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FOIT Test 2(V)

Information Technology Industry
Focuses on development and implementation of technology and applications
Includes Microsoft, Intel, and telecommunications companies, resellers, and vendors
Information Technology (IT) professional
An individual who works with information technology
Demand for skilled IT professionals will continue to grow
Future Information Technology Positions
Computer support
System administration
System analysis
Database administration
Security support
Network systems analysis
Data communication
Software engineering
Transfer of labor from workers in one country to workers in another
Computer Science
Focus on science and engineering
Important knowledge areas:
Math Requires theoretical and analytical skills
Management Information System
Focus on practical applications of information systems and technology
System Engineers
Focus on
Must develop strong project management skills
Software Engineers
Focus on
Keeping applications up to date
Electrical Engineers
Focus on technologies relating to cutting-edge communication and digital circuit design
Changes caused by
Changes in technology
Changes in business
Assure employers of skills
Used to assess competency
Often required by employers
Benefit prospective IT employees and employers