is prejiduce.
Why is Scout so happy to brawl with Jem?
He was sent to bed at her bed time. They are on the same level once again. She has missed her brother.
Explain how Jem "broke the remaining code of our childhood."
He "tattles" to atticus (an adult) when the children find Dill under the bed.
Why does Scout have such a difficult time understanding Dill's claim to have run away simply because his parents were not interested in him?
Scout thinks she would enjoy the freedom of not always having Atticus, Call, and Alex watching over her shoulder. She hasnt walked in the shoes of being neglecteed or being treated like ain "invisible" ghost.
Atticus discusses the KKK, concluding with the comment that the Klan is gone. Is this correct? Explain.
no a bunch of men talk on the church yard and later on Atticus' lawn. He maybe Naive. He may want to calm the children's fear.
Discuss events prior to the scene at the Maycomd jail that shoes the tension and unrest of the town.
The group of men questions: Atticus for taking the case int he first place. They question moving Tom to Maycomb Jail. They fear a mob will try and harm Tom. One might question a genuine concern speaking or if the crowd is driven by "i dont want to be inconvenienced."
We read, "there followed what i later realized was a sickengly comic aspect of an unffunny situation; the men talked in whispers." Discuss the irony of this statement and the situation it describes.
They forget that their purpose is to lynch tom.Their humanity surfaces and they whisper in order to not wake up (steal sleep from) the man whose life they plan to steal. They whisper out of respect for atticus who disquiets the mobs mentality. Perhaps the individuals do not want to murder Tom.
How are Atticus' response to both crowds (outside his home and at the jail) similar?
He stands alone-physically against the mob. He stands firm-ideologically (belief driven) all men are equal int he eyes of God.
Why did Scout's words to Mr. Cunningham make him change his mind and leave the jail?
Scout reminded him that he was a father and she went to school wit his son. Atticus has helped him keep his land free and clear. Uknowingly, with childlike innocence she helps the "mob animal" return to his individual self
Why did Jem openly defy Atticus and refuse to leave?
He desires to be loyal (stand with his father) even unto death or punishment. He is becoming a young man of honor society. Imporves one individual at 1 generation at a time-"baby steps"
Scout says, "the memory of Atticus calmly folding hsi arms and pushin back his hat became Atticus standing in the middle of an empty street, pushin up his glasses." What comparison is being made? By noting a connectio between the two incidents, what character quality of Atticus' is being revealed to Scout?
Scout is recalling Atticus's calm handling the mob. Scout, by connecting the scenes, detects Atticus' overriding cuorage in caried situations-he doesnt need to overthink the future, if one is belief driven.
Atticus says, "a mov is always made up of people , no matter what. Mr cuningham was part of a mob last night, but he was still a man." What does this statement mean?
One can disburse a mob by reminding individuals of their humanity.
What does the city clerk EEphesus tell the citizens to admonish them to stop?
Violence reflects badly on the attacker.
Why do you suppose a man like Mr. Underwood was covering Atticus at the jail?
He repects him but he also wants to respect the law.
Why could a society benefit frmo a police force of children?
Their gracious love can move mountains.
How dies Mr. Raymond affect the town?
He married a black woman and had biracial children. He is wise enough to not forve his belief on the town.
What animal is Bob Ewell compared to?
A rooster
What is noticeable about Toms appearence in the light of Mayellas testimony about her beginning?
His neck turns red and his hair is newly washed. One of his arms is a nub.
Why are their no children at the Ewell place at the day of the rap?
Mayella sent them to go get ice cream.
How does Atticus and Mr. Gilmer differ in the court room?
Atticu is nice and respectful while Mr Gilmer is mean and strict.
What mitake does Tom make in the courtroom to turn the community against him?
He feels sorry for Mayella.
Extended metaphor.
a comparison shown in several ways.
something or someone what, by a striking contrast, reveals the characteristics of someone or something.
What objects act as a "foil" to the junk strewn around the yard?What might this symbolize about the character of Mayella?
He is an animal and has little respect or dignity. She is his property, he livestock, his slave.
This is a terrible irony int he face that Bob Ewell considers himself better than his black neighbors. List two ways Harper Lee shows this irony.
1. Their cabins look warm, snug, and inviting. 2. Tom is polite, complaint, and helpfulw hen bob is rude, crude, and socially unaccaptable.
Mayella is both disguisting and pathetic. Give examples of both qualities by quoting statements shes made.
"wont answer a word you say as long as you keep mockin' me."
Mayella takes offense to Atticus' politeness toward her. What might this indicate about her?
No one has ever been kind to her or shown her respect. So, she thinks Atticus is making fun of her.
What is so importand about Tom Robinson's appearence? What, according to testimony, does this prove?
He is off balance, one arm is shorter than the other.
How does Atticus appear to feel about his method of cross-examining Mayella? Explain.
He is as polite and gentle with her as possible. Atticus dosent reveal in his cross examination of Mayella, but he knows he has to do it for his clients sake.
Contrast Tom and the Ewells.
Tom-clean, honest, hardworking, cares for his family. Ewells-Dirty, living where negros wont live any longer, live off food from town dump, father bests kids and uses them to work instead of going to school.
Why doe atticus mention Tom's prior record of conviction?
He didn have anything to hide.
What "mistake" did tom make in saying he felt "sorry" for Mayella?
Tom as black and she was white. He has no right to feel sorry for her.
At the end of the chapter, Scout tells Dill, "Well, Dill, after all, he's just a Negro." What has Sscout failed to understand?
Everyone deserves the same respect
Why does Jem think that they have won this case?
Because Atticus proved everything!
Why does cal interup thte court proceedings?
because she didnt know where the children were.
What does Mr. Raymond mean when the tells scout, "Things havent caught up with that one's instincs yet.. Let him get al ittle older and he wont get sick and cry. Maybe thing will strike him as being-not quite right, say , but he wont cry , not when he gets a few years on him."?
Dill will become numb to injustice.
The children discover that Mr. Raymond only pretends to be helf-drunk all of the time. He admits his deception isnt honest but it is"mighty helpful" to folks. How is it helpful? What is your opinion of his deception?
Mr. Raymond means it give people a way to excuse his behavior. He dosent live with a black person cause he loves her, its just cause hes drunk all the time and dosent know better.
In Atticus's final appeal to the court, he suggest that Mayyela has "broken a ridig and time-honored code of our society." What was the code? What was Mayella's reaction to breaking the code?
Mayella seduced a black man and lied about it to protect herself, knowing what would happen to Tom. Although she is a victim of poverty and ignorance, her behavior cannot be excused.
In his own way, Mr. Raymond also broke the code. What was his reaction?
Mr. Raymond feels that by giving people an excuse for his behavioor he isnt throwin his behavior in their face.
What general truths does Atticus challenge in his final appeal?
All black people lie and are immoral.